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  1. I think these were "possible games", given the circumstances in which they happened.

    From the standpoint of the ceremonies I think it was forgettable. My expectations were high. Here in Brazil, where we have the largest community of Japanese descendants outside of Japan, the country is always seen as a technological power, apart from the great presence of Japanese culture here with anime and video games. I expected to see some of that in the ceremonies and I leave very frustrated. The feeling I got is that it seemed like a bunch of loose segments, as if they didn't know what they wanted to show about Japan. COVID19 is something that needed to be mentioned at the ceremony, but the atmosphere of lamentation was excessive.

    I think the idea of a pure Olympic movement that is moved by the Olympic spirit is naive to say the least. The IOC is visibly concerned with the revenue that the games can generate, of course, some measures are taken to ensure that the Olympics are minimally well received by public opinion, but always to ensure that the movement finds cities interested in hosting the games and sponsors willing to fill their coffers.

    As for the sporting events, it was undoubtedly interesting without the presence of the public. The option of the organizers and OBS not to create an "artificial cheering sound" in the competition arenas was very valid, we can hear the athletes screaming and the coaches giving directions, which was very difficult in the last games (especially in Rio2016, I recognize that we Brazilians like to make noise all the time in the arenas).

    About Brazil, we broke the record for total medals and repeated the 7 golds of Rio2016, it's something that the Brazilian media is celebrating this weekend. Our performance was greatly favored by Skate and Surf, despite criticism of what many considered an unfair assessment by the judges of Gabriel Medina's (Surf) performance, which ended up leaving him off the podium. The absence of Brazil on the Beach Volley podium was a negative point. One last criticism is for men's football, the refusal to wear the Brazilian Olympic Committee uniform on the podium, generated heavy criticism from other Olympic athletes and even from TVGlobo, as it could harm the COB in negotiations with sponsors for the next cycle.

    In any case, in the post-Rio2016 period, the investment for training new Olympic athletes was reduced by 40%, with most athletes living on a government grant of US$ 200 per month and with minimal training conditions. In addition, for political reasons, the Bolsonaro government completely ignored Tokyo-2020, due to a rivalry between TVGlobo (broadcaster) and the government.

    In Brazilian public opinion, the games were only a secondary issue, unfortunately the main news was dedicated to coverage of investigations into government corruption in the purchase of vaccines and the growing possibility of Bolsonaro attempting a coup d'état to stay in power.

    About TVGlobo, it was the exclusive holder of the broadcasting rights for the Olympic Games, which is part of a long-term agreement with the IOC that runs until Brisbane 2032. Olympics managed to further increase the channel's audience. The broadcasting hours usually took place between 11pm and 11am, with wide coverage on the broadcaster's newscasts. The focus of the broadcasts were events with Brazilian participation, in particular football, indoor volleyball, beach volleyball, swimming, artistic gymnastics and judo, although the channel opened space for the participation of Brazilians in unpopular sports such as Equestrian, tennis table and archery. On pay TV, SPORTV (also part of Grupo Globo), dedicated 4 channels to the Olympic coverage. 'Globoplay' (streaming) provided the OBS feeds.

    After Tokyo, my ranking of the best games I followed is:

    1. London-2012
    2. Beijing-2008
    3. Rio-2016
    4. Athens-2004

    5. Tokyo-2020

    Let's go to Paris!

  2. BRAZIL: With three gold medals in one day, TVGlobo celebrates its largest audience in 19 years.

    TV Globo is very satisfied with the Tokyo-2020 audience numbers. The biggest TV channel in Brazil has broadcasting rights until 2032.

