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  1. Found this on another forum. Article on The Guardian

    There were fears during the buildup that these Games would ruin London’s legacy for disability sport but that could not be further from the truth at the moment. The streets around the Olympic Park were packed with supporters wearing their yellow shirts and waving Brazilian flags, creating a wonderful atmosphere. Volunteers greeted arriving spectators with a smile and there was a positive energy inside the venues.


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  2. 2 minutes ago, Alexjc said:

    Finallie song bringing everyone out onto the floor...just magical.

    Love the Cauldron!

    We are underway.

    Thank you Brazilian magic...always making something out of almost nothing.

    Well done Brazil

    10 out of 10...best Paralympic Opening ever...And even beats many Olympic Openings in my lifetime as well.

    Totally agree! Glad I was off today so I could watch this live. And thank you TVNZ for showing this live on DUKE. I missed out during the Olympics because I don't have Sky

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