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  1. Hi,

    Are the tickets you were wanting to sell/trade still with you. I was planning to have a whatsapp group where it becomes easier for trade to happen easily.


     Do let me know if you'd be interested to join. Cheers!


  2. I have some tickets to sell . they will be delivery fo rme in May. tennis, swmiing, gymnastics , openning and closing cerimony , final women beach volley , final man soccer , sincronized swimming , inquiries ask me luanatorres hotmail com
  3. Hello, I have some tickets for the days 10-17 August . Like tennis ( te 21, te24,te28,te30,te30) sincronized swimming sy001, sy002,sy003, beach volley ballwomen final, artistic gymnastics many options, Judo some ( Ju003,ju007,ju009,ju011,ju013) , swimming sw 9,11,13. Ihave all bought in my brazilian account and they can be delivered or pickup in NYC. They will be printed in May. If you interested in any one tell me .
  4. Hello, I have some tickets for Rio2016. Openning, closing cerimony, swimming, syncronized swimming, tennis , final female beach volley , final soccer, gymnastics . If you are interested to buy contact me.
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