    Tóquio 2020: Brasil vence Espanha no futebol masculino e é bicampeão  olímpico (FOTOS) - Sputnik Brasil

    SAO PAULO, BRAZIL - Brazil's three gold medals in an interval of less than 12 hours yielded audience records for the Globe broadcasting the Tokyo Olympics. The station showed the Brazilian achievements at the turn of Friday to Saturday. The high point of the audience was during the final between Brazil and Spain, which guaranteed the two-time Olympic championship to the Brazilian men's soccer team. The victory by 2-1 in overtime made Globo reach the highest mark on the timetable (8:30 am to 11:30 am) on Saturdays in 19 years in São Paulo and on the PNT (National Television Panel) — 21 points, growth of more than 250% .
    In Rio, the audience was also the highest since 2008, with 22 points. At dawn on Saturday, the victory of Hebert Conceição in boxing doubled the audience of the track at dawn (2:52 to 3:10) on the PNT, reaching 8 points on the PNT, in addition to averages of nine in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Shortly before, on Friday night, Isaquias Queiroz's unprecedented gold in canoeing yielded a 55% growth for Globo in the PNT, with 17 points. The victory reached 20 points in Rio, and 16 in São Paulo.

    Source: https://www.uol.com.br/esporte/olimpiadas/ultimas-noticias/2021/08/07/globo-bate-recordes-de-audiencia-com-3-ouros-em-menos-de-12h-nas-olimpiadas.htm




  3. BRAZIL: Globo breaks audience record with unprecedented gold medal in artistic gymnastics

    Rebeca Andrade ganha o ouro no salto nos Jogos de Tóquio

    SAO PAULO, BRAZIL - The unprecedented gold medal in artistic gymnastics at the Tokyo Olympic Games, with Rebeca Andrade in the jump, brought historical records to TV Globo as well. In Rio de Janeiro, the broadcast increased the band's audience by 80% (5:56 am to 6:52 am) on this Sunday (1), reaching an average of 9 points, the highest audience on Sunday in 19 years, since June 2002, according to TV Globo.
    In the PNT (National Television Panel) and in São Paulo, there were 6 points, doubling the average time in São Paulo (100%) and an expressive growth of 50% in the PNT. The bronze medal in the 50m freestyle swimming, won by Bruno Fratus, scored 18 points in the PNT, maintaining the average audience at the time (22:29 to 22:42).

    Another highlight of the Olympic dawn was the victory of the men's volleyball team against France. In the broadcast of the world classic on the courts, TV Globo saw its audience grow 56% in the PNT and 40% in Sao Paulo, both with 14 points. The highest average of Sunday morning hours (23:03 to 1:59) since the "Big Brother Brazil 101" special in May. In Rio, it was the highest audience (17 points) since the broadcast of Carnival last year, a growth of 55% for the time.

    The game that ended up eliminating the Brazilian duo Ágatha and Duda in beach volleyball also aroused the public's interest, causing TV Globo's audience to grow 33% in PNT and Sao Paulo and 50% in Rio. Were informed by TV Globo.

    Source: 'Observatório da TV (UOL)https://observatoriodatv.uol.com.br/audiencia-da-tv/globo-bate-recorde-de-audiencia-com-medalha-de-ouro-inedita-da-ginastica-artistica

  4. BRAZIL: Olympics with high ratings on TV Globo and SPORTV

    Chamada dos Jogos Olímpicos Tóquio 2020 na Globo - YouTube

    TV GLOBO (Free to air)

    From Friday to Saturday (31), open TV also had a considerable increase in audience. The broadcast of judo by teams (from 12:56 am to 3:09 am) increased the time's audience by 40%, both on the PNT (National Panel of TVs) and in SP, while the dispute of the women's volleyball team against Serbia boosted by 67% the range (4:24 to 6:27), also PNT and SP.
    On Saturday morning, the highlights were the broadcast of men's football, in which Brazil guaranteed a place in the semifinals. TV Globo's audience more than doubled on time (7:00 am to 8:52 am). The growth was 140% in the PNT and 120% in SP. Largest audience of the track since March 2020 both in PNT and SP. The women's 100m sprint, which had a triple podium for Jamaica, also aroused the interest of Brazilians. TV Globo grew 83% in the timetable (9:45 am to 9:58 am) in both PNT and SP. All prior data.

