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  1. Yes, I agree in part . The Brazil 2005-2012 really seemed to be the new world power . The economic boom was incredible . The candidacy of Brazil charmed everyone . But the country was involved in economic and political crisis that has affected the Olympic Games. The games will be good ? Yes! The opening will be good ? Yes . But I think Rio is the most wonderful place on earth I do not agree . I put the Olympics in Rio at the same level of Athens. But without comparison in the organization with London or the grandeur of Beijing. - His experience with Brazilian does not reflect the reality of the majority, but there are several Brazilians in this way ... they surfed the economic boom , now shipwrecked . The Brazilian is a good person and loves foreigners . ALL ARE WELCOME IN AUGUST ! It will not be the best Olympics of all time , but it will be a good Olympics.
  2. NEWS : Committee confirms some names of singers for the OC The organizing committee of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro confirmed the presence of three artists for the opening ceremony . The festival will be attended by Anitta , Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil . They sing together during the opening of the Olympics , which will take place on August 5 - the Rio -16 goes to 21 . Thus, Anitta will have two " interests " in the games. Your songs will also be used in the presentation of Daniele Hypolito , on the ground of artistic gymnastics . http://olimpiadas.uol.com.br/noticias/redacao/2016/07/10/rio-16-confirma-anitta-na-cerimonia-de-abertura-da-olimpiada.htm
  3. I believe that the organizers of the opening should take advantage of the time between the ceremony and the use of the stadium for sport. The opening will be August 5 and football back to the Stadium 11 days later. London 2012 athletics arrived seven days later. So I think they could use more complex structures as they have a longer term .
  4. I'm sure it will be very good games . The arenas are beautiful inside . But what I like to emphasize is that the project Olimpico Park and reality are different ... much more colorful in design . That's disappointing. I'm looking forward to the Olympics . I followed with conviction Athens 2004 , Beijing 2004 , London 2012 and will now follow the Rio 2016 . Today I saw pictures of the TV GLOBO studio in the center of the Olympic Park , the ground the park looks much greener .
  5. BRAZIL: Broadcasting Details (Free to air) BRAZIL: Transmission Details on TV RECORD. The RECORD TV (2nd largest in the country station) will have all their newscasts anchored part of the Olympic Park or other point where occur the Olympics. The "Jornal da Record" will send Adriana Araujo to Rio de Janeiro, with Celso Freitas continuing in São Paulo. But the 'Fala Brasil' which is the morning news will Carla Cecato and Mylena Ciribelli will present the 'Sport Fantastic' straight from Rio de Janeiro. The intention is to always be a connection with the games. The narrators of the competitions will be Lucas Pereira, Eduardo Vaz, Reinaldo Gottino and Marcos Leandro, while otime reporters, led by Roberto Thomé will have 14 professionals. BRAZIL: BANDEIRANTES TV decides to continue to 'Masterchef' during the Olympics. The broadcaster backtracked and decided it will continue displaying the Masterchef during the 'Rio 2016', the program will continue on Tuesdays nights. Here I would like to make an inquiry, the program is normally displayed will 22h45 at night. In this time they are scheduled high-audience events at Brazilian as the volleyball court, swimming and gymnastics. I do not think BANDEIRANTES TV go give these events. BRAZIL: coverage of details on TV GLOBO Will be 160 hours in the air to broadcast the games on TV GLOBO (The TV station in the country). A team of 2,000 professionals will be involved in the station's broadcasts, following the 400 Brazilian athletes and top names from other countries. To help tell these stories, the station formed his so-called "Golden Time", bringing together some of the most important idols of Brazilian sport. Twelve former athletes totaling 20 Olympic medals and dozens of world titles will use the experience of those who have been there to comment on the competitions and translate the athlete's emotion to the audience. At the IBC (International Broadcast Centre) TV GLOBO will have an area of ​​800 meters that will be used by the channel along with their other spaces in PROJAC and Botanical Gardens which are the traditional sites of the station. STUDIO IN THE OLYMPIC PARK The TV Globo studio in the Olympic Park has three floors and is the only one to be strategically positioned in the center of the Olympic Park, it is made to give sight to all test sites. Foreign broadcasters will be at another point near the 'Arena of the Future'. Here a unique highlight: The TV GLOBO will direct anchor studio all your news. The station will begin its coverage on July 31, when the 'Sports Spectacular' and 'Fantastic' will display direct special editions Olympic Park. From Monday the 'National Journal' assisted by 60 million Brazilians will show the Olympic Park. Transmissions The TV Globo broadcast on August 3, the women's football opener against China. On August 4, will broadcast the men's football opener against South Africa. Olympic Globo studio, Galvão Bueno controls the transmission. On Friday, August 05, Globo broadcast the opening ceremony. The transmission will Galvão Bueno and Gloria Maria in the channel command. Already Marcos Uchoa, Renato Ribeiro and Pedro Bassan act as support. On this day the novels 19h and 21h will be canceled. 