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  1. It is very depressing compared to the project. The design was beautiful, had color.
  2. I do not think Brazil and Portugal relationship is as strong as the relationship between Australia and the UK. Australia and the United Kingdom are longtime partners in addition, Australia and the United Kingdom shared history to a close almost 80 years ago. In the 2014 World Cup, few Brazilians had Portugal as 'second team' most opted for Germany, Italy, Spain and etc. I opted for England and Germany. I have not met anyone who twisted by Portugal in 2014. And now the Euro 16, most Brazilians rooting for France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, etc. But Brazil and Portugal follow different paths since 1822.
  3. Poll: Brazilians want Guga lighting the Olympic cauldron. Former tennis player, Guga, who led the world rankings for 43 weeks and one of the most charismatic history of tennis players is the favorite of Brazilians to light the cauldron. The tennis player has participated in two Olympic Games (Athens and Sydnei). See the result: Guga (tennis): 38.6% Robert Schedit (Olympic Sailing): 15.5% Vandelei Cordeiro de Lima (Marathon - Pushed in Athens 2004): 12.2% Pelé: 11.1% Oscar (Basketball former player): 7.6% Rezende and Ze Roberto (male and female volleyball coaches): 6.5% Maria Esther Bueno (Former tennis player and world's best in 1959, 1964 and 1966): 3.05% Cesar Cielo (swimmer gold in 2008 but failed index for 2016); two% Hortencia and Paula (Basketball Women): 1.7% Neymar: 1.6% The survey was answered by users of globoesporte.com, the largest portal of sports in the country.
  4. All that structure in the stands removed many seats. I think from 10.000 to 15.000 are lost with all this, or have impaired vision. About erratically, I am also curious, but I think it will be a 'skeleton' and the ceremony will take layers on that space most of the time. About applause for delegations probably Portugal, Argentina (although Brazil is a rival in football), perhaps the United States and Spain are also applauded. Already booed delegations I bet on Venezuela and Cuba, because the Brazilian political sentiment being negative to the government of the two countries, which are closely linked to the PT and the Lula government and Rousseff. Do not bet on striking reactions stadium for delegations such as France, Britain and China. Bet more in Russia, Japan and Jamaica, the latter was well received at the Pan American 2007.
  5. It seems a lot more gray than in the project. The own way in the center, should be colored, and it's so gray ... the project was more beautiful. By the application of the design was better.
  6. So far it does not give to know what the directors intend with this black area and also with white. Much mystery, I'm anxious.
  7. These protests are very small. The overwhelming majority of people go to see the torch. In 2012 bet there were also protests, but is very small. - The torch arrives this week to my Paraná, this is amazing! Too bad it will pass 200 km from my house and I will not see. - Just to complete my Brazilian friend. Yes, we are not finding Temer the most honest president, myself just think Dilma and Party government of bad workers. While world out of the crisis between 2011 and 2016, Brazil followed the opposite path, okay, this is Brazil!
  8. This was the attempt to Brazilian legacy, ameliorated by 'Agenda 2020' the IOC. Now the 'financial deastre' comes before the games and not later.
  9. I'm from parana. This Gleisi Hoffmann is the Workers Party, the same as Lula and Dilma and was elected senator in my state in 2010. It is recognized as one of the greatest defenders of Dilma. Well, besides all that the media has been reporting, I do not know how she does it in Paraná, one of the most contrary to the Workers' Party states, he tried to be governor of the state, but was in 3rd place in 2014, through the liberal candidate, Beto Richa and former governor Requiao, who finished 2nd. The Workers' Party, without Lula does not have a strong name to run for president. Lula himself has 57% rejection among Brazilians, according to a survey by Datafolha in March. The Workers' Party has a big challenge ahead.
  10. The Maracana may have several disadvantages: - Field with no running track, which gives less room to use the OC. - Inputs and outputs of smaller than normal fields. - Chairs in very close to the ground places. But an advantage could be exploited. I took a look at the schedule of events at the Maracana, and they will have 10 days to get the stadium a soccer match. What is very good, can you work hard in the opening, with the field having more time for repairs. In the closing ceremony, there is also more space will be three days, can you build something more interesting there.
  11. BRAZIL: TV GLOBO makes final details in the studio. The TV GLOBO has in recent days preparing the last broadcast studio details in the center of the Olympic Park. The studio will be used by TV Globo and SPORTV (station cable, part of the Globo group). Studio will be sent Olympic programs and the main news programs of the station. News programs' Good Morning Brazil '' Today ',' National Journal 'and 'Jornal da Globo '' will be anchored studio, besides sports' Globo Esporte ', and show news only to Rio de Janeiro 'Good morning Rio', 'RJTV Edition Lunch' and 'RJTV: evening Edition'.