    SPORTV (Pay television)

    In the first week of Olympic broadcasts (from 23 to 29 July), SporTV coverage reached more than 14.4 million Brazilians. The 4 sports channels dominated the pay TV ranking and occupied the top four positions in prime time (from 6pm to midnight). In the all-day audience, they are in the Top 10 (in the top three and in the seventh). SporTV 1 leads pay TV throughout the day, while SporTV 2 is the leader in the afternoon and so-called "prime time" tracks.

    The highest rated broadcasts, all on SporTV 2, were Rayssa Leal's silver in the skate street women's final, reaching over 2.1 million people; the match between Brazil and Norway in men's handball; and the women's volleyball competition with the Dominican Republic, both with more than 1.3 million people.


    In the digital environment, SporTV had a consumption nine times higher (+827%) by subscribers of "Globoplay (Globo's streaming platform) + live channels" compared to the first 20 days of July.

    Source: O DIA (https://odia.ig.com.br/esporte/olimpiadas/2021/07/6202524-audiencia-do-grupo-globo-dispara-na-primeira-semana-dos-jogos-olimpicos.html)


  5. BRAZIL: TV ratings of Opening Ceremony

    Estúdio Olímpico — Foto: Divulgação

    The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games opening ceremony registered bad numbers on TV.

    TVGlobo broadcast exclusively on free to air, with the broadcast on closed channels being shared by SPORTV and BANDSPORTS.

    Opening Ceremony:

    Athenas-2004: 58 million (TV Globo and BANDTV)
    Beijing-2008: 42 million (TV Globo and BANDTV)
    London-2012: 18 million (RecordTV)
    Rio de Janeiro-2016: 89 million (TV Globo, RecordTV and BANDTV)
    Tokyo-2020: 20 million (TV Globo)

  6. I do not like this time zone for WoG.

    In Brazil the Winter Olympics are not popular and fearing to lose public all the transmission is at the end of the night and in the beginning of the morning, always between 00.30 a.m. and 05 a.m.

    I am glad Tokyo 2020 is in this time zone, I believe there will be a lot of coverage on prime-time TV, which is good for me when I work during the day. It's even better than Rio 2016, I remember coming home at 23.45 p.m after returning from the University and sitting in front of the TV with all the events closed except for the "exciting" beach volleyball.

    Oh, I do not like games in Europe, the timezone is so bad in Brazil :(

  7. I do not think PyeongChang 2018 is a bad edition. I believe that many will miss it when it arrives in Beijing 2008 with the lack of snow, in fact someone has images of how it is today to the mountains where the next games will happen?

    Brazil does not suffer from economic crisis because of 'Rio 2016', do not forget that we are a US $ 3 trillion economy. The Brazilian economic crisis was built through deficit in public accounts, social security problems, corruption and manipulation of prices and credit.

    I think unfortunately the Olympics have become too big and the IOC does not change its ideology, the IOC increases the amount of sports and it does not realize that this is killing the Olympics. The "failure" of PyeongChang is the result of the policy adopted by the IOC.

    What I regret is that since Vancouver 2010 we do not see these games being hosted in a country genuinely identified with winter sports. Where is Munich? Switzerland? Austria? France? Norway Japan? All of them have full conditions to receive an edition. But the IOC prefers artificial cities like PyeongChang, Sochi and Beijing.

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  8. Brazil: Good ratings in TV GLOBO.

    Resultado de imagem para pyeongchang 2018 globo

    BRASIL - The broadcast of the 2018 Winter Olympics had a good hearing on Thursday night. The transmission between 00.30 a.m. and 5 a.m. The audience in last night was 4.5 points in the city of São Paulo that serves as reference to the Brazilian advertising market. Compared to the audience reached on February 1 without sports programming, the audience grew slightly.Using São Paulo as a reference for the national market reaches 9 million viewers last night.
    TV Globo coverage should be limited only between 0.30 a.m. and 05 a.m. on most days.



