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  1. 1. Renovations to the Coliseum will not be paid for by the 2024 bid, USC is handeling that. 2. Two new stadiums, Rams Stadium in Inglewood and Banc of California Stadium adjacent to the Coliseum are also two giant, expensive projects that are being paid for independent of the bid. It was said that LA 1984 is a "myth" that on LA believes, when to the contrary, it is very well documented.
  2. If Bach and the IOC continue with business as usual, LA can kiss its Olympic bid goodbye.
  3. Like they did for 2016, or 2024? Doubtful. LA 2024 only happened after Boston crashed and burned. The city had already shelved it.
  4. What myth? Seriously. Hate on LA all you want, there is a reason why it is always brought up in conversations regarding the Olympics and budgets. Even the most negative articles about the Olympics mention LA 1984 as an exception to the overspending.
  5. Aftet 1984, that couldn't further from the truth. Such a terrible analogy.
  6. Here's a neat video on the awesome LA 2024 display at Team USA House in Rio during the Olympics. Looks like it was an international team that made it happen. Neat stuff.
  7. Totally unrelated to the Olympic bid dor 2024, but one thing LA is seldomely known for is being a romantic city. "La La Land" coming out this December is LA's shot at its own musical, and early reviews from Venice and Toronto say it is an instant classic. Rave reviews keep pouring in. LA, after playing the role of other great cities finally gets a close up of its own.
  8. I agree. I don't particularly feel bad that its gone. I went to my first ever rave there, and most recently saw Bernie Sanders speak at his LA rally, but was never a fan of the place. It was such an uninspiring design with not much else around it. It felt like an oversized high school auditorium.
  9. Come on now guys. Lets focus on the topic of this thread. Enough of the trading blows at one another.
  10. Guys/Gals, September is well over a year away. I've made pro LA comments and anti IOC comments in the past week. While I am hopeful that LA wins the bid, I am also well aware of the fact that Paris... freaking Paris...is in the running. I'll be honest, that city has been good to me. So many great and drunken nights. LA is in my heart. She is a young city with a giant heart...LA 2024 is a world away from 1984... but Paris...she too has been great to me. LA or Paris 2024.... the world wins.
  11. I'm just having a hard time believing that the Russina doping Russina rought to light by the US is somehow now a blow for the LA 2024 bid. It's on a ton of major news sites. So lets protect the cheaters and punish the whistleblower? "Growing anti-americanism amongst IOC voters"
  12. Santa Monica city council voted unanimously to close Santa Monica airport. Did a site for the new LA Clippers arena suddenly popped up???
  13. Voting for or against LA will hurt them either way. Which are they willing to work with. Who do they want to upset? The US or France? Paris has lost, but so has the US, and to two of its best cities. Brushing off an LA loss won't be that easy to shake. The city boast more venues than the organizers know what to do with, with 2 new stadiums under construction and completed before 2024. It has the Athletes village built and the media village almost complete. A transportation system that will add 3 new lines by 2024 and an unheard of 88% approval rating. Saying no to LA is almost saying no to logic. The IOC needs to cut the crap with all the anti american bs... its what got them into the whole Rio fiasco to begin with.
  14. Although, Metro said a few months back that if LA lands the Olympics, the Subway to UCLA would be accelerated to be complete in time for the opening ceremonies in 2024... but only if LA wins.
  15. They left Club France super drunk. Lol. Oh, the irony. Still, alcohol is not an excuse. They are grown as men. They should be held accountable and charged with vandalism and making false statements. Whether it hurts the LA bid or not is premature, but I am sure it doesn't help.
  16. Yeah, what a piece of ****. Good on Brazil for stopping them. Disgraceful.
  17. As an LA 2024 supporter, I hope they all go to Paris...if Trump wins.
  18. Clippers will have an arena before 2024 as their current contract with Staples Center would have expired by then. City of Champions stadium will open in 2019 in time for Superbowl 2021 in Los Angeles.
  19. Maybe it was deemed necessary by the 3 bid committeed despite the risk? Hope it doesn't hurt their votes too bad.
  20. My French is not very good, but it appears 3 of the 4 candidate cities violated IOC rules in Rio by inviting international media into their bid houses?? They will be reprimended with Rome being comfirmed as one of the three. No word yet on who the other two are. http://www.francsjeux.com/2016/08/10/dans-la-course-aux-jeux-le-cio-fait-la-police/28673
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