4K and 8K The broadcast will also feature the first mobile unit 4K IP interconnectivity with the world in its production of volleyball games in Maracanãzinho. The novelty is a partnership with Sony and Imagine and aims to ensure the best image quality in the transmissions. UM is prepared for both the 4K technology and for future technologies. In another partnership, this time with Japanese broadcaster NHK, Globo will broadcast the first live 8K open to the public during the event. According to experts, the 8K offers the most advanced standard in perceived picture quality to the human eye, with a resolution 16 times higher than HD. GLOBO PLAY As one of the Olympics features is the simultaneity of the competitions, the Globe will offer one second exclusive channel 24 hours dedicated to the broadcast of the Olympic Games through its video on demand platform, Play globe. This channel, called "Play the Game", will be free and open to users throughout Brazil. Will have 24 hours of programming and will offer additional content to that airs on broadcast TV, with the transmission competitions displayed exclusively on digital platforms, flashes of the best times of the day and also the "Olympic Ballad" program. Major sporting events shown by Globo will also be available on digital platforms throughout Brazil in simulcasting, ie, simultaneously with the transmission of TV. In addition to live performances, the user will also have access to a material on demand, and can search competitions already displayed in a catalog organized by athletes, sports and countries competing. http://natelinha.uol.com.br/noticias/2016/07/10/de-estudio-olimpico-a-time-de-ouro-globo-promete-maior-cobertura-da-historia-100441.php http://tvefamosos.uol.com.br/colunas/flavio-ricco/2016/07/10/record-tambem-monta-esquema-de-trabalho-especial-para-jogos-olimpicos.htm
  6. I did not like the BBC 's commercial. The impression is that Brazil is a large forest . Not so , most of the forests this in the Amazon and in the Pantanal. In Rio de Janeiro and Southeast were the remains reserves and national parks . Most Brazilians live in an area of Atlantic Forest deforested or savannas. I live in a small country town far from Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo and never personally seen these wild animals shown by the BBC. - But the graphic production is beautiful.
  7. Obama will not come to the OC . President Barack Obama will not come to Rio de Janeiro for the opening . The American representative will be the Secretary of State, John Kerry.
  8. The arenas are beautiful . Outside and inside. But the Olympic Park is weak , the project was amazing. I hope the decor help ... but do not think that will solve the problem.
  9. That's Maracana ? Friends of the world , it is incredible that less than a month all at the ceremony is a mystery. Even as will be used in the screens Maracana still was not clear . I do not know if you share the feeling with me . But at the same time I want new ceremony details I do not want to spoil the surprise .
  10. Lack least one month. And the olympic park is horrible ... it looks like a construction site, look at the right side of the image is tremendously poorly organized . Oh God!
  11. I support the presence of the armed forces in Rio . I believe that effective will provide security for residents and tourists. terrorist attack risks should be curbed . Of course , it is very complicated but very helps the presence of the armed forces and the National Force.
  12. What does ' Geometrization ' will address ? Will it overcome the 'Pandemonium ? - I think it would be cool athletes walking on ' Boardwalk Copacabana ' and samba sound. What could be the immediately preceding segment. me neither. He does not deserve. It would be cool the cauldron lighting was done by Alberto Mason ( bronze in the Olympic Games of 1948) is the oldest Brazilian live medalist .
  13. The director of ceremonies , Leo Caetano , told the Globoesporte.com said : those who have already participated in the relay are disposed to light the cauldron. This means that two strong names like Oscar Schmidt ( best basketball player in the history of Brazil) and Vanderlei Cordeiro ( pushed in Athens 2004) are discarded. A poll on the internet gave favoritism to Guga ( former player of Tennis ) with impressive 38% . It would be nice to catch someone who has Olympic medals , but that won a long time . How about the oldest Brazilian olympic medalist in life? It would be nice! Aida dos Santos ( participated in 1960 and 1964 ) has an interesting olympic participation , ma was in 4th place. It is a name .