  9. Brazil: TV Globo and SPORTV "announces" broadcast.

    The Globo Group is the official IOC partner in Brazil for the transmission of the Olympic Games until 2032.

    On Thursday (25) TV Globo showed a report in the "Jornal Nacional" which is the most watched newspaper in the country with 30 million viewers a story about the arrival of the North Korean team of hockey, journalist William Bonner concluded the announcing that TV Globo will broadcast the Winter Olympics in February.

    The question that needs to be asked is: How will TV Globo broadcast PyeongChang? The Brazilian time zone indicates that transmissions will occur between 8pm and 6am, but the broadcaster does not consider suspending its prime time schedule and at least in the first 5 days of competitions at dawn (23pm to 6am) the station has already confirmed the transmission of CARNAVAL to All country.

    But so far no detailed plan for the public has been released. Grupo Globo has SPORTV as a sports channel, the channel has been showing the promotional video since the middle of the month, but so far it has not divulged any more concrete information.

    Please, do not consider any errors in English.




  10. PyeongChang 2018: Coverage in Brazil?

    There is a problem regarding the transmission of PC2018 in Brazil, the broadcasting rights of the event were acquired by TV GLOBO until 2032. The channel is an absolute leader of audience with a 40% share of televisions on free to air TV.
    In cable TV the channel owns the SPORTV network that has the leadership in the sports segment.

    The big problem is that GLOBO TV does not usually cover the winter edition, in fact the first time the Winter Olympics were shown on free TV was in Vancouver 2010, at that time RECORDTV (second broadcaster in audience) exhibited about 80 Hours and got a higher than expected audience, but nothing extraordinary.
    In Sochi 2014, the Olympic cycle for having Rio 2016 received the broadcast of TV GLOBO, RECORDTV and BAND. The GLOBO TV that made a gigantic and magnificent coverage of Rio 2016, broadcast only 10 hours of Sochi 2014 hidden in the dawn of the channel. RECORDTV, which was the founder of free TV broadcasting, recorded low rates and BAND transmitted the most hours, but its audience result was low.

    What to expect from 2018?

    Should GLOBO TV broadcast the Winter Olympics? We do not have details of transmission plans yet.
    RECORDTV does not intend to broadcast Olympic Games in 2018 and 2020.

    Brazilians can be restricted to a minimum coverage on TV GLOBO or watch a greater coverage in SPORTV (pay TV).

    A feather.

  11. Analysis: Thank you Rio de Janeiro, it was interesting!


    In recent months very critical of the Olympic Park and the Olympic ceremonies as well as specific criticisms of the performance of the country in the organization of the games. Just now closing time we go to a general analysis?

    I will divide into topics.

    Opening ceremony:

    It was Ok!
    The ceremony was too simple compared to Beijing, tv great moments with the '14a' and the Brazilian music segment all there seemed truly Brazilian. In comparison there were horrible times like the cauldron lighting that should be the peak of the ceremony and seemed little creative.
    The national anthem was a nice moment, but maybe I would have put more children near the flag.
    What disappointed me is that there were so many people in the choreography, I was thinking that in London there were more dancers.

    The boos to the President, Michel Temer was something expected. Brazilian booed Lula da Silva (Pan-American Games of 2007), Dilma Rousseff (Cup 2013 Confederations) and even cursed countless times the former President of the Republic in the World Cup 2014, with heavy offenses.

    Yet surveys show that Brazilians prefer Michel Temer.

    Transport and Mobility:

    Everything seemed to work properly in the city for those who needed to go to the competition venues. However ordinary locals were affected, purchases of city dwellers who came from other states delayed several days before the time restriction for vehicles.


    It was exciting to see some games decided in the final moments, but overall not excited me like London in 2012.