  12. BRAZIL: Galvão Bueno and Gloria Maria host opening ceremony on TV GLOBO The largest television broadcaster in Brazil, and one of the three largest TV GLOBO has climbed presenters broadcast of the Opening Ceremony. The sports commentator Galvao Bueno and journalist Gloria Maria will command the transmission on TV GLOBO (free to air). The journalist has presented the Athens Opening Ceremony in 2004. The ceremony takes place on August 5 and will be broadcast live to 200 million Brazilians on TV GLOBO, BAND TV and RECORD TV, all on free to air. Already channels as SPORTV, BAND SPORTS, FOX SPORTS and ESPN BRAZIL, will show on cable.
  13. Good idea. Just need to set a choreography for the poster with the name of the country.
  14. Well, there are four Brazilians commenting here. Three are contrary to Dilma. - The Brazil is improving the economy. Last week the Dilma government the economic indicators followed by falls, the economy should shrink -3.9%, now the forecast is 3.4% for this year and next year already with growth of 1% .. Moreover, the expectation is that this year the economy will return to high. In 40 days, Temer did more for our economy than Dilma in four years.
  15. Well, regardless of how it will be the OC in something they are good. Keep secret. Besides those big screens of LED should be used in projections (we knew it 20 days or more), we did not reach any new conclusion, each photo appears remove a 'earlier conclusion'. Even these days the possibility of water was strong, now is low. The Maracana is a challenge for any opening ceremony. Not the most suitable stadiums, as mentioned here have small entrances, small space and low seats. Let's see what the river offers us (just hope they are not human rings)
  16. Yes, the Left hopes that Dilma return to power. But even after the alleged quote from Temer in Lava jet until the party recognizes that it does not help Dilma. Chances in her time is very low. Even the thesis of new elections that left some sectors ask, is not good ... Lula is the candidate rejected by voters, Dilma is not an option, the party has no other national prominence name at the time. There is in Brazil a popular expression that fits well: The government will move heavens and earth by the Olympics. No need to worry about security, it will be reinforced ... are minimal chances of episodes like this happen in August, when 85,000 forces will assist in Rio.
  17. If done vertically the olympic rings will be amazing. Sochi wanted to make rings of snowflakes, but it did not work. Then we had this end, whether or not improvised not matter. The summit failed when the ring did not open. The Singapore at least in this picture was not good. The Athens 2004 happened, okay, but not surprising. Incidentally, Athens 2004 had no memory of the spectators rings Beijing and London. Viewers saw the masterpieces in London and Beijing, and now will see rings formed by people like in Singapore or Sochi? Oh, I think it will be disappointing. BC PLACE gave many opportunities for the ceremony, yet found the opening tedious Vancouver. But a space that size has potential. This is video of 'Rio 2016: The Rings in Copacabana' The rings appear from 2:50 Was good? Yes. But for an application, not an opening Olympics.
  18. The situation of some Brazilian states is critical. Namely: Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and Rio Grande do Sul. Good financial health is rare, my state Paraná has the largest surplus in revenues among all states. Rio de Janeiro is dependent on oil (pre-salt is expensive to explore and oil prices are low), the government is bloated and spends too much. The Olympics came with a high price, but you can rest assured the event will go well and that financial disaster will not impact the game. The President Temer already sent resources.
  19. The left did not get the support of the population, where two thirds support the impeachment. Failing to get the support of the Brazilian tries support of foreigners. - Who sees these 'big' protests at Olympic Park, thinks that Brazil is experiencing a civil war. Ace things go well, even if new allegations of corruption do not appear, at least in my city, I saw no one who supported the impeachment regret. Foreigners can come quiet, are welcome!
  20. As the PT government also had not had corruption. By the way, I will launch the Lula da Silva's campaign for next Pope.
  21. BRAZIL: SPORTV confirms 101 commentators and narrators 35 According to a statement sent by the channel, in addition to the centennial number will be exactly 35 narrators, the 16 channels that will be used to broadcast the Olympic Games. The channel will have 16 HD channels and up to 56 live signals on the Internet, the channel will be 24 hours to live, with the transmission of 100% of the competitions. Commentators already contracted include: Nadia Comaneci, Mark Spitz, Carl Lewis, Greg Louganis, Michael Johnson, Bart Connen, Javier Sotomayor, Marcelo, Nalbert, Fofão, Carlão, Sandra Pires and Emmanuel. Out of curiosity, if it were a country, SporTV would have won with their commentators 46 Olympic gold medals. In Brazil, the Olympic Games will have a greater coverage of the story. Among the cable channels, the SPORTV (Part Communications Globe Group), ESPN Brazil, BAND SPORTS and FOX SPORTS will broadcast the games. In the free to air TV, the transmission will be in charge of TV GLOBO (official broadcaster and owner of SPORTV), TV BANDEIRANTES and TV RECORD. Source: http://natelinha.uol.com.br/noticias/2016/06/17/sportv-confirma-101-comentaristas-e-35-narradores-nas-olimpiadas-99875.php
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