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  1. "Dick Pound" is trending worldwide on Twitter regarding the potential cancellation of the Tokyo 2020 Games. https://apnews.com/58043910be7bdc6818344bdee2096bc2
  2. You do know that Metro's projects were approved by taxpayers a whole year before the Olympic bid was even won and was in the works before LA was even the US Bid right? You do know that it's also completely independent of the bid? While it will be ideal for those projects to be finished, in the event that they are not, LA can execute a plan B similar to what they did in 1984.
  3. Luckily, LA can pull this off even without all the lines completed. In 1984 it didn't have a single mile of rail and the games were a massive success. Traffic never materialized because of proper planning in the months leading up to the events.
  4. Has beautiful shores just a few hours from Paris.... goes to the other side of the planet. Oi Vey. Does that mean Los Angeles 2028 can have surfing in Hawaii? Honestly this is PARIS 2024, not France 2024.
  5. But Barcelona, Atalanta, and SLC went on to be really good games.
  6. Also, the Art Deco inspired font. Bravo!
  7. A little late to this convo, but I LOOOOVE the official logo. It wasn't overly designed or too complex. Simple, but elegant, and symbolic. IMO, the simplicity of it will make it instantly recognizable around the world. Well done, Paris!
  8. They were interviewing homeless in LA. Two things I noticed that really made me angry. 1. A substantial amount of them are not from Los Angeles. They moved to LA from other parts of the country. Many of them are from the midwest and the south. How is it LA's residents responsibility to care for people who are not even from there!? 2. Many don't want help. They want to live "off the grid" as the one woman put it. LA needs to figure out how to stop the influx of people descending onto the city with plans from the get go to be sleeping on the streets. Additionally, the city/county of LA needs to start being more aggressive. Many of these people will not voluntarily get helped, they have made it abundantly clear. They have it too easy running their own show there and the city leaders need to start putting an end to that.
  9. A really cool presentation by Casey Wasserman at his Alma Mater, UCLA, as it celebrates its centennial. "UCLA and the Olympic and Paralympic Movement" Starts at around the 4min mark. I like at min 46 where he emphasizes the need to separate the 2028 Games from all the other development going on in LA that is 100% separate from the Olympic budget.
  10. I agree with the frustration with how the last few Olympics have been handled. Beijing, Sochi, and Rio De Janeiro were complete atrocities. No one should ever spend that amount of money for a sporting event. So, yes I see why there is criticism. But they are so desperate to stop them that they are overlooking the reforms that have taken place since to ensure a more sustainable games. It is why Paris and LA were the last two cities running. Personally, I think NOlympics LA should focus more on factual information regarding the negative impacts to LA after the 1984 games. Most notably the militarization of it's local law enforcement, gang round ups, and homeless relocation.
  11. Yeah, the revised LA 2028 Budget was released, and OF COURSE, citing inflation, its $700 Million more dollars than the original budget which was proposed with the 2024 Games in mind. Was this included in the headline? Of course not. Click bait and angry responses from readers, residents, and NOLympicsLA.
  12. THIS. I can't think of any other city that has mastered the art of rolling with the punches. LA is a very resilient place which is ironic considering the stereotypes. When its not mother nature slamming it (Fires, earthquakes, landslides, floods), its negative headlines often at the hands of NY Times or the Bay Area. And you're right. It turns any press into profit. Positive, negative, it doesn't matter, it leverages it towards its advantage every single time.... and the world eat it up.
  13. NOlympicsLA has been around for some time now, even when LA was still in the bidding process. They haven't gain much momentum, even now in 2019 long after the games were awarded. They are with the Democratic Socialist group and most of their attacks are on social media. They aren't too organized either. The opposition that LA has is tiny compared to what Paris is now dealing with. Financially, LA's plan always the more prudent. Again, anything can happen here, but the city is in a much better spot right now than Paris.... by a lot. There's also this report about it's booming economy. https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2019-04-05/los-angeles-economic-boom-outpaces-u-s-cities
  14. I mean the US is a dumpster fire right now, politically, but for the time being, at least, LA is not rioting nor is it up in flames.... nor has support for the games diminished. Maybe a swap would be on the table? LA 24 Paris 28?
  15. Is that even an option? Aren't they now contractually obligated to host the games?
  16. People of Los Angeles to United Airlines, thanks, but no thanks. Coliseum renaming by United Airlines get serious opposition by residents and War vets. https://www.latimes.com/sports/usc/la-sp-united-airlines-coliseum-naming-deal-20190329-story.html I welcome United Airlines pulling out of the Coliseum deal to be completely honest. Such a storied and iconic venue that was built and paid for by LA taxpayers that should not be for sale like that.
  17. Cool shoutout to LA 2028 by Nike Ad. "Overnight Success" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1H6xMmAlOcw
  18. Paris is knee deep in **** right now. It's so bad they are closing the Eiffel tower, you know, the thing on their Olympic logo. Even LA couldn't pull this off without costing a fortune in security.
  19. What Wasserman does in his private life and as chairman are two different things. How he decides to spend his money or whether or not he decides to list his Beverly Hills home for sale is irrelevant to an Olympic Budget which has strict oversight by the LA City Council.
  20. Yeah the wording of the questions was immensely misleading. Yes, cost overruns are a real problem, but it doesn't explain why. Construction costs are what drive the Olympic Committee into the red, something that is noticeably and thankfully missing from the LA bid. A **** survey that I hope backfires on them.
  21. California and the pot industry is not even hiding their excitement about the 2028 Summer Games and the revenue opportunities for them. Let's start with LAX now allowing Marijuana on departing flights --> https://www.businessinsider.com/travelers-can-fly-through-lax-with-marijuana-2018-9 Official Statement from Los Angeles World Airports (LAX) --> https://www.flylax.com/en/lax-marijuana-policy 2028 LA Olympics to Be First Ever With Legal Cannabis --> https://www.leafly.com/news/lifestyle/2028-la-olympics-first-ever-legal-cannabis The Marijuana 2028 Olympic Games Coming to California --> https://cannabisnow.com/cannabis-industry-insiders-believe-weed-will-fund-2028-olympics/ 2028 Summer Olympics to be First to Occur in Area with Legal Marijuana --> https://thejointblog.com/2028-summer-olympics-first-occur-area-legal-marijuana/
  22. Marijuana will definitely contribute to the success of the 2028 Games, make no doubt about it. Of course, there will be no formal affiliation with the IOC, but its essential role in California and the Los Angeles lifestyle will make it a very sought after commodity by visitors. I could even go as far to say that many will add it to their itinerary as they ALREADY do now, especially by Europeans and Australians. Cannibis tourism skyrocketed in California since its legalization. Of course, Athletes will need to steer clear and be mindful of it. Pot Friendly Tourism Takes Off in California Skipping out on a good smoke session in California is like going to France without trying their wine or cheese.
  23. No mention of ending poverty from the LA side, but they have aggressively pushed for homelessness solutions starting back in 2015, and curbing carbon emissions is a byproduct of the electric car roll out. So while not specifically mentioned (smart of them), they aim to address some of the same problems. 20 - 40% ownership of electric cars by 2028 seems very plausible, especially with new electric models coming out each year. I know Metro Los Angeles recently announced their intent for a zero emissions bus fleet by 2030, and truthfully, that can happen way before that.
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