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  1. This picture was very good ! The olympic park looks greener when viewed from the ground.
  2. NEWS: Group in Brazil declares support ISIS. (Bruno Kelly/Reuters) An extremist group in Brazil declared loyalty to ISIS and created a channel called Ansar al-Khilafah in Brazil Telegram application, which resembles the popular WhatsApp. The information was released by the American expert monitoring of terrorist activities on the web Rita Katz of the SITE Intelligence Group, on Monday. In a post on Twitter, Katz said that the group is seizing the moment to spread extremist ideology before sports competition. In late May, ISIS has created the first channel in Portuguese organization, also within the Telegram. The page for caliphate advertising, is a Portuguese version of the existing Nashir Channel. Contacted by ANSA, the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (Abin) has not returned to the contact on the alleged alliance of a group in Brazil to the Islamic State. Political scientist Heni Ozi Cukier, Professor of International Relations at ESPM, said any threat needs to be checked to see if it is fake or real. "It may just be an opportunity to terrorize before the Games," he said, stressing, however, that, if true, Brazil must increase their vigilance. http://veja.abril.com.br/mundo/grupo-no-brasil-declara-apoio-ao-estado-islamico/
  3. GLOBO NEWS accompany arrival to OC . The cable television station ( GLOBO NEWS) the Brazilian equivalent of CNN and owned by TV Globo . It also has plans for 2016 . The newspaper Christiane Pelajo in GloboNews , the edition of 16h , held daily in São Paulo, will also be present in Rio de Janeiro during the Olympic Games and will be anchored surroundings of the Maracana , the opening stage on August 5 . On the date in question there will be extensive coverage . As the program airs from 16h to 18h and the ceremony will start at 20h16 , the newspaper practically become a content service , with information on transportation , security, and everything about the movement in the area closed around the stadium . The scheme for the arrival of the authorities at the ceremony also deserve a special approach . The day before , as the Rio de Janeiro, Pelajo will make a story about the Olympic atmosphere in the city . http://tvefamosos.uol.com.br/colunas/flavio-ricco/2016/07/17/christiane-pelajo-apresentara-jornal-do-rio-por-causa-da-olimpiada.htm
  4. I agree. Imagine the fire a pot will go to the other is overkill. But it would be nice some interaction . Two people ascending the cauldron is not new and not amazing.
  5. I read in the Brazilian internet an interesting topic . With three channels broadcasting in Brazil (TV GLOBO, RECORD and TV BANDEIRANTES TV) will have three channels sharing the same cake. GLOBO TV traditionally sucks the audience, and will quietly stay in the lead (with growth in audience) . But what about the other channels ? They will have to decide what is left of the audience. I believe that the RECORD TV and TV BANDEIRANTES take this into account because no want to lose audience. In April , during the impeachment of Rousseff , GLOBO TV isolated in the lead but the RECORD TV and TV BAND lost to SBT (single station that did not show the vote) . Still , I hope this does not undermine the coverage in Brazil . The TV GLOBO is amazing transmissions, but want to have more choices. The silence of the TV RECORD and BANDEIRANTES TV still scare me. Are 19 days there and only 17 to football!
  6. A camera on the beach of Copacabana? It is also dangerous. See the video. It is a transmission of TV GLOBO Carnival at Sambodromo . The camera took a panoramic image and fell on people. In the final of video.
  7. A good idea. It is recommended to avoid ' Guarani ' , or we can use at the entrance of the President .
  8. I think Horse Guards is incredible . But I do not believe it is appropriate for the Beach Volleyball . Perhaps, Horse Guards would be a good location for the Equestrian . The Beach Volleyball would be nice if it were placed in the square in front of the British Parliament . I like the Aquatic Stadium in Rio de Janeiro .
