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  1. NBCSN still showing the drummers. And the commentators can't shut up. I'm in for a long show.
  2. Woops the last tweet was already posted, mod please edit.
  3. The ban's been extended to Pyeongchang now! Woooooo! http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-08-30/russia-now-banned-from-2018-paralympic-winter-games/7796888 Last week the Lausanne-based CAS, sport's highest tribunal, rejected an RPC appeal against the Rio ban. The decision to exclude Russia's team means at least 260 competitors from the country are now set to miss the September 7-18 Paralympics. The decision to exclude Russia's team means at least 260 competitors from the country are now set to miss the September 7-18 Paralympics. Russia has appealed against the CAS ruling to the Swiss Federal Court and a result is expected soon. The Federal Court can only overturn the CAS decision on the basis of a procedural mistake and not on the merits of the case. The IPC went further than the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which stopped short of a blanket ban on Russia at this month's Rio Olympics and left the decision instead in the hands of international sports federations. Last week Russian President Vladimir Putin called the Paralympic ban cynical and immoral but also said Moscow acknowledged mistakes it had made in tackling sports doping. The country's track and field team was also excluded from the Olympics due to the sports doping program. Putin said the decision to bar Russian athletes, including those who had not tested positive for any banned substances, was a vivid manifestation "of how the humanistic foundations of sport and Olympism are shamelessly flouted by politics". "The decision to disqualify our Paralympic team is outside the law, outside morality and outside humanity," he added. "It is simply cynical to vent one's anger on those for whom sport has become the meaning of their life ... I even feel pity for those taking such decisions because they must well understand that it is so demeaning for them." The whole dispute centres on a World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) report that found the Russian government and the FSB security service had, over years, covered up hundreds of doping cases across the majority of Olympic sports and Paralympic events. Although not widely followed or celebrated in Russia, where rights campaigners say many disabled people are marginalised by regressive social attitudes and inadequate state support, the country's para-athletes are some of the best in the world. Their team topped the medal table at the 2014 Winter Paralympics in the Russian city of Sochi after taking second place behind China at London 2012. On the bad side, whistleblowers may get the short end of the stick. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-olympics-rio-russia-stepanova-idUSKCN10Q1VP If you think THAT'S bad, well... the IOC stoops to the lowest possible level it could go. (Bottom tweet)
  4. No verdict yet. I'm waiting til the Paras are over, which is what everyone SHOULD be doing.
  5. Well like Basketball and Football, that really only applies for the mens side (This aint no Open). For the women? This absolutely beats out any "womens majors" profile-wise. This aint Tennis where everyone plays the same grand slams with the same prestige.
  6. Granted, NBC/Comcast does own Golf Channel in the US (Not to mention that I use 4 screens to handle different feeds & streams) so it was pretty easy to follow whilst still balancing other events. But yeah, for the layman, I can see the lack of interest in following the tournament other than maybe some brief highlights. Of course the same can be said for quite a few other more "niche" sports at the Games, since, well, that's the beauty of them. And I do agree that Rugby was an absolute success. I do think both will be kept in the long term. The response from the pros who did go to the Golf Tourney should be convincing enough for the rest of the bunch to show up for Tokyo. Not to mention that pretty much the entire womens pro field showed up from the LPGA, a great fact the IGF can bring back to the IOC when re-discussing Golf.
  7. Speak for yourselves. The back 2 rounds of the Mens Tournament were thrilling! Real fun stuff! Lemme guess, not baseball fans either?
  8. Both of them. As I said in the Swimming thread, no way to really single one out. They're both in the Olympic pantheon with guys like Jim Thorpe, Jesse Owens, and Michael Johnson. A better question would be, if Eaton keeps winning World Championship decathlons and (maybe) wins in Tokyo, would he also be considered in the same discussion? My thoughts are yes, but he seems to be pretty much invisible to the public (Even with all his commercials).
  9. I'm actually shocked at how well everyone did considering that London was even worse! Oh yeah, this is typical stuff at least for the 50k.
  10. Diniz shat himself twice! Though... er... that second time involved quite some blood. Then both times wiped himself with a sponge and threw the sponge into the crowd. It's amazing, after all that and collapsing/stopping twice, he still made 8th. So, uh, here's a collage the internet made up.
  11. Well, there's that "last straw" I was talking about. Even with the extra funding, 10 nations still might not make it, along with the cuts listed in the BBC article. When the Paras finish this year, the IPC's either gonna start heavily scrutinzing Olympic bids for Paralympic readiness, or just go on their own, because what's happening right now is a disgrace, if not also a probable breach of contract. When I evaluate/judge a host city, I count how they handled the Paras as well. And so far, as Craven put it, "Never before in the 56-year history of the Paralympic Games have we faced circumstances like this". That's some damning stuff.
  12. I will when we have full details of the case and publicized evidence in full. Hearsay and patches of back-and-forth statements say nothing and mean nothing.
  13. Done, over with. No need for "perspective". You wanna appear better than any claimed "bad sport" Europeans during the Euros? Then don't do the same, and you'll be free of any criticism of the sort. And they didn't murder a ref for a red, they murded a ref for stabbing a player by beheading him.
  14. Gleefully ignore later posts and information. Go ahead. Because there's no point talking to cherry-pickers.
  15. Wow, Brazlian sources are saying Lochte lied? I'm flabbergasted. But really, again, the conflict of interest rears its ugly head from Rio officials. Remember this story? http://www.flograppling.com/article/44328-intimidation-and-irregularities-kidnapped-jiu-jitsu-athlete-update The guy was robbed by police then was retaliated against by said police for reporting it to..... the police! Do you see what's wrong here? If Lochte was robbed at all by police (He was at least robbed, the security guy found no wallet on entry), what would motivate the police to incriminate or investigate themselves if they're the ones doing the acts? This may simply be retaliation. Oh please. That kind of nonsense just exposes yourself. Holding two American athletes essentially hostage [not even named by the judge in the passport thing] for a weak case of he said she said is malarky, but we don't jump right to bombing nations. Listen to yourself talk. I would assume the US will negotiate/bargain to get everyone home. And if they refuse to release the swimmers, well... the rescue will be quick and easy.
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