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  1. The Mayor of LA going back and forth about his views on a possible Trump presidency are both interesting and worrisome. The questions regarding Trump became unavoidable at the Rio 2016 press conference. Oh well, we all know that Trump is doing nothing to help...quite the contrary.
  2. It was so frustrating to watch. Next time I am watching it on a Canadian or UK Channel. This isnt the superbowl that comes by every year, this is a once every four year event. It was like a commercial break every 5 min.
  3. Totally off topic here, but holy ****, NBC can go to fucking hell. No live coverage and non stop commercials. They blew it.
  4. I remember seeing the X Games skating competition at the LA Coliseum a few years back.
  5. Venice Beach seems like an absolute no brainer for Skateboarding.
  6. The abscence of the US President at Rio may not look good for LA. Hollande is their to stand firmly behind Paris. I know we are smack in the middle of an election, but damn, shitty timing.
  7. The damage to the IOC's image is done. Displacement of entire communities, substabdard Olympic Village, Mayor declaring a state of "calamity", polluted waters....the list goes on.
  8. I agree 100% Paris, LA, Rome, and Budapest need to proceed with caution.
  9. 72 and Sunny is who was tapped to oversee the bids entire marketing campaign. They are real heavyweights in their field. The website that they created alone makes the other three look incredibly dated. The logo animations in many of their clips are also more elaborate and the design of the logo itself received a lot of praise from designers for utilizing a method that was used a lot in the designing of Art Deco buildings. Quaker, we are on an LA thread, you are free to disagree and roll your eyes at our excitement for LAs efforts. Additionally, I (or anyone for that matter) is discrediting Paris. The pins are great, and maybe we got excied to see what else they have in store seeing as how they now have Bob Iger on their team. You hate our enthusiasm I get it, and I highly doubt your the only one, fine, but remember you are in the LA 2024 thread. ^^^ *not discrediting Paris.
  10. You know its bad when the people of Rio are warning people to stay out. Keeping my fingers crossed that nothing major happens.
  11. This is fucking ridiculous, I am really getting sick and tired of it. 70 people! I am beyond furious. Nice happens to be my favorite place in all of France. My heart goes out to all the victims families. I can't believe it.
  12. I seriously didn't even ask any of the questions. I was busy trying to get some cutie's attention but was sitting in the same table as them. However, I know that there are plenty of Angenos who don't want the games because of 1 of 2 reasons. 1, traffic or 2, hopelessness. Both pretty easily addressable if you ask me. The couple from Paris saw the riots and told me how annoyed and embarrassed they were. They also were out the night of the attacks and said that "France is just too much of a target" I told them any Olympic city would be to which they said "yeah, this happened without the Olympics" The man from Rome said that he hated the Metro system and was glad their new Mayor was openly against them. I was the only LA person in the group and I said "I have nothing to add" The Italian said, "the weather in California is so much better, the US should take them. That cutie by the way.... taken. ^^^^Homelessness, not hopelessness!!! Lol. Omg. Such a good typo. Hahahaha
  13. In NYC at the moment and on the 4th of July I went on a pub crawl with a bunch of international travelers. During the pub crawl, on the TV screens came up Rio 2016 games "Road to Rio." The only two Brazilians in the group literally shouted out loud "don't go!" A conversation about the Olympics ensued. A Parisi an couple and a guy from Rome where in the convo...all of us slightly drunk at this point. The Parisi an couple said that Paris should "sit this one out." The guy from Rome said, "they need to fix the fucking Metro first!" It was interesting to see/hear.
  14. I get the feeling Tesla Motor Company will play a role in all of this LA 2024 stuff. Maybe United or American as the official Airline. Curious to see who they have reached out to. AirFrance was a no brainer and it was smart of them to attach the logo on the sides of their planes.
  15. Oh man. My trip to Paris in June 2014 was nothing short of a god damn nightmare. The taxis went on strike to protest Uber/Lyft in the EU. Shortly thereafter, in a show of solidarity with the Taxi unions, the transit system also went on strike. It was so fucking hot and humid with no cloud cover. The heat was intense and everyone was tired and angry. I couldn't believe that a taxi union had entirely crippled the French capital. We saw a poor woman running in heels with a wedding dress on to her wedding because her limo was not moving due to the traffic gridlock. Police cars were also stuck and could not move. I was so exhausted and sunburned by the end of the day that I cancelled all the nightlife activities I had planned. The French need to work better at preventing this. It's become so routine now.
  16. Haha. Ok. Welcome (back) to America guys. Hope you enjoy LA!
  17. Haha. Ok. Welcome (back) to America guys. Hope you enjoy LA!
  18. Ugh. Am I the only one here incredibly depressed that terrorism has taken front and center? I stand with Paris, I stand with San Bernardino, and now, with a immensely heavy heart, I stand with Orlando. As someone mentioned earlier, the Olympics will always be a target regardless of where they are being hosted. For now, all I can do is grieve and cry. Grieve and cry.
  19. Budapest, LA, Paris, and Rome are all very much incredible and influential cities. The IOC is so lucky to have these four to choose from. I don't have a single doubt in my mind that either one of the four will be a giant success. Being an LA native, and being born post 84' Games, and a direct beneficiary of thr LA84 foundation I am in a unique place and situation. When the rest of the world sees the Olympics as vehicle for financial ruin, I see a city that not only thrived because of them, but played a pivotal role in saving the Olympic movement. LA and the Olympics have a very unique relationship that's hard to deny...for better or worse, like it or not, they are a match made in heaven in a very strange way. While other cities are voting or considering referendums, LA is not only ready or willing, it's downright eager. The Olympics have left a giant mark on this city and vice versa. Call me a "booster" if you'd like, but it's not without it's reason. Mass transit projects alone are not enoigb as it would fall terribly short of Paris, but if in 1984, without a single mile of rail, LA pulled it off in a spectacular fashion, imagine what it would do with over 120+miles of rail. Not just that, the city is getting not one, but two new stadiums, both independent of tbe games, and one which just so happens to be the most expensive and technologically advanced stadium in the world. I get it. The IOC is euro centric. There are tons of reasons why everyone wants Paris to win, but LA is also working on making an offer that will be hard to deny. We may all disagree on the LA24's approach and angle, and that's ok, but its A work in progress.
  20. While RuFF is annoying to many of you, remember that this IS the LA 2024 thread. Obviously, there will be supporters of the LA bid here, including myself. Feel free to disagree, scoff, or laugh at his comments, but again this is the LA thread. There will be supporters of the bid here (believe it or not) that are still holding on to hope for an American win, myself included. So saying things like "can't wait till the IOC shuts LA2024 down", comes off as incredibly arrogant. A lot can happen between now and then with two of the Euro cities in a bit of a pickle at the moment. French unions are striking just days before they are to host the 2016 EuroCup which Paris 2024 organizers themselves openly admit may seriously undermine their bid. Rome may be voting on a referendum, and one of its Mayoral candidates is very much against a 2024 bid. Not saying it paves the way for LA in any sense, but lets not dismiss any one city until the winner is actually announced. RuFF is very enthusiastic and sees it from a very optimistic point of view, which some of you here see as stupid maybe naive but whatever guys. It's a forum. None of us here are IOC members (presumably) so why is everyone getting their panties in a twist?
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