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  1. That logo looks really good, I am really looking forward to your entry.
  2. I liked the idea of this, I thought it was different and was a challenge due to the games having to be prepared in such a small amount of time.
  3. I look forward to seeing your entry.
  4. Does games bids still have a digital bid book library?
  5. Is there a possibility you could link it, sorry I just can't find it. Thanks for the advice I will remember to watch eBay to see if one pops up. Thanks.
  6. Is the Paris one still on eBay. I am a new collector and I don't have any bid books at the moment but I would really like to start collecting them. If anyone could tell me how to get hold of them that would be much appreciated.
  7. Hello, I am new here but I have been a silent reader of this forum for a couple of years but I, for some reason, decided not to create an account. Anyway, there hasn't been a competition on here for a while, so I thought I would organise one. The competition I am organising is someone a bit different and based around a scenario, here it is BBC News 13/03/16 In a shocking move, yesterday the IOC confirmed that Rio de Janeiro will no longer be hosting the XXXIst Olympiad. There are many rumours going round as to why Rio were removed as hosts, but IOC president Thomas Bach only said that 'Rio
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