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  1. Found this on another forum. Article on The Guardian There were fears during the buildup that these Games would ruin London’s legacy for disability sport but that could not be further from the truth at the moment. The streets around the Olympic Park were packed with supporters wearing their yellow shirts and waving Brazilian flags, creating a wonderful atmosphere. Volunteers greeted arriving spectators with a smile and there was a positive energy inside the venues. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2016/sep/10/rio-2016-paralympic-games-ticket-sales-rise
  2. Do you know what's even more awesome? Many of those volunteers participating in the opening ceremony were physically impaired and, other than the obvious wheelchair bound ones, we never noticed. I just read on BBC. Many of those dancers were blind, mute, or had some kind of syndrome. We never noticed. Inspiring!!
  3. Totally agree! Glad I was off today so I could watch this live. And thank you TVNZ for showing this live on DUKE. I missed out during the Olympics because I don't have Sky
  4. Congratulations RIO. You've delivered a spectacular ceremony!!
  5. This is so beautiful! Man, more than the Olympic ceremonies... And probably one of the most beautiful Paralympic ceremonies I have ever seen!
  6. I don't know, the rain seems to add to such a touching moment... It started raining when the lady fell, as if heavens were crying
  7. This is so touching. You can tell everyone in the stadium is feeling it too!
  8. Though NZ has already entered the stadium, I'm still watching. There's a lot of happiness there. Great to see how Brazilians are supporting everyone. The way they clapped for Portugal, even though today they commemorate their Independence Day from Portuguse domination, all of that shows that a harmonic present and the future is possible. Well done Brazilians.
  9. Yep i bet there are way more Brazilians in the stadium than there were in the Olympic ceremonies. That's making a difference in the party!!
  10. Love the noise. I'm still watching an athletes parade..: unheard of haha it's got to be the music.
  11. The athletes are loving it. And those volunteers how awesome is that? I'm enjoying their dancing and energy. This parade of athletes looks better than the olympic one
  12. And I also love how the crowd is really supporting every country that entries. Those Paralympic athletes deserve more cheers than any Olympic athlete.
  13. This ceremony has a great feel to it. I like it!! P.s. I'm strangely enjoying the entry of the athletes. Haven't yet gotten up to do something else. It must be the music!
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