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  1. Don't forget Triathlon and golf! Overall, Galsgow will be hosting 126 medal events and Berlin will host 47. It is meant to attract bigger TV audiences and hopefully the best athletes in Europe. At least that is the idea!
  2. I think LA may have shot themselves in the foot by using almost exclusively existing venues. I would like to see how the Olympics are going to change the city, London had the Stratford regeneration and Rio first city in South America and creation of new sports complexes. LA will just use a bunch of venues to host an Olympics who can shout loud and proud "we are the cheapest, pick us". What is the legacy of that? What impact would the 2024 Olympics actually have on the city? By opting for the cheapest option, they may not have created the most inspirational or significant bid. This potentially leaves the door open to the European cities, Paris can shout about existing venues, but they are investing in new venues and taking advantage of iconic landmarks with temporary venues. Rome is the balance of new venues, history and existing infrastructure, the historical elements are more likely to inspire IOC members than LA's bid. Finally, Budapest, the complete opposite, but you can see the strong legacy and appeal, first Olympics in the region, smaller sized city, a strong zone and cluster masterplan and good use of the limited existing venues. Like Bach said, all the cities embraced agenda 2020, but LA have gone too far that they have lost the inspirational part of their bid, which may cost them when push comes to shove.
  3. I would say that logos are probably more significant in the long term, to act as a symbol of the games for years to come. If every Olympics just had the Olympic rings then they would all become too similar. The logo drives the look and this connection creates a professional image that covers the logo, venues, tickets, pictograms and coverage, it would be simpler, but less exciting if this element was lost.
  4. It is a nice logo, not amazing, but nice! But it still puzzles me why every winning city feels the need to adopt a new logo for the games itself. Tokyo's candidate logo was beautiful and now they are in all sorts of problems looking for a new one. Just stick with one logo from start to finish and use it as a marketing device to create a strong and identifiable image for the games for the entire 7 year period.
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