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  1. In fact the Olympic Park is horrible compared to the project. It's so gray , messy , the very ' mall park ' is ridiculous . I hope you have a lot of green and color until August. But expectations are not good. The flags and the decor will not give account to take the look of the games if there are no plants and colors.
  2. I see no rise in the Maracana floor. Probably they did something in the style of London or Vancouver. - These LED screens take up as much space in the stands , I hope they are used in incredible shape , because the point is not the most beautiful .
  3. BRAZIL: new commercial of TV GLOBO In addition to the new commercial TV GLOBO , I think quite worth remembering that the promotion of brands already enter the atmosphere of the Olympic Games . Yesterday all the time I watched TV , I'd say 50% of the advertising was related to olympic sport or 2016 . I'm looking forward to the coming weeks. People already talk of the Olympics . The game atmosphere will grow from July 31 , when the TV GLOBO begins to anchor all its news programs from the olympic park .
  4. Newspaper 'O Globo': 60 heads of state confirm presence at the opening. The matter of the newspaper deals with the impeachment, but devotes a short note to the opening ceremony. The newspaper says that 60 heads of state confirm presence at the ceremony is expected 95 heads of state come to Brazil, the expectation is still Barack Obama will come.
  5. Newspaper 'O Globo': 60 heads of state confirm presence at the opening. The matter of the newspaper deals with the impeachment, but devotes a short note to the opening ceremony. The newspaper says that 60 heads of state confirm presence at the ceremony is expected 95 heads of state come to Brazil, the expectation is still Barack Obama will come. http://oglobo.globo.com/brasil/coi-comite-organizador-querem-evitar-impeachment-durante-olimpiadas-1-19600009
  6. In my opinion the MaracanĂ£ will have as many structures as London 2012, before the 'Pandemonium'.
  7. Maringa and Campo Mourao is 170 km from my city. If the torch came straight from Mato Grosso do Sul I would see her, she probably would in a town 50 km.
  8. German Olympic broadcasters have equipment stolen on arrival at Rio 2016 UOL's in Sao Paulo Two German broadcasters ARD and ZDF, were targets of a robbery on the night of Thursday in Rio de Janeiro. The equipment taken the stations would be part of the studios of the channels in the Olympic Park. The information was confirmed by the Civil Police. A cart with two containers was approached by bandits on the avenue when Brazil made their way to the Olympic Park. According to the police chief Marcelo Martins, head of the Police Robbery and Cargo Thefts, a procedure was initiated to determine the authorship of the theft. In a statement, the Civil Police confirmed that found in Duque de Caxias the front of the truck carrying the equipment of the station. Investigations continue to identify the perpetrators. Read more (in portuguese): http://olimpiadas.uol.com.br/noticias/redacao/2016/07/01/emissoras-alemas-tem-equipamento-olimpico-roubado-em-chegada-ao-rj.htm
  9. Organizers say the Olympic Park this 99% complete. Well, I think that will be the way that this, will no longer have all the original design color. The 2016 puts the Olympic Park as one of the ugliest in history.
  10. Well, about the ceremony . I think the only thing that is obvious would be where the cauldron will not be . The ceiling Maracana not take a cauldron , we will probably see something in the style of London or Vancouver.
  11. This is not traditional in Brazil at least never heard .
  12. Newspaper 'Folha de Sao Paulo' reveals some details of OC Dancers rehearse the rhythm of funk carioca. In a climbing wall, dancers rehearse precise movements. parkour athletes give risky jumps amid a complex choreography. Each member was music with a headset for you, this facilitates the simultaneous trials, as a music does not interfere with the other. The Maracana should haber 46,000 people at the opening, between guests and those with tickets. Among the singers to sing quoted: Caetano Veloso, Carlinhos Brown and Arnaldo Antunes. The party is made to last 4 hours. The script is a mixture of Brazilian culture to be packed for Brazilian music. Samba should occupy 20% of the ceremony, with percussionists of 'battery of the samba schools' should participate. The bet to surprise the audience will be the '' mass choreographies '' PROTESTS IN CEREMONY Organizers are also working the psychological dancers, want to avoid the 2013 scene when at the end of the FIFA Confederations Cup was demonstration with placards in the middle of the presentation. The a promise of directors is: '' THIS WILL NOT BE A PARTY DEAREST OF HISTORY, BUT IS THE MOST EXCITING ''
  13. Unlikely, his name is little on the Olympics. In addition, it serves as football commentator (games of the Brazilian team) on TV Globo, will probably be in 2016, only commentator.
