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  1. BRAZIL : TV GLOBO records high audience in ' Olympic Night ' The game of women's football Brazil vs Sweden earned the Globe 27 points in Rio and 23 in Sao Paulo on Saturday 6 , from 21h53m to 23h53m . The Brazilian team won the Swedish by 5-1 . In São Paulo , the rate is six points higher than the average range in June and July . In Rio, the growth was seven points. The numbers are a preview released by Ibope . - These numbers are very good. Remember that they do not reflect the share of time ! Also we must remember that the TV BAND also showed the match. At the time the RECORD TV is mainly dedicated to transmission of swimming. I await the consolidated figures tomorrow to know the numbers of the other channels , but the Olympics so far seem to be a SUCCESS !!!
  2. I'm looking forward to the release tomorrow of audience numbers in Brazil this weekend . There was only some previous results on Saturday morning . There were around 20% growth in the TV GLOBO audience. The question is how to come out the other stations and also the result at other times . - The big problem is that Brazil's performance is below expectations, we got a silver medal. The men's soccer has poor performance , and judo so far yielded only failures ( a mode that Brazil expected more ) . Tonight has men's soccer and swimming finals , Brazil will probably no medals in the pool. Certainly it worries stations.
  3. BRAZIL: RECORD TV is accused of displaying 'LIVE ' for delay broadcast. Saturday ( 6) , first full day of competitions of the Olympic Games Rio 2016 , viewers complained about the TV Record on Twitter to show how 'live ' recorded disputes. "Record 're going replay live signal ? uhshus ' ' complained one. "Record boot LIVE in the corner just right embellishment ? just can '' cornetou other. Most mentions on Twitter about " recorded live ' ' of Record made reference to broadcasts of artistic gymnastics mode . " The Record has begun to reprise gymnastics boys like live # Rio2016 ," tweeted a viewer . "Record to fool anyone with this live gym ? I saw in the Globe before hahahahhaha ' ' , accused another netizen . " While the Record shows a Brazilian athlete competing gymnastics 'live' , Globo already interview the same after the competition # Rio2016 ' ' , highlighted other, straddling the error from the state broadcaster. Read more: http://uolesportevetv.blogosfera.uol.com.br/2016/08/06/tuiteiros-acusam-record-de-usar-ao-vivo-em-transmissao-gravada-da-rio-16/
  4. No. . The total audience of transmission was 44 points in SP, using as reference are 88 million nationally . In London in 2012 were 9 points, using cmoo reference are 18 million people . The audience of the Opening Ceremony was at the same level of the country's games at the 2014 World Cup . Participation in the share is also striking. Furthermore the lack of interest of Brazilian dissipated in 2 weeks. Today at work, my colleagues commented on the OC and planned to attend the events this weekend .
  5. My Analysis : OC was beautiful and confused at the same time. The first few minutes were bad, though it was not part of the ceremony as it was a follow-up countdown. The national anthem was very creative, but it would be interesting to have given more time for the national anthem and a highlight on the participation of children. Brazil's history of segment was very good, especially related to Amerindians. The musical segment was very good! Very good indeed! The environmental segment was rough (hate videos). WHERE TO GET THE CRITICAL? The parade of nations could have been preceded by the samba schools of Rio de Janeiro, they could form the corridor would be really cool. The segment of the olympic rings was very cool, but should have been given more prominence in the transmission to the formation of olympic rings (it was an image editing error). - DISASTER: The CAULDRON The entrance of the torch was a anticlimax of the ceremony. The relay in the stadium was short (but maybe there were people worthy enough to something bigger). The cauldron itself was horrible. By the time he appeared .... I took a horror shock. The cauldron is actually just a bowl with a sculpture in the background. - CONCLUSION: Note 7.00 MY PERSONAL RANKING: 1: London 2012. 2: Beijing 2008. 3: Athens 2004. 4: RIO 2016 5: SOCHI 2014 6: Vancouver 2010.
  6. BRAZIL : OC records 350% more viewers than London in 2012 . The opening ceremony of 20h00 ace 00h05 on Brazilian time record growth of 350% . Using São Paulo as a reference, were 8.7 million residents of the city watching. The audience in Brazil is measured in points , the city of São Paulo is used as a benchmark for the market . If we make a simple account of the audience was: 88 million Brazilians watching the OC . This number does not consider audience peaks. It's just the average per minute ceremony . What is very significant . The share of transmission was 80% on time. - CONCLUSION: The 2016 Olympic Games to become the Brazilian TV are an absolute success!!!!!
