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  1. He told Folha on Sunday afternoon the communications director for the Australian Olympic Committee , Mike Tancred . The statement was in response to the mayor of Rio de Janeiro , Eduardo Paes (photo) , who had earlier stated that he was thinking of putting a kangaroo in front of the Australian building in the Olympic Village so that they feel at home .
  2. Someone has pictures of the Olympic Park at night? I would like to see how the lighting is night.
  3. What I felt in the speech of the mayor of Rio : Hey Australians, you are jealous of Brazil for our village and our games are better than yours . That was the impression that his speech left me.
  4. Do not doubt. From what I read about the bet the ceremony will be : ' A ceremony to show the diversity of Brazilians, and as our nation could live with diversity ' . ' Will have a segment for the Indians , another for Afro-Brazilians , one for European immigrants , a lot of Brazilian music (which is not necessarily the music heard by most people ) .' All very simple , focusing on dance and etc. Something in the style of presentation of Brazil at the end of London 2012 . - If I were the organization bet on World show the following message: 'Hey world, are different from what you think of us ... are modern and as good as you.'
  5. I do not doubt that by the end of the day a stock of plastic kangaroos for Australians , the kiwi for New Zealanders and Queen for the British and the Statue of Liberty for Americans to be delivered in the Village. The mayor was unhappy in the comments. We need to respect the nations of the world.
  6. When I see the interviews of the directors of the ceremony . It seems that the show will be a moral or philosophical lesson. We need something big . Incidentally, the OC is the time that is marked in the future , in 2020 when the channels are disseminating promotional to Tokyo , we see images of the Opening of Rio ? Or will we be confused with Los Angeles 84 ? London 2012 was not sumptuous but it was worthy of the Olympics that followed Beijing. I do not expect Rio take Beijing as a reference, but should not take the 80 and 90 .
  7. Mayor of Rio was very unhappy ! Eduardo Paes and Dilma Rousseff compete in the ability to speak. - This idea of leaving 500 people working in the village as there athletes there is complicated. For security reasons , I hope you're prepared . It is necessary that only the right people from entering the village . The Rio de Janeiro should not play with security.
  8. BRAZIL : NOW! Bomb threat in Salvador, Bahia . A bomb threat interrupted the start of the race of OAB in Unijorge which is on Parallel Avenue, in Salvador, around 12:40 pm on Sunday (24). According to the advice of the institution, a man threatened to blow up the place. The situation caused panic and run. Police said there were no injuries. According to the president of the OAB-BA, Luiz Viana, who was in Unijorge to monitor the situation, the evidence in Salvador were suspended. According to Fabrizio de Castro Oliveira, Federal Councillor of the Bar Association in Bahia, the man would come into a room and asked to the candidates leave in 11 minutes, it was in possession of a bomb ready to explode. Sunday is held the first stage of the examination of the Order of Lawyers of Brazil across the country. The chairman of the examination committee of the Bar Association in Bahia, Beta Standard reported that 3,400 people would take the test in Unijorge, 6000 in Bahia. According to the advice of the Secretariat of Bahia Public Security (SSP-BA), the Special Police Operations Battalion (BOPE) negotiating the surrender of the man who claimed to carry a bomb. According to the SSP, there is no information on the motivation of the threats. Around 14:40, the SSP reported that the suspect was isolated in a room.
  9. Yes, it is my fear ! Something so basic is shameful. Do something worthwhile to see ... because they do not want to lose four hours of my life with a basic show. Please be great Rio de Janeiro !
  10. Yes . I believe que for the fireworks will use Copacabana or even the Olympic Park or the avenue que leads from the Maracana to the other pot . To focus on Maracana and Maracanazinho probably the organization will drop sequentially from beginning to end of the ceremony ( laughs ) . - The idea of the parade of athletes have my support ... it is a boring time of the ceremony. It would be nice to bet on more artistic presentations .
  11. I do not know if a story about an Olympic athlete who will not participate in the Rio 2016 can compete for the IOC awards broadcast . But the TV Globo ( Brazil ) exhibited an amazing story just now on Eric Moussambani ( Swimming - Equatorial Guinea - Sydney 2000) . The report suffers the athlete and their historical participation in the games was very well produced . Brazil was already awarded twice about reports of olympic athletes in both 2010 and 2012 when the RECORD TV trasmitia the event. - Today the TV GLOBO opened enough space in the mornings for the torch relay in São Paulo. It was very cool! Many people followed the torch in the country's largest city . - On Sunday , TV GLOBO officially starts olympic coverage. As of July 31 will anchor its direct programming of the Olimpico Park studio.
  12. Disappointing . It seems to be made of people or vegetation. Also this outline that forms a sort of avenue near the rings is crooked ( believe it will be straight to August 5 ) but it is unnecessary . After the amazing rings London , Beijing and Athens ... we have this in Rio . The arenas are beautiful inside, the Olympic Park is getting pretty out too. But the ceremony still worries me ... maybe something very simple . The good news is the fireworks ! I love fireworks! How nice it will be enough!