  14. For those who did not understand follows a quick comparison. The song 'What country is this?' It is for Brazilians the same thing that 'God save the Queen''s Pistols Sex is for the British. It is a huge social criticism of brasilerios problems. But of course, I find it very difficult for anyone to put her in the Opening or Closing.
  15. You know that music should be presented at the opening ceremony? No doubt ... 'What country is this?' - I suggest that is performed by Capital Inicial. This song is known by all Brazilians! All! Below the video and the lyrics that explain why this song portrays Brazil. In the slums, in the Senate Dirt to everywhere No one respects the constitution But all believe in the future of the nation What country is this? What country is this? What country is this? In the Amazon, the Araguaia, in the Baixada Fluminense In Mato Grosso, Minas Gerais and the Northeast all alone In death I rest but the blood on the loose Spotting the papers, documents faithful The rest of the boss What country is this? What country is this? What country is this? What country is this? Third World if Joke abroad But Brazil will get rich We will bill a million When we sell all souls Our Indians at auction. What country is this? What country is this? What country is this? What country is this?
  16. I twist by Vanderlei Cordeiro and I think he is by far the favorite. I have personal reasons to cheer for him, because I know him personally. He lives in a town near the mine. He was in my town just over a month. When I was in high school, he handed medals in Sport Games of my school unfortunately did not win the medal.
  17. Sergio Moro, judge leading the Operation Lava Jet is acclaimed in music show. Judge Sergio Moro, Lava Operation Jet, and one of the most popular Brazilian of today was cheered by the crowd to attend a show in Curitiba (ParanĂ¡ State Capital). The judge is responsible for investigating the largest corruption scheme in the history of Brazil, which includes dozens of names of Congress, including former President Lula da Silva.
  18. I think Portugal has a great role in our history. But most Brazilians do not care much for Portugal. - About cauldron lighting, I think it's good someone retired from sporting life but with Olympic history. Guga: Participated in two Olympics, but with poor performance. I do not bet. Robert Schedit: It has five Olympic medals and will retire, but I think it accredits to be the flag bearer. I do not bet. Vanderlei Cordeiro: It's a strong name! For all that is from Athens 2004. I bet. Oscar: Great player, well known by Brazilians, with record 5 Olympiad in career (although no medals) and other records in Olympics. Rezende and Ze Roberto: Will participate in the games, are well known by brasilerios, olympic medalists, but are not coaches and athletes. I do not think that will be chosen. Maria Esther Bueno: It's a tennis success, the best place in the ranking of the greatest tennis players in history among the representatives of Latin America. But without participation in Olympics. Skin: Do not bet on soccer players, even he who has never played one Olympiad. Neymar: Do not bet would discredit other athletes. Cesar Cielo: Good Olympic performance in 2008, well-known swimmer ... but I better not. You can participate in the relay at the stadium, but I would not put him lighting the pyre. Hortencia and Paula: are known, with silver at 96, may be a possibility. - I prefer to be a single athlete to light the cauldron. I would not like to see people who are not athletes, or who did not participate in Olympics, the lighting by young promises (as in London) or more than one person.
  19. These areas in orange and yellow in the park project, they will be painted before the games, or will get this 'depressing gray'? Yes, the Velodromo was dark ... but we are fortunate the Velodromo have been ready in time. - The banners in the local competition, someone has pictures of how they will be? London bet very purple and orange. Rio will invest in green? Green is the only color?
  20. This was published yesterday. The protests are not new, but watching the video you can see that the relay was stopped. I think it's the first time since it began in May. The protest was against the president away. But minority remains on both sides. - The State of ParanĂ¡ welcomes the Olympic Torch on Tuesday! Where is winter? I hope it will a new mass of polar air before the torch out of southern Brazil.
  21. The Olympic Park can be ugly on the outside. But the arenas are very beautiful inside.
  22. Anti-Terrorism Force makes simulation Stadium. The Force Anti-Terror Brazilian made a simulation in Mineirao that should receive football. Watch the video that shows the simulation.
  23. VIDEO: Protesters against Dilma interrupt tour of the torch. Click the link to watch the video: http://globoesporte.globo.com/olimpiadas/tocha/cobertura.html#/glb-feed-post/576f19a6c22d62777c949250 A group of demonstrators opposed to Lula da Silva and Dilma made the torch tuor stop for a few moments in the Mato Grosso do Sul. Protesters threw fake bills of money on the relay, and used derogatory dolls Lula and Dilma. Members of the National Force controlled the situation and the relay went on.
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