  7. Protests are small so far. The demonstrations against the Acting President are small . No poses a major threat to the organization, everything should go well . Anyway, all ready for a great show ! I hope you all my friends in the world enjoy a great ceremony and a great Olympics !
  8. The director of the opening ceremony of 2016 , the filmmaker Fernando Meirelles , admitted that the last test " was a disaster ." " We had a very bad test two days ago, our last rehearsal was a disaster ," said the acclaimed director . "This may be something good, now everyone is watching . We were very quiet , rehearsed and everything went wrong ," he added .
  9. NBR ( state broadcaster ) is broadcasting the reception for heads of state. There are 38 heads of state ( a shame compared to London and Beijing ) . What strikes me is the clutter , foreign heads of state or arrive with very short range or very long time . Some have to wait in queue while others can follow normally. Also , Itamaraty Palace is not beautiful, it looks like it needs a makeover. The reception should be in Sao Cristovao that is 2km away from Maracanã and has better conditions.
  10. Give boos Michel Temer, Argentina and etc is ridiculous. I hope that does not happen on Friday . The compatriots who are present in Rio , please be polite and all those who are not educated at least pretend they are civilized for 4 hours . Let's show that we are as good as the developed world.
  11. Friends of the world ... I am regretting every word said here against the ceremony. I do not see the broadcast ... but it looks amazing.
  12. Oh God, somebody help me! I want to stop seeing spoilers !! But I can not! The curiosity is killing me .
  13. Government dismisses chief of protocol of the Olympics . A week before the start of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided to dismiss the chief of protocol, Ambassador Fernando Igreja, responsible for all the organization of the reception of heads of state of Rio 2016, for political reasons. According to sources consulted by Reuters, the ambassador was out of office to be seen as linked to the government of President Dilma Rousseff away, since it was the Foreign Ministry's ceremonial head for three and a half years and has clear sympathy for the previous government. The order was given by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Serra, and Igreja was informed directly by the minister's office chief, Ambassador Julio Bitelli. However, a source heard on condition of anonymity revealed to Reuters that the decision left the Planalto Palace, coming from a minister of the senior. Church was not informed of the reasons for his departure. However, the same source says that the Igreja fell into the Presidential decision to withdraw from leadership positions anyone who shows sympathy by the previous government.
  14. Olympic Park: security man is arrested and charged with rape. A security of the Olympic Park in Rio de Janeiro was taken to the police station accused of rape on Sunday morning (31 ) . The information was confirmed by the delegate of the civil police Marcus Vinicius Braga. Security was spotted putting his hand under the blouse of one of bombeiras the Olympic Park , which was resting at the time . The action was noticed immediately and the man was arrested , accused of Article 215 - have sexual intercourse without permission, which provides the penalty of 2 to 6 years . He was taken to the 16th DP , in Barra da Tijuca , Oceanico Garden . Wanted by UOL Esporte , the Rio 2016 Committee said he did not know the case and will investigate what happened before ruling . http://olimpiadas.uol.com.br/noticias/redacao/2016/07/31/seguranca-do-parque-olimpico-e-preso-em-fragrante-por-estupro.htm
  15. It was amazing. I doubt that any broadcaster in the world will overcome TV Globo in Rio 2016 cover.
  16. BRAZIL : TV RECORD sent more presenters to Vancouver 2010 to send in Rio 2016 NATELINHA - More news programs anchored in Vancouver, Canada, during the Winter Games than in Rio de Janeiro during the Summer Olympics. This is one of comparison that can be drawn from the disclosure of the Record team list for the event which begins on August 5th. In 2010, before his first exclusive Olympic broadcast, Record squandered. The transmission of the ice competitions earned critical praise and good ratings. Break, caught the market's attention to the arrangements. And he made the Globe, who never had given the ball for the event, go to view live some competitions in Sochi in 2014. At the time, "Speak Brazil", "Jornal da Record," "Fantastic Sport" and "Sunday Spectacular" told with presenters on Canadian soil. They were represented, respectively, by Roberta Piza, Ana Paula Standard, Mylena Ciribelli and Paulo Henrique Amorim. Now, for 2016, occupy the posts respectively journalists Carla Cecato, Adriana Araujo and again Mylena Ciribelli, the only "survivor" in the same role throughout the cycle, which should end with the disinterest in acquiring the rights of Games Tokyo in 2020. http://natelinha.uol.com.br/noticias/2016/07/28/record-enviou-mais-apresentadores-pra-olimpiada-de-inverno-que-na-rio-2016-100931.php
  17. TODAY : Waves hit TV studios in Copacabana. Studios foreign TVs suffered from the strong undertow that reaches the edge of the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro on Saturday (30 ) . Sheltered on Copacabana Beach , the structures set up for the Olympics have been hit by waves that could reach up to 3 meters high , according to alerts issued by the Navy . It is the second time that the studios mounted at Station 5 of Copabacana are affected by the force of the sea . In June , another hangover hit the spot and reached boot bars that protected the building . At the time , the Organizing Committee has made a restraint to reduce the impact of water . On Saturday , the waves did not destroy the structures , but flooded the studios of foreign TVs, may compromise the electrical part and the transmission cables.