    Performance of 'Team Brazil'.

    It was ok. Brazil won an amazing medal in Pole Vault and gold in football was sensational, but overall lacked medals in tennis, swimming and judo. The performance of women's football was unfair.
    The case of athlete of diving left me upset because I hope dedication of the athletes in the Olympic Village.


    The TV GLOBO was my 'official broadcaster'. The broadcaster has invested heavily in TV broadcasts and an amazing structure. At first I did not like the plans of the channel to have 170 hours of broadcasts, but I think it was appropriate. The channel broadcast all relevant times the national team.
    What made me upset was the performance of TV RECORD, who failed to show significant moments.
    The SPORTV with its 16 transmission channels was also a prominent part.
    The ratings success of course, are the most viewed games in history. I believe that growth in Brazil will be able to cancel the fall in the United States.

    Public at the venues.

    I found it very nice to see the stadiums full to watch women's Braisl. But I found absurd empty seats in athletics and volleyball. The size of the arenas is appropriate.
    The problem is the price of the tickets in my opinion should be 30% more affordable for qualifying events.


    7 points.

    - Climate of Brazilians.

    Negative points:
    - The minority segment of society that wanted to mix their political frustrations with the Olympic Games.
    - The performance of the national team.
    - The low attendance in the stadiums.

    Rio deserved the games?

    Competitors were Madrid, Tokyo and Chicago. I think that if I were a member of the IOC at the time would have chosen Rio de Janeiro, the jingoism that it was the Brazil at the time.
    The Rio de Janeiro is applied result of the ambitions of some politicians who felt the 'Rio 2016' the coronation of his ambitions. Surely, if there were no economic crisis and the wave of protests, Dilma Rousseff, Eduardo Paes and Ségio Cabral surfariam for high popularity.

    If the election were today I would have granted to host the Olympic Games to Chicago.

    RANKING OF OLYMPICS GAMES (Only I accompanied)
    1. London 2012 (Note 9/10)
    2. Vancovuer 2010 (Note 8/10)
    2. Beijing 2008 (Note 8/10)
    4. Athens 2004 (Note 7/10)
    4. Rio 2016 (Note 7/10)
    6. SOCHI 2014 (Note 6/10)


    BRAZIL : 92 million watch ' Football - Brazil vs Germany' 



    According to preliminary data of IBOPE the final of the men's game was an absolute success. The sum of the open channels reached 46 points in São Paulo ( the main town used by the advertising market ) . If we use Sao Paulo as reference are:  

    92 million viewers in Brazil 

    In London 2012, Brazil reached the final against Mexico which was defeated at that time were 34 million viewers . An increase of + 170% in the audience.

    Football Final - RIO 2016 equals audience of the 2014 World Cup . The audience of 46 points in Open TV equals the result achieved in 2014 with the games of the national team.

  13. BRAZIL: Rio 2016 is absolute success on TV Globo .


    The final of the Men's Gymnastics - Jump (14:54 to 15:20) - scored 14 points with 30% share in São Paulo, which grew by +4 points in the range of the average for the past two months. In Rio de Janeiro, won 21 points with 40% share, an increase of 8 points in the range of average compared to June / July.

    However, the final of the Women's Gymnastics - Trave (15:44 to 16:18 - Flavia Saraiva) - plunged 15 points with a 30% stake in the state capital, increasing +4 points (+ 36%) in the average range compared to June / July. In Rio de Janeiro, reached 20 points with 38% share, an increase of 7 points (+ 54%) in the range of the average compared to June / July.

    The Men's Beach Volleyball - Brazil X USA (Quarterfinals - Alison and Bruno - 16:27 to 16:50) - closed with 16 points with 31% stake in Sao Paulo, growth of +3 points (+ 23%) the average range compared to June / July. RJ, reached 22 points with 43% share, an increase of 6 points (+ 38%) in the average range for the past two months.

