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  1. It can´t be the official song! You gtta be kidding me. Hopefully, the OC will not be like this. It´s ridiculous! How on Eartn can a city bid for the SOG and choose THIS as the official song? :o

    I'm not surprised.
    Brazil has talent to fail in artistic performances in major sporting events .
    The Brazilian people have a rich culture , the problem is that there is a ' cultural elite ' who thinks he knows produce good things and representing the Brazilian. They are very fond of the word ' social context ' .
    I say with 100% certainty that most of the songs that will be played at the opening ceremony , are not escutadass often by 80 % of Brazilians at least .
    The opening of the World Cup was ridiculous .
    The official song just reflects the type of ceremony they want to present .
  2. Ah...Walter Salles is a great director. 'Central Station' and 'The Motorcycle Diaries' just to name are great works.

    Great works? Yes maybe. These films are inexpressive in Brazil. But we do not need ' Great Works ' if they are not comprehensive . The audience of 3 billion people is large and very diverse , it has to be something you stop the ' mass of people ' .

  3. Well, JMark Snow2012,

    Most of Brazilian movie directors are a disaster. It seems they want to reinvent the wheel. They act as if they were writing a letter to mankind in each scene. Few of them could be considered good movie makers. Do not expect too much.

    Brazilian cinema is unimpressive , some movies are successful here ... most related to romantic comedy ( produced by GLOBE FILMS ) or the classic ' Elite Squad ' which is not suitable for OC . My fear is that they bet on Brazilian clichés that has not surprising elements , is poor in resources and decoration and predictable. The presentation of Brazil in London Closing was ridiculous . There was a moment whether it deserved , congratulations. There was only moments 'Ok'.

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  4. But renderings are... just renderings. They'll always be more beautiful, colorfull, brighter than the actual construction. It's a conceptual view of a project design. And they usually change a lot until the end of the construction.

    In some renderings they showed colored areas on the floor, but in others don't. So we never knew for sure what would be the final result.

    It seems that they'll put some Look of the Games banners, Rio 2016 logos, Olympic Rings... and that's it. The Olympic Park is ready.

    The decpeção is ready. It's incredibly ugly the Olympic Park, is far from the beauty of the design . London many consider a gray city ( I disagree ) was greener . Rio is known for green and seems to have a suitable park to Tokyo , London and Chicago.

  5. 13557111_154554088297452_1373979988_n.jp

    That green building with windows, next to the Future Arena, are glass studios for TVs.

    It was in a very good spot , but I might put it on a level where you stay over the side of the arena of the future. There will pass a lot of people towards ' Fan Fest ' , and gives a view of the Swimming Stadium, which is certainly the largest audience or higher in the sports that are practiced in the Olympic Park . Which stations will use these glass studios ? I imagine CBC , NBC, Seven and BBC are certain presence ...

  6. That might be amazing for the TV audience, but for the people in the stadium it would be utterly tedious. If the eventual position of the cauldron is on the waterfront, then the lighting at the stadium is most likely to take place somewhere it can be fully appreciated by the stadium audience and the athletes.

    Since put those big screens in the stands do not think the public at the priority.
    Besides leaving several chairs with blind spot , the perception of what is displayed will be impaired , it will be good for those who see the other side of the stadium and who see in the center but who are in very close there is not going to get a good picture side .
    The cauldron in Sochi was also outside the stadium. I think the firing being done on the ramp would be amazing , but did not think possible.
    The idea of ​​having a cauldron in the center would enable people to see him easily if I had one on the outside of the area maracana people could also easily see and it would generate protests against the money spent on two cauldrons .
    Still Pelé walking on the roof of the Maracana would be amazing and perhaps the apotheosis of the ceremony.
  7. I d'not think the outcome of the Olympic Park is horrible compared to the project. Actually, it's very similar: large promenade, small green islands and a live site at the end. The only major difference to the rendering is the absence of colored areas painted on the floor. However, large green areas has never been a highlight of this project.

    Yes, but the concrete presence is very striking. We're a month of games, less than that of the arenas receive the training sessions and the current appearance , would be acceptable to 6 months ago . The Rio 2016 , need to follow the project and deliver an incredible park , as the project indicated that it would be . All right, have enough mess in the park because it is going through works , but still ... the ash presence is too strong. The application design was good , only had to default bet on a blue and green very dark .

  8. It's LED. The boxes are covered by some protection. Look that the banner from Filmmaster uses the same style of the covering of those boxes.


    The cauldron doesn't need to be on Maracanã's roof. When I was thinking about a cauldron on Maracanã I thought in puting the cauldron on those ramps. They are close to the roof.


    I have some more informations about the OC. But I don't know if I tell you or keep as a secret :D

    A cauldron these ramps would be amazing.
    Even more if we could get someone inside would leave the stadium , and go on the roof to get there.
    Would be amazing!
    Please share more details!
  9. Lol, as if brazilians will give two damns about it. I'm sure they will boo them all either way. :P let's face it.

    Yes, both will be booed .
    Although Temer will be the one to be highlighted , as will be announced your arrival and will appear on the big screen to the statement.
    Foreign delegations also have boo history in Brazil . In 2007 , Venezuela was booed ... before the anti-PT climate in Brazil and how Rousseff's administration is related to the exterior friends in Ecuador , Venezuela , Cuba and Bolivia I would not be surprised if these countries were booed off the parade of athletes.
  10. Rio 2016 indicates positions for Temer and Rousseff in the box


    The Rio 2016 organizers seem to have found a solution to the position of Temer and Rousseff at the opening.
    The idea is that the President is placed in the second row of the box, it would be next to the living former presidents (Sarney, Collor, Cardoso and Lula da Silva). But the interim president Michel Temer would occupy the third floor along with other heads of state.
    However according to the O Globo, the assessment is that some former presidents will not appear as Sarney and Lula da Silva.
  11. Yup, I reckon so, possibly representing a street art mural on the side of a building:


    I have a feeling you need not worry too much about that. I'm more worried that it will be a ceremony which is so unpredictable that it needs lots of explanation by the TV commentators (though if the BBC offers a "no commentary" option, I'll be using that anyway for the live viewing).

    Probably the Brazilians will not understand the ceremony.
    I envy you. You have the BBC to watch the ceremony and can use the 'no comment', I have in Brazil GLOBO TV (okay, it's 2nd largest station in the world), I have to bear in Brazilian primetime, Galvao Bueno (which is games narrator of the national team, and known to talk ... talk ... talk ... talk ... and exalt Brazil).
    If these screens are not LED, I have conviction of party failure. It is enough to bet on little technology, the Maracana have small entrances, a roof that does not support a cauldron, two presidents of Brazil in the box and etc.
    You will be confused.
    God save the queen? No, we need God to save Brazil and OC!
  12. Tricky!

    In order to maintain a smidgen of surprise, the stack of blue boxes is not indicated on the Opening Ceremony ticketing plan, which makes it look as if you can pay R$200 for a seat which would in reality be inside a blue box (all seats around that end are R$200, which would be about $62 US or £47 GB).

    It's so unfair if they are selling tickets behind the LED screens .
    Imagine you prepare for a trip to Rio and discover that it has a huge wall in front that prevents him from seeing the entire stage or much of it .
    Even in London 2012, the great tree had no potential to screw up so significantly to the spectators vision that was behind her .
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