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  1. No replacements. Did u see the sales rules? Make an offer Did You call by phone? For cancel resale u have until the third day (they said midnight, but I don't know if they have a 24 hours service) before match day....
  2. Hoping that you 're right , because for AT014 I have rows B and C in 104 ...
  3. More tickets at rio2016 site! Many finals, tennis etc etc
  4. Your address on the site Rio2016 should be the same invoice of your credit card , and can not be a PO Box. It is how they confirm that you are a real person etc etc
  5. Portuguese is my native language and I can only rehearsed answers that do not resolve my doubts ..
  6. Sorry I had problems with google translate and cut/past function.
  7. I don t think so. Earlier the tickets were costing the same for Brazilians and foreigners, only the ATR could collect about 20 % commission , and this time the price was fixed in relation 2.35 reais to the dollar . Now , one US dollar cost 3.57 reais , for it is said that the cost for Brazil is lower than for foreigners. From June 1 , anyone can buy the box office, but sales are in reais. The site will not sell at a different price at the box office . If ATRs can not compete they can return unsold tickets . CoSport tried in vain to renegotiate the conditions of the contract , but had the opt
  8. To find out which tickets are available , just visit the page tickets. I think no need to be logged in to an account to simulate a purchase. Of course, ceremonies and finals are sold out , but for some sports and preliminary games there are many same tickets at cheaper categories.
  9. https://ingressos.rio2016.com/tservice.dll?affiliate=OGF&fun=thelpcontent&doc=feature/helpContact/details&katid=6220&hilfeid=8069&hb_id=6082&by_area=true&areaCount=1 , I don t understand why in the portuguese they say "Junho" (June in english) and in the english page July, makes sense sell tickets in box offices and online same time... e-tickets are now available for brazilians shops and ATRs released many tickets to sell before open the site for foreigners.
  10. https://ingressos.rio2016.com/tservice.dll?affiliate=OGF&fun=thelpcontent&doc=feature/helpContact/details&katid=6220&hilfeid=8069&hb_id=6082&by_area=true&areaCount=1 see last post...
  11. So, best way is to wait for foreign sales on the site Rio2016 . But be sure to try to buy on the first day ...brazilians love volleyball.
  12. About e-tickets , they will not change the form of delivery, except when they can not deliver at the address provided . I imagine that in this case the tickets are to be removed at the box office .Ticket buyers in Brazil , can now choose e-tickets on new purchases , but even the e-tickets will be sent closer to the games, is also already informed the seat was purchased.
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