  18. BRAZIL : RECORD TV starts direct broadcast of the Olympic Park . On the evening of Tuesday ( 26) , the host Adriana Araujo came live from the Olympic Park , to the Jornal da Record . In the program, she commanded a compact with the most important news of the day and talked about his mission in 2016 : - MY OPINION. It is sad to see that the RECORD TV does not have a studio for your presenters who will speak straight from the ground. The RECORD TV is the second largest broadcaster in the country, and sent to London in 2012 and now exclusivity is behind the TV GLOBO and BAND TV . Will be 130 hours on TV RECORD, against 160 hours on TV GLOBO and over 200 hours BAND TV .
  19. I will not applaud a simple ceremony . The organization needs to have the dignity to make an incredible show. These speech: ' It will be simple but exciting ' . Which is repeated not like , in fact worries me ... Maybe 2016 would be appropriate 20 years ago . I hope to be wrong on August 5 .
  20. BRAZIL : Schedule on TV GLOBO (31 jul. at 07 ago.) The TV Globo (largest TV station in Brazil) will get coverage on Sunday (31). Early in the morning at 10.30 after the 'Formula 1' the station will display your morning 'Sports Spectacular' straight from the Olympic Park studio. The evening will be the turn of 'Fantastic' be transmitted directly from the site. During the week all news programs will be anchored directly to the Olympic Park. SCHEDULES Wednesday: Afternoon 15H12 Ace will be broadcast Women's Football (Brazil X China). The transmission end ace 18h22 pm. Thursday: Afternoon 15H12 Ace will broadcast the men's soccer (Brazil vs. South Africa). The transmission end ace 18h22 pm. Friday: The programming will not suffer changes during the morning. In the afternoon, the novel 'Eta Mundo Bom' will begin at 5 pm. The affiliated stations will transmit their newspapers from 5:50 ace 6.05. Soon after 'Haja Coração! ' will be displayed. Ace 7.00pm the 'Jornal Nacional' will have a special edition of one hour. The broadcast of the ceremony starts at 8:00 pm and end at 11:28 pm. Saturday: The station displays from 09.00 am to 1 pm, this time there is the transmission of Handball and Beach Volleyball. Transmission occurs from the afternoon 2:15 pm Ace 5 p.m. The evening will be ace 10 p.m ace 00 p.m. Sunday. Transmissions range from 9:30 am to 4 pm. They stop to the 'Brazilian Championship Football League'. And return ace 10 p.m. Still they will be displayed flashes.
  21. NBC this impressed with the TV GLOBO structure. Some NBC professionals were impressed to find the TV GLOBO esturtura for the Olympics. NBC is known for making the largest investments in Olympics , but this time was impressed by the TV GLOBO . The Brazilian broadcaster will make 160 hours of transmission, built a modern studio in the center of the Olympic Park , while foreign stations will be all together in one place next to Arena 's Future .
  22. The entire show will be limited to the ' white space ' ? The black edges are going to be used ? - So far the ceremony worries me , apaentemente be too simple compared to the previous , full of mass choreographies with few technological devices . Apart from projections. The idea of shortening the parade of athletes making them march straight is good . But if they economize for example, 40 minutes with it ... what they will do with those 40 minutes will be left? Given the lack of resources , a 2-hour show could help bring to devote the remaining time show to be something done .
  23. The fault of the organizers. Will receive the guests, then receive with dignity. They had to have checked everything before the open village , it lacked time to start building before. Very sad situation experienced by Australia.
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