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  1. @JeddChang nice job with your SEO. https://t.co/Z7ldb9n5eX comes up 2nd when I google "digital nomad definition" :)

  2. @NomadList is https://t.co/awJrDjGSU7 a replica of https://t.co/m3XWOcEFGK (with full history, etc.)? Are you scrap… https://t.co/FiToro0Cb3

  3. @EHSleader do you have any audio versions of daily offices that you would recommend? (paid or free)? Especially if… https://t.co/NaDf5sEl9e

  4. @BornFitness How long is that queue currently? 6 months? 1 month? Basically, I'd like to go with your program, but… https://t.co/HOesRIZWSr

  5. @BornFitness do you have an idea on how long the born fitness waitlist is? weeks? months? Thanks

  6. @coachdotme main site is down? https://t.co/R2bd8NXqUu

  7. @audible_com Sent a DM. Thanks!

  8. @audible_com I have a book that's on audible, but not on kindle. How can I request it to be on kindle so I can have… https://t.co/2XCztbKKzJ

  9. @DejalTimeOut @dejal Do you know of any equivalents of time out for ios or android?

  10. @todoist is there a way to download latest mac client without going through appstore? my machine has a buggy app st… https://t.co/plZQRBhX00

  11. @nomadrides @theauravier Hm, yeah site seems to be down. Thanks for the tip @nomadrides . Let me know if it still exists @theauravier!

  12. @joinstationf for those of us developer digital nomads in Paris for only a few weeks, does stationf have an offerin… https://t.co/LNUMSrkz50

  13. @kienankb and I did a stress test of the @ergodriven spark cardboard standing desk. Supports a full adult human's b… https://t.co/JnWmyuif7G

  14. @AtlassianStride What about 1:1 chat data?

  15. @HipChat, so you're being discontinued in favor of stride. for customers who don't want to move to stride, what's y… https://t.co/kebBP9AurI

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