  14. Failure? Only 45 heads of state in OC . Missing 13 days to the start of the Olympics , 45 Heads of State and Government have confirmed to come to Rio de Janeiro to follow the Rio 2016 , according to Minister of Foreign Affairs , José Serra. He followed on Saturday morning ( 23) preparations for the ceremonial reception of world leaders at the Itamaraty Palace, in downtown Rio , and reaffirmed that security will be " tight " due to the recent terrorist attacks in the world. Among the confirmed names are the president of France , Francois Hollande and Prime Minister of Italy , Matteo Renzi . The presidents of Argentina , Mauricio Macri ; Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos; and Paraguay , Horacio Cartes , are also now confimados . In addition to the 45 Heads of Government and State , 55 other ministers of sport from various countries also confirmed the Brazilian government that will be in the city to hold the Olympics. - MY OPINION: The heads of state will follow in Palace train to the Maracana. I think the choice of Itamaraty an error . The Palace is in the city center the security scheme will harm the traffic, on August 5 , the traffic Rio will need to be as free as possible for tourists. I think the most sensible would host a reception at the Palace of Quinta da Boa Vista. The Palace of Quinta da Boa Vista is only 1.5 km from the Maracana would be faster and easier shifting . The location of the insulation itself would be easier , since there is a large garden surrounded the park.
  15. I can say I regret my criticism of the Olympic Park. The latest images , mainly from TV Globo video show that the place was beautiful!
  16. The TV GLOBO will make an incredible coverage of these games . In fact , it seems that she showed more power than NBC since managed an incredible studio in the center of the Olympic Park .
  17. Yes. But you see ... in London 2012 was a great Rural England ... we knew there would be a segment of it comes the stage. Now that the stage of Rio de Janeiro say? Only that people will be on top of him . It's just a white spot .
  18. There are 14 days until the games .. And so far we do not know much about the ceremony. Who would , are keeping the surprise !
  19. The Rio -2016 removed the Maracana grass in May. And they put this strange floor , but it's such a simple floor ... to install it so early in the stage , sometimes did not want to remove the grass, could assemble for rehearsals . Will they put on top of it structures ? Or is it just what we see in the picture? Moreover, it is curious geometric shape, want to know what meaning will give .
  20. Dilma counselor tells Moro lied to PF for 'not destroy the Presidency'. In his first statement before the judge of Lava Jato, the marketeer who served in election campaigns of Lula (2006) and Dilma Rousseff (2010 and 2014) confessed that he lied to the Federal Police when testified to investigators in February this year, after being arrested by Lava Jato, to 'preserve' the removed President Dilma Rousseff (PT). At the time, the marketer said he received values in foreign accounts for the campaigns for which he worked in other countries and denied that the money was related to campaigns in Brazil. John Santana and his wife and partner Monica Moura had been acting in recent years in PT campaigns, but also in presidential campaigns in other countries, particularly in Latin America. On Thursday, 21, the couple denied his own initial version and admitted receiving cash 2 of $ 4.5 million to settle a debt of Dilma 2010 campaign. Rousseff denies having authorized or knowledge of the irregular transfers.
  21. The new batch of 100 thousand tickets to Rio -2016 which was offered for sale yesterday ace 12h00 was sold in less than five hours. An absolute success! The volume of purchases is growing ! Brazilians are also being inundated by television advertising. All channels are mass touting the Rio -2016 , mainly TV GLOBO (which alone holds more public than the second and the third largest broadcaster in the country together).
  22. Great news. ' MAS QUE NADA ' is a great very famous song . The idea of the rings in Copacabana is legal. But I do not think it will be good ... I'm afraid that the waves of the sea and the boats leave misaligned and the distance between them as well. Moreover, it is always very nice to see the rings inside the stadium. I hope that the idea of Copacabana used to be really well used
  23. Rio de Janeiro (CNN) - Brazilian police have arrested 10 people suspected of planning terrorist acts during the Olympics, Brazil's Justice Ministry said Thursday. The group was inspired by ISIS and only had contact with the group online, Justice Minister Alexandre de Moraes said. He said no specific targets were mentioned, but the Justice Ministry is still investigating the suspects' computers and cell phones to learn more about the plans. De Moraes said the suspects are all Brazilian nationals, and that one minor was mentioned in the conversations. De Moraes said the group was "not an organized cell." Another two suspects have warrants out for their arrests. Authorities said they believe those two people will be arrested soon. This week, Brazil's intelligence agency said it was reviewing all threats against the Rio 2016 Games after a jihadi messaging channel called for its followers to target the Olympics. "Many [threats] are discarded and the ones that deserve attention are investigated exhaustively," the agency said. http://edition.cnn.com/2016/07/21/americas/brazil-olympics-terror-arrests/index.html
  24. It is 3 hours and a half show , where two hours are convicted of a busy parade of athletes and speeches. 1:30 a.m. left over that I hope to be grandiose . mass demonstrations did not impress me , as well as projections. I hope it's great , of course , this is complicated when there were few resources for the ceremony. I will spend 4 hours in front of the TV, I hope to see a great show.
  25. My fear to see these pictures .. It is the lack of a big structure. I hope it's not a simple ceremony is an opening of Olympics and not of the FIFA World Cup .
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