  9. In my opinion: Although overall the London sites stay ahead of Rio 2016 in my scores have to ponder. In some cases I chose the location of symbolism if the Equestrian and Wimbledon. In other cases it is not related to headquarters but the health issue as the Olympic Sailing . Overall I think more alive Rio 2016. Although London 2012 will be organized. LONDON X RIO Olympic Park: London 2012 Ceremonys venues: London 2012 Athletics: London 2012 Basketball: London and Rio 2016 Boxing: London 2012. Canoeing: 2016. Fencing: 2016 Cycling: BMX: Rather London 2012. The Road: Rather London 2012. The Track: Rather London 2012 (narrowly). Football: 2016 Gymnastics: 2016 Weightlifting: London 2012 Handball: 2016 Equestrian: London 2012 (I put in Windsor) Field Hockey: 2016 Judo: London 2012 Fights: London 2012 Synchronized Swimming: London 2012 Swimming: 2016 Pentlato Modern: London 2012 Water polo: London 2012 Rowing: 2016 (for some) Diving: London 2012 Taekwondo: London 2012 Tennis: London 2012 Shot: 2016 Archery: 2016 Triathlon: 2016 Sailing: London 2012 (!!!) Volleyball: 2016 (2012 London looked old) Volleyball Beach: 2016
  10. Yes. I do not say that London 2012 was not pretty , but I prefer the Rio 2016 . Rio 2016 has test sites more ' ' live ' ' apparently. London had genuinely British locations. Of course, some events like tennis, Equestrian and Marathon are way ahead of Brazil. The idea of ​​using the ' The Mall ' was amazing. I love to see the 2016 , using the Quinta da Boa Vista for the Marathon or Archery . Unfortunately they chose the Sambodromo only .
  11. Oh Amazing! Probably from the next few weeks , we have leaks conclusive on the OC . The general tests are coming .
  12. The tv show ' Fantastico ' of TV GLOBO promises show this Sunday night a bombastic report on terrorism in Brazil . The call indicates that 4 terrorists tried to enter the country recently . In addition, TV Globo had exclusive access to the Rio 2016 Security Command and will show how it works. I look forward to the report.
  13. This image reminded me of Los Santos ( GTA V)
  14. The Sambodromo is getting very beautiful. Some places will get even more amazing with the installed decoration . Rio 2016 has beautiful arenas ! Far superior to London in 2012 . The only thing that bothers me in 2016 , is that the seats always follow the same style in several arenas : a mixture of colors in the stands . It's beautiful , but repetitive .
  15. Brazilian economists and already indicate an improvement. The economy is expected to shrink -3.2 % this year and grow 1 % next year. When Dilma had left forecasts indicating -4 % . Michel Temer has a solid base in Congress , has support of 320-350 members . Rousseff's supporters are 100 or 120 on average. He gets enough to change the constitution . In the Senate he also has support of most senators, while Dilma group has around 20 of the 81 senators. - Eduardo Cunha , former president of the Chamber resigned last week amid corruption. His replacement Temer managed to elect an ally Rodrigo Maia ( Democratic Party ) , the Mayan party has the most liberal position among the great Parliament .
  16. Apenas 32% dos brasileiros preferem Dilma volta ao governo. Only 32% of Brazilians prefer Dilma back to the government. The survey conducted by Datafolha (main research institute in the country next to the IBOPE) asked: What is best for the country? Temer continue: 50% Dilma back: 32% Neither: 4% Elections: 3% Another answer: 2% Do not know 9% The approval of Temer government is 14%, which is almost the same Dilma. However Temer has only 31% rejection, while Rousseff had 61%. Regarding the expectations of the Brazilian government with Temer in April 38% thought it would be bad index fell 7 points since. IMPEACHMENT The survey indicated that 58% of Brazilians argue that the Senate definitely Dilma away, while 35% are opposed. April were 61% favorable, an oscillation within the error margin of the survey. Confidence in the Brazilian economy at the highest level since 2014. The Trust Datafolha Index (CPI, in Portuguese) recorded 98 points is the best result since 2014. A high of 11 points compared to February. The methodology of Datafolha considers higher rates of 100 with 'optimism' and below this value as 'pessimism'. The IDC was to highlight the improvement in expectations of Brazilians for the future of the economy, which has advanced 78 points to 112 points. What is the main problem in Brazil? Corruption: 32% Health system: 17% Unemployment: 16% Violence: 6% Education: 6% Economy: 4% http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/poder/2016/07/1792443-otimismo-com-economia-tem-melhor-patamar-desde-2014-diz-datafolha.shtml http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/poder/2016/07/1792483-datafolha-aponta-que-metade-dos-brasileiros-prefere-temer-a-dilma.shtml
  17. Friends of the world. What for you are the countries that have the best plans for Rio 2016 ? And which countries disappoint so far?