  14. One of the photos seems that fantasy is a aegypit aedes ( the transmitter of the dengue epidemic and cases of zika virus) . I was curious about the ' deltas wing ' , as will be used at the closing ceremony ? I hope that the CC is innovative too ... I can never watch a closing ceremony for all time , I tiring ... even long music sessions .
  15. I think the dangerous idea . For some reason , maybe I'm even wrong, but the Maracana coverage seems canvas like airships . And the stadium is small compared to London 2012 or Beijing 2008 for the issue of athletics track . Whenever I think of fire and Maracanã think the stadium roof . Well, remember that in 2014 the coverage of the stadium was damaged by fireworks the Maracana . Will they use many fireworks in OC ? And they will be released from the Maracana ?
  16. Brazil : TV BANDEIRANTES display 2 episodes per week of ' MasterChef ' because of the Olympics. The BANDEIRANTES TV station must devote ample space for Rio 2016 ( the channel always open much room for sporting events, it was well in Beijing 2008 and in previous years and is thus now in Euro16 ) The broadcaster will show two episodes per week of ' MasterChef ' for the current season ends before 2016 . The idea is to release the program schedule for transmissions . The team will meet next week already focusing on Rio 2016. To date the focus of the channel is to complete the display of ' Euro16 ' .
  17. There will be a show after the ceremony ? In London I read somewhere that the idea was to put a lure weight so that people do not leave at the same time the stadium. London was Paul McCartney , what can we expect from Rio? I hope it's Caetano Veloso.
  18. The 14a . OMG ' This will be good. I can say it's a good surprise that Santos Dumont at the opening . The inventor of the airplane ! Amazing. It is known to all Brazilians. Amazing. I am Brazilian ( outside Rio ) Also I confirm today talked with three pessaos who talked about the Olympics . The weather 're showing. In addition , the two largest portals online news in the country, gave wide prominence to news of the games today. There is a ' magical fact ' for success: TV GLOBO, this television station and the most watched in the country. Alone when she enters the official coverage from July 31 the weather will take over the country . You foreigners have no idea of the TV GLOBO ability to create trends in this country. From July 31 the olympic weather will spread across the country.
  19. In a matter of organizing everything will go well . Thus the World Cup and will be in the Olympics . I am Brazilian , with 80,000 police enhancing security , will be a success . The transport will work.
  20. Brazil : TV RECORD transmit his last Olympics in Rio . The Record has been showing 12 commercials a day Olympics . So far is the quietest station about its coverage . It is certain to be 9 to 10 hours of transmissions. Especially late at night ( at the times of 16 hours and also in the time of 22 hours ) There is already according to the column Flávio Ricco in UOL , the decision not to transmit Tokyo 2020 as will not have a pleasant time ( in Brazil will be after 21h of the night until the morning ) , the justification would be the commercial return , but it is known the dawn of the channel are dedicated to selling space to churches which gives a high financial return. http://tvefamosos.uol.com.br/colunas/flavio-ricco/2016/07/06/record-vai-fazer-no-rio-a-sua-ultima-olimpiada.htm
  21. Change of plans : Dilma will have exclusive box in the OC. At a meeting at the Planalto Palace , a change in the opening of the Olympics it was decided. President Dilma will be in a box for her own , separate from the honor box where Temer and other heads of state will stay . The initial idea would be to put Dilma with former presidents. To prevent this act was seen as embarrassing decided on the box , which however will have a smaller size than the grandstand . The placeholder for Dilma will have no connection to the Temer. Interim President Dilma thinks has the right to go to the ceremony , but want to avoid to meet with her ​​to avoid embarrassment . Dilma's cabin will be one floor below used by Temer. http://oglobo.globo.com/brasil/dilma-tera-camarote-exclusivo-na-abertura-da-olimpiada-do-rio-19649451
  22. The Rio Games will be great . The stadiums are beautiful (minus the Olympic Park). The ceremony I do not think it will be good , will look back, do not know if it is lack of money, the issue of the stadium or by the creativity. But I have no expectations for the opening . There are people paying expensive tickets in the opening and billions watching on TV, not enough to be good ... it has to be amazing .
  23. excited sports narrators is not unique to NBC. Look at London 2012 , BBC in the gold Mo Farah . Or even in Brazil , the narrator Galvão Bueno (who will narrate the opening and probably the men's soccer and swimming) . It is conheicdo by empolgão exaggerated and twisted by Brazil . Not to mention the comments and exalting the national team before the game against Germany ( 7-1 ) in 2014 .
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