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  1. Dear All, I have SW002 6xC SW004 3xC SW006 4xC SW012 4xC SW015 2xC GA008 2xC GA013 2xC GA014 2xC All of them sold on the original COSPORT price. These are pater ATR tickets. Can meet at the Olympic Park every day in Barra or at Ipanema every night and morning. Write private message if interested.
  2. Yeah I saw that map too, but the news section says (which you linked): " This new section of track, which will be opened on Monday (1 August), is 16km long and serves five stations: Nossa Senhora da Paz, Jardim de Alah, Antero de Quental, São Conrado/Rocinha e Jardim Oceânico. " and " Temer attended the maiden voyage of the line between the stations Nossa Senhora da Paz e Jardim Oceânico" So everywhere there is only Nosa Senhore de Paz and not General Osorio which is interesting.
  3. Do I see well that it does not start from stadion General Osorio, only the next on in Ipanema??
  4. I would buy them Anyway, has anybody tried out the resale program on the rio2016.com? I returned 2+2+2 electronic tickets for resale but I wanted to withdraw two of them, sent an email, called them many times and nothing really happened.
  5. Dear All, I have swimming final tickets for all days. Category C (6 per event). Trying to sell them a little over Cosport price (as I bought it from a different nations office and they added some service fee). So I would like to sell them 170$ or 150€ per ticket. I hope it is fair. You can contact me at transpack.cargo@gmail.com
  6. Can you buy tickets successfully now? I had 5 successful payments but from now on I cannot buy anything via my VISA card. The message says that my bank didn't let it through but I talked to my bank and they told me everything was fine. Maybe they thought I bought too many tickets in a short period of time and they blocked my future purchases? Anyone else had the same issue?
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