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  1. Looks like my sources are mistaken... Calgary already has an international fireworks festival! http://www.globalfest.ca/Whats_New.php
  2. There's a good chance that the Celebration of light will move to either Calgary or Edmonton should they not receive funding. There are rumours that they have been talking with the City of Calgary... just in case.
  3. Since when did this board become a breeding ground for trolls? Moderator, please lock this topic so we can talk about other things.
  4. Apparently, my topic in the Pyeongchang section of the 2010 Games forum was removed entitled, Minnesota Wild forces overtime. Game winner scored by Richard Park, Korean. Why was it removed? Richard Park, a Hockey Player of Korean decent would have been a great topic about the growth of Korean Winter Sports. All the talk on the Vancouver 2010 Site about the Canucks and little to do with the Olympics and yet there are multiple redundant threads throughout which have not been removed. If you would like to remove my reference regarding Richard Park, a Korean hockey player, you should remove ALL NHL related posts. Thank you.
  5. Complaint about pillipino - new user. So far I have enjoyed reading intelligent conversations about the Olympics. The only posts that i've seen from this user are flame posts complete with vulgar and unprofessional language. Please keep the integrity of this message board and ban this user. Thank you
  6. Hello! It seems as if we have a guy that's using three different accounts and one guy that is tracking him down and posting complaints on each successive message. It's quite distracting on all of our posts. Can you please resolve this from both sides if possible? Thanks
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