  18. Yes. But I believe that grand ceremony is necessary to hold the hearing. In Brazil the ceremonies tend to bet a lot of ' people ' which harms great performances . Americans (and I ) love great ceremonies , I want a big show , and not something that touches my heart. The parade of nations is very tiring. It needs to be faster, the 206 NOC 's should parade at 1.30am at most. - TV Globo also has influence she paid a lot to the IOC and is also the official sponsor . Even won a studio in the center of the Olympic Park , not even NBC achieved it . She managed to put volleyball games and events primetime ace 22h (probably supporting the idea NBC ) to leave after the drama of 9 .
  19. The 2016 Olympics is a huge challenge in media issue. Be the Brazilian television event most watched in the year , it is a major challenge: The impeachment reached 100 million viewers on TV. The opening of the London 2012 reached 16 million. Of course, TV RECORD does not have the same projection TV GLOBO , so no comparison .
  20. I think the ' black border ' will receive a floor in Copacabana style. But they must wait for the parades before applying the floor to avoid speculation. Since so far the Maracana reveals little little . For me or the show will be straight through the center of the stadium or will be on a Copapacana floor.
  21. I have an idea. Why not change the name of the Olympic Games ' NBC Games' ? Let's raise the channel flag in the Maracana in place of the olympic flag.
  22. The BANDEIRANTES TV will probably make a big coverage when referring to transmission time. The channel is always more open space for sporting events on the schedule. But what happens is that BANDEIRANTES and TV RECORD TV is afraid of TV GLOBO. The reason for the fear is the globe's ability to suck the public. Last Sunday, while 42 million Brazilians saw Euro'16 on TV GLOBO Band was 14 million. With three channels dividing broadcasting rights fear the other two is losing public compared to normal days. The RECORD TV has a high audience in prime time (19.00 23.59), the fear is that with three channels transmitting and sharing the same public about little BANDEIRANTES and RECORD. SBT will not display the games, and the RECORD TV probably will not accept losing to the SBT at the hearing. BAND to achieve with the medium events 8000000-10000000 views is enough. For the Record is at least twice. The TV GLOBO will show 160 hours, but the station will likely focus on volleyball, gymnastics and football most of the time. I think GLOBO will open a large space in the schedule. It is not appropriate, but enough. The olympic climate depends on the TV GLOBO, and she is very involved. Today the station has more alone audience than the RECORD TV, SBT TV and BAND added.
  23. Formally invited by the International Olympic Committee for the opening ceremony of the Olympics , Dilma Rousseff , according to Alvorada Palace sources , will not the river . Dilma will not attend OC
  24. ''Protocol Drama'': Dilma says he has not been invited to OC . Unlike what has announced the International Olympic Committee , the away President Dilma Rousseff , of the Workers Party ( PT) , denies having received any invitation to attend the opening of the Olympics , which begin next month and will be held in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The revelation was made in a conversation with the Portuguese newspaper ' Diário de Notícias ' . According to Dilma , there was no invitation, is the international committee of the games and then the Brazilian organization . "I will assess the conditions in which I will , I will not be able to diminish me ," said PT meaning that is still the head of state of Brazil and thus want to be represented. http://br.blastingnews.com/brasil/2016/07/dilma-reclama-por-nao-ter-sido-convidada-para-olimpiada-nao-irei-001008555.html
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