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  1. I do not like this time zone for WoG. In Brazil the Winter Olympics are not popular and fearing to lose public all the transmission is at the end of the night and in the beginning of the morning, always between 00.30 a.m. and 05 a.m. I am glad Tokyo 2020 is in this time zone, I believe there will be a lot of coverage on prime-time TV, which is good for me when I work during the day. It's even better than Rio 2016, I remember coming home at 23.45 p.m after returning from the University and sitting in front of the TV with all the events closed except for the "exciting" beach volleyball
  2. I do not think PyeongChang 2018 is a bad edition. I believe that many will miss it when it arrives in Beijing 2008 with the lack of snow, in fact someone has images of how it is today to the mountains where the next games will happen? Brazil does not suffer from economic crisis because of 'Rio 2016', do not forget that we are a US $ 3 trillion economy. The Brazilian economic crisis was built through deficit in public accounts, social security problems, corruption and manipulation of prices and credit. I think unfortunately the Olympics have become too big and the IOC does not change
  3. Brazil: Good ratings in TV GLOBO. BRASIL - The broadcast of the 2018 Winter Olympics had a good hearing on Thursday night. The transmission between 00.30 a.m. and 5 a.m. The audience in last night was 4.5 points in the city of São Paulo that serves as reference to the Brazilian advertising market. Compared to the audience reached on February 1 without sports programming, the audience grew slightly.Using São Paulo as a reference for the national market reaches 9 million viewers last night. TV Globo coverage should be limited only between 0.30 a.m. and 05 a.m. on most days.
  4. Brazil: TV Globo and SPORTV "announces" broadcast. The Globo Group is the official IOC partner in Brazil for the transmission of the Olympic Games until 2032. On Thursday (25) TV Globo showed a report in the "Jornal Nacional" which is the most watched newspaper in the country with 30 million viewers a story about the arrival of the North Korean team of hockey, journalist William Bonner concluded the announcing that TV Globo will broadcast the Winter Olympics in February. The question that needs to be asked is: How will TV Globo broadcast PyeongChang? The Brazilian time
  5. PyeongChang 2018: Coverage in Brazil? There is a problem regarding the transmission of PC2018 in Brazil, the broadcasting rights of the event were acquired by TV GLOBO until 2032. The channel is an absolute leader of audience with a 40% share of televisions on free to air TV. In cable TV the channel owns the SPORTV network that has the leadership in the sports segment. The big problem is that GLOBO TV does not usually cover the winter edition, in fact the first time the Winter Olympics were shown on free TV was in Vancouver 2010, at that time RECORDTV (second broadcaster in audienc
  6. I believe that PyeongChang will be a formidable issue compared to Rio and Sochi, the press will always lift negative aspects, in winter games this can be boosted by lack of snow. My biggest concern is that the games have a proper look and that there is a wide attendance for the sports sessions.
  7. All channels closed their broadcasts . Friends of the world ! We are a big family. We are driven by a passion. In 2018 we will be going to meet again . I end with a word that has not translated : SAUDADE! Obrigado Rio! Obrigado amigos!
  8. I'm thrilled . I'm so proud of my country ! Let's get the glory ! I hope to go to Japan in 2020
  9. I'm afraid of choices Tokyo and Pyeongchang will do. It is the worst logos I've ever seen.
  10. Analysis: Thank you Rio de Janeiro, it was interesting! In recent months very critical of the Olympic Park and the Olympic ceremonies as well as specific criticisms of the performance of the country in the organization of the games. Just now closing time we go to a general analysis? I will divide into topics. Opening ceremony: It was Ok! The ceremony was too simple compared to Beijing, tv great moments with the '14a' and the Brazilian music segment all there seemed truly Brazilian. In comparison there were horrible times like the cauldron lighting that should be the
  11. The hearing on TV that was already high literally exploded! The transmission with the largest audience of the Brazilian TV in the decade .
  12. BRAZIL : 92 million watch ' Football - Brazil vs Germany' According to preliminary data of IBOPE the final of the men's game was an absolute success. The sum of the open channels reached 46 points in São Paulo ( the main town used by the advertising market ) . If we use Sao Paulo as reference are: 92 million viewers in Brazil In London 2012, Brazil reached the final against Mexico which was defeated at that time were 34 million viewers . An increase of + 170% in the audience. Football Final - RIO 2016 equals audience of the 2014 World Cup . The audience of 4
  13. BRAZIL: Rio 2016 is absolute success on TV Globo . The final of the Men's Gymnastics - Jump (14:54 to 15:20) - scored 14 points with 30% share in São Paulo, which grew by +4 points in the range of the average for the past two months. In Rio de Janeiro, won 21 points with 40% share, an increase of 8 points in the range of average compared to June / July. However, the final of the Women's Gymnastics - Trave (15:44 to 16:18 - Flavia Saraiva) - plunged 15 points with a 30% stake in the state capital, increasing +4 points (+ 36%) in the average range compared to June / July. In Rio d
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