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  1. This time will be different. Until the letter E will have a public good, then will plummet. States will probably come before the parade get 35%, Britain around the middle. The United States is treated in the Portuguese alphabet as: 'ESTADOS UNIDOS DA AMÉRICA'
  2. Joao Rodrigues, standard-bearer for Portugal. August 5, the boater will carry the national flag at the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympic games The Portuguese athlete with more participation ever, João Rodrigues, is chosen by the Head of Mission, Jose Garcia, to be the standard-bearer of Portugal, at the opening ceremony of the Olympic games of 2016. http://www.dn.pt/desporto/interior/joao-rodrigues-eleito-porta-estandarte-de-portugal-5229435.html
  3. Full details of the Olympic coverage of the transmission cable (SPORTV, ESPN and FOX SPORTS) must appear after July 10, when it finishes the current focus of them is the Euro'16. The BANDEIRANTES TV and RECORD TV must follow the same path. While GLOBO TV main station already released many details, it remains only to know programming. It is true that names like the narrator Galvao Bueno, will probably be only with major events.
  4. Ladies and gentlemen. This ready the Olympic Village Rio 2016! Picciani, Paes, Nuzman e Thomas Bach participam de cerimônia na Vila Olímpica (Foto: André Durão)
  5. 4 of 5 games Brazil ace 22.30 ? Wow, the TV ratings will explode.
  6. A ' parade of athletes ' 2 hours certainly concerned television stations . The public most often want to see only the delegation of his country parade , of course , Greece and other countries to open the parade are always seen as people are not tired . I bet the audience here in Brazil will swing down for much of the parade of athletes.
  7. The podium of the plants will be replanted after the awards .
  8. I saw a picture where the sport is on the edge .
  9. The Team GB is my second appearance in the games. What is the expected number of medals ? Who are the favorites?
  10. Rousseff , Cunha , Lula da Silva ... Brazil slowly changes. Better slow than no change!
  11. TV GLOBO: The influence in the Olympic Park The glass studio in the center of Olympic Park is one of the bets of GLOBE , the studio will receive the TV GLOBO (free to air ) and SPORTV ( cable channel ) . Globo showed his second influence the news of UOL , including the trees that circudam the building were carefully planted to not overshadow the studios . The preference to the second floor according to UOL news is that the higher the better the Olympic Park vision and to avoid the ground floor where people could display posters or manifest. information published on UOL , read more details : http://olimpiadas.uol.com.br/album/2016/06/13/globo-tera-predio-com-dois-estudios-de-vidro-no-centro-do-parque-olimpico-da-barra-da-tijuca.htm
  12. Does anyone have any picture studios near the ' Arena Future' ? Some news about which programs will use the studios of Copacabana? I imagine that NBC , CBC , BBC are certain presences there.
  13. Two questions: 1. The NBC studio will get along to the studios of other stations being built on sand ? 2. Only GLOBO will have studios in the Olympic Park , outside the IBC ?
  14. It is a fact that alternative. But it would be a major break in the Olympic tradition ( the latest games have broken some ) . I think it would be better something like the organization tell the athletes : ' Okay, guys ! Run inspired by Bolt '
  15. Yes. The organizer always Comite with their ' different ' decisions , frankly ... want to be adventurous and end up in these ridiculous results. Oh , god! After Veloso , the torch that is black on top when on fire, medals , sculptures , which Rio booking now?
  16. A while ago I read on the internet that the three most important visits to any country are: - The president of the United States - The pope - Queen Elizabeth II Well, the IOC tries to be the fourth .
  17. Yes. The Euro'16 is transmitted in SPORTV (cable channel) and Bandeirantes TV (free to air ) But ' Aunt Eron ' is a member of Congress , voting in the Council of Ethics to the opinion by the impeachment of President of the House of Representatives . It is transmitted via Internet and expressionless channel TV audience Camara (legislative station ) and can be one of the three main themes of Twitter . I tousled with the lack of attention of my countrymen with the Olympic Games . The sponsors are flooding the TV, but the weather is still low .
  18. Well, regardless of medals. The repercussion in the Brazilian media is low so far. Reflects the absence of the Olympic atmosphere in the country . The three largest news portals ( UOL , G1 and R7 ) do not put on the front page medals . TV stations should only show on the evening news . On the internet, out of Trending Topics on Twitter, which is dominated by Euro'16 (Iceland and Hungary) , dismissal of the coach of the Brazilian national football team, and the name of the congressman ' Tia Eron '.
  19. The tapes of the medals are beautiful, but the medals are so very strange. I heard the official broadcast the Paralympic medals emit sound.
  20. Amazing! They hit the podium and missed the medals !
  21. Very beautiful! Finally the organization of the games take a right decision. It was very beautiful, no doubt ! Better than London 2012 .
  22. The government is acting in Brazil, because it works enqunato the president is being judged. The end result should come out in August . Brazil is not so parliamentary elections are not made when a president leaves the government for overthrow by parliament. I do not know where is Brazil where people are mostly favorable to Dilma . I am looking for the address. The pro- Dilma protests are organized by the party of Dilma and unions. The contrary Dilma arise through social networks and drag 3.6 million in March according to data released by the police . The last pro- Dilma protests this month, they took 37,000 seconds the police and organizers said 326,000 people. The source is the G1 ( largest news portal in Brazil ) . The Dilma government retains low popularity since the beginning of the second term , with always close rejection of 2 out of 3 Brazilians. Temer The government has approved equal to Dilma , but their rejection is half of Dilma index. If anyone has an address in Brazil where most supports Dilma me pass . I will not speak; Curious to know which side is larger protests access the link: http://especiais.g1.globo.com/politica/mapa-manifestacoes-no-brasil/10-06-2016/contra/ It is produced by the Brazilian portal G1 news ( the largest in the country ) , choose the date and will see the size of the protests. Purple, police numbers in orange numbers of the organizers. ' Against Fear ' are the protests against the interim government . ' Against Dilma ' are the protests against Rousseff and the Workers' Party.
  23. TV studio on Copacabana beach worries oceanographer : " It is a danger " RIO DE JANEIRO - The strong undertow of the last weekend in Rio de Janeiro reached two Olympic works : the arena of the beach volleyball and the official broadcast studios . The force of the waves , which reached six meters high, tipped fences and broke up sand trenches. The work follows paralyzed in both works , but workers were busy on Monday in remaking the sandbanks and isolate places. While the responsibility for the construction of the beach volleyball arena is the Rio 2016 Committee, the studios it is up to the OBS . Concern was etched on the faces of foreign engineers of the organization on Monday . They would not speak to the report of GloboEsporte.com . The studio is located in the position 5 of the Copacabana beach, surfs high risk area , according to oceanographer David Zee . read more (in portuguese): http://globoesporte.globo.com/olimpiadas/noticia/2016/06/estudio-de-tv-na-praia-de-copacabana-preocupa-oceanografo-e-um-perigo.html
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