    Male Athletics - Pole Vault (consolidated average of the end of transmission - 22:37 to 23:54 - Gold Thiago Braz), scored 22 points with a 41% stake in São Paulo, where there was growth of +3 points (+ 16%) in the average range compared to June / July.

    In the carioca capital, plunged 27 points with 47% share, an increase of 6 points (+ 29%) in the range of the average compared to June / July.

    Already Male Volleyball - Brazil vs. France (22:45 to 12:39), won 20 points with 39% stake in the state capital, an increase of +3 points (+ 18%) in the average range compared to June / July. In Rio de Janeiro, reached 26 points with 47% share, an increase of 6 points (+ 30%) in the average range compared to June / July.

    Source: http://www.otvfoco.com.br/globo-comemora-otima-audiencia-da-olimpiada-em-sp-e-rio/#ixzz4HvTAndA5


    NOTE: These are the numbers of TV GLOBO is not included the results achieved by the TV RECORD and BANDEIRANTES . Or achieved on cable with SPORTV channels , ESPN and FOX SPORTS.

  14. 7 minutes ago, Dylanlip said:

    Então, eu me perguntava se o atletismo atendimento sofreria ao competir com o futebol dos homens brasileira, e parece que eu estava no ponto!


    Esta é a multidão Mo Farah, Galen Rupp, os Heptathletes, e os corredores W 100m verá. Bom trabalho Brasil, suas chances de impressionar sumiram.


    What motivates most Brazilians is to see the national delegation. What name Brazil has in athletics worth paying the very expensive sessions playoffs ?

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    I just want to laugh. The protests are a minority everywhere , the bulkier were booing at the opening that were expected ( including Dilma if she were president ) . Now for the facts. The Senate likely will approve later this month the definitive removal of Dilma , and this causes concern of the political left . So they try to embarrass Brazil in the Olympic Games. Research shows that the majority of the population supports the impeachment . The acting president is not seen as a good person , but most think it better than Dilma . I do not know the information that Temer is ineligible .

    The TV GLOBO is doing very well with the Olympics , the audience is spectacular .


    The games are reasonable.

    The positives for me are:

    The atmosphere of the Brazilian public is contagious, Brazilians have a fanatical passion for 'Team Brazil'.

    And even though criticized by foreigners is really amazing (even if the athletes do not correspond with medals in most cases).

    The arenas are beautiful in general, the one that I think is horrible Arena Gymnastics and the Maria Lenk.

    Negative points:

    The OC was only reasonable, it was worth watching but it is something q does not excite much. In addition, the cauldron lighting was truly turn-off.

    The ridiculous mistakes of the organization as a green pool.

    Brazil Team performance is weak.

    The Olympic Stadium is horrible! I saw on TV today the first evidence and looked horrible, the lawn is bad and missing a lot of decoration. -

    Overall the Rio 2016 Olympics will be a just 'Okay', far from what was thought in 2009. -

    My biggest fear is that the loss of interest and global audience at the Olympic Games be repeated in 2020.


    Brazil's performance is below expectations. Of course, Brazil is weak in individual sports (which give more medals) and it depends on a number of medals that will only come out in the last weekend. But the performance of the first week is bad. Swimming went blank, judo managed three medals but everyone expected at least 5. The biggest problem is the favorite of performance. The men's soccer is going wrong, the female is better but not have it easy to win the gold. The men's volleyball is reasonable, do not place the favorite is only candidate for the gold. The women's volleyball is well and is a strong candidate, but it is not absolute favorite. - In athletics probably we will not get anything. The Basketball will not go away. The Handball Male is going well, but it does not want the medal candidate. The Handball can fight for medal. Overall I believe that Brazil will take on 21: A total of 20 medals. Being 4 gold (1 gold judo, 1 gold and 2 women's football gold volleyball. Maybe Zanetti in Gymnastics bring the fifth.

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