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  1. Dipa has earned an overall 52.698 points in the Test event. She scores the highest in vault (15.066), making her the best performer out of 14 competitors. She scores 13.366 and 12.566 points in balance beam and floor exercise, but falls short in uneven bars with only 11.700 points. I think that it's a very good scoore!!!!
  2. Dipa Karmakar has become the first female Indian gymnast to qualify for the Olympics, after giving an astounding performance at the final qualifying event in Rio de Janeiro. The 22-year-old is also the first gymnast from the country to participate in the Olympics since 1964. http://www.desiblitz.com/content/first-indian-woman-gymnast-qualifies-for-olympics What do you think about it? What can we expect from this new young talent?
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