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  1. Venus was born in the Lynwood neighborhood of LA which immediately next door to Compton just south of Downtown Los Angeles.
  2. IDK about that, definitely feels like a stretch. LA certainly has its own heavy hitters, especially in the last 20 years. Not to mention the rest of the country's contribution to film/music. Not downplaying London or the UK for a second, but it is not like L.A. will somehow come up short against London, ESPECIALLY, in that category. Of course it also depends on preference. Rock over Rap/Hip Hop? Pop? Because if we went down some of these routes LA easily beats London, many times over.
  3. It will be interesting to see what they do with SoFi for the opening. The whole canopy/closed roof debacle is worth noting but not necessarily an end all. It actually creates an opportunity to try something new, especially with a giant oculus in the middle. The filed is so low that you could technically hold a drone show inside the stadium....but who knows if they will even be as popular in 2028 as they are now. It definitely gives me fad vibes and not sure they will still have the wow factor.
  4. All of them Grammy Winners and Kendrick Lamar the recipient of a Pullitzer. I actually attended this event with my brother and his fiance. We were all completely new to NASCAR and we admittedly had our reservations. But let me tell you, this event was a rousing success!!! For starters, the short track meant that you could see every corner from just about any seat in the stadium, something larger tracks cannot achieve. You miss a good part of the action when the track is so big. It also looked amazing against the backdrop of the peristyle with the cauldron lit. The flyover, fireworks, mini concert by Pitbull then Ice Cube.... The whole entire thing was just reeking of success. I don't see NASCAR returning to Daytona for their exhibition race. There's no way they walked away from this thinking it was a failure. There's also of course the wild statistic that about 70% of those in attendance were first timers most of whom gave the event very positive reviews.
  5. Agreed. I think the SoFi Stadium is a feat of engineering and a marvel to look at, but TV wise, nothing will beat a spectacular LA sunset washing the audience in a golden orange as the open ceremonies take place. As for the NASCAR event, I was in attendance and it was AWESOME. Die hard NASCAR fans will without a doubt have their opinions about it, but for a sport that needed an injection of excitement and grow their market, they hit the bulls eye with their event at the LA Coliseum.
  6. I highly doubt that. There are plenty of American singers/songs that easily fit that bill, some already mentioned in this thread. And between now and 28, maybe even new hits that haven't even been written yet. I just hope it re-ignites excitement, because the last few have been very mediocre IMO. Just look at what NASCAR did last week in LA. A temporary track in LA. Everyone said they were crazy and that it would fail. Not only did it not fail, it was a tremendous success for NASCAR. Dare to be bold and different. Luck favors it.
  7. I always knew 2008 Beijing was going to be hard to top, but, I really did not enjoy 2022 Opening Ceremonies. I understand Covid played a huge role in the scaling down, but it just was boring IMO *cue Putin sleeping* I hope that in the future they rely less on giant LED screens. They are so common now that they almost feel like giant ads plastered on the stadium floors and walls. That Shenzhen drone and light show was way better than several ceremonies in recent history. Hope Paris 24, Milan 26, and LA 28 try something new and more exciting because Beijing 22 was very underwhelming and uninspiring.
  8. I really like the idea of this, but, it looks like a real logistical nightmare, and not just for the athletes. Also, with more moving parts, more of a likelihood of something not going to plan. Very bold vision. I hope they are able to pull it off successfully. I also doubt LA will follow suit. Not if they want to stay on budget.
  9. I think its still way too early to know for sure who is a shoe in. Billie has a massive GenZ following, so its not a bad marketing move to have her as part of the LA28 team. Of course also helps that she's also a LA native. BUT, I don't like the idea of having her as an Olympic performer. She's just not the kind of caliber for that kind of thing IMO. But who knows. In 6 years a lot can change. Hopefully no more pandemics to derail future games.
  10. Sadly, it's not just Americans that have anti maskers to worry about. Mexico, Canada, France, the UK, and others have recently made the news as well. :/
  11. I bought official Tokyo 2020 merchandise when I was in Tokyo 2 years ago. Little did I know.
  12. "Dick Pound" is trending worldwide on Twitter regarding the potential cancellation of the Tokyo 2020 Games. https://apnews.com/58043910be7bdc6818344bdee2096bc2
  13. You do know that Metro's projects were approved by taxpayers a whole year before the Olympic bid was even won and was in the works before LA was even the US Bid right? You do know that it's also completely independent of the bid? While it will be ideal for those projects to be finished, in the event that they are not, LA can execute a plan B similar to what they did in 1984.
  14. Luckily, LA can pull this off even without all the lines completed. In 1984 it didn't have a single mile of rail and the games were a massive success. Traffic never materialized because of proper planning in the months leading up to the events.
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