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  1. Hello, Brazilian here and just found this forum. I´m selling a good variety of tickets for the Games. I have them in Ticketbis but for sure I can make better deals directly with possible buyers. The list is: AT005/AT013/BK059/BK060/BK062/BK063/BK064/BV010/BV013/BV014/BV031/BV032/GA008/GG001/GG002/GR001/GR002/GR003/GR004/GR005/GR006/GT001/GT002/HB039/HB040/HB041/HB042/HO043/JU008/OW001/OW002/SA007/SA009/SA010/SA011/SW005/SW009/VO034/VO038/VO039/VO040/VO041/VO042/VO043/WP033/ All the tickets are in my name and I can supply proof of purchase of them. You can contact me through private message or by email: ftamanini (at) gmail.
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