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    Rio 2016 Tickets

    Never mind. After 3hours of research I figured it out (brazilian youtube videos helped). Finish line is on the OESTE side (west side) entrance. Probably near block 104/105.
  2. dbyjos1

    Rio 2016 Tickets

    Here is a good question. Does anyone know on which side of the stadium (Olympic Stadium) will be the finish line? I'm trying to figure this out so I can sit closer to it. The closer to Usain Bolt the better :). Thanks.
  3. dbyjos1

    Rio 2016 Tickets

    Why on my Athletics Category D tickets the Block number is listed but NOT the seat numbers. Instead of seat numbers it says General Admission. Does it mean they didn't finish building the stadium before printing the tickets? . Or maybe that's how Category D works. My Category B tickets for a different day have the seats assigned. Hmm... anyone else have this issue?
  4. dbyjos1

    Rio 2016 Tickets

    If anyone sees Opening or Closing ceremony tickets on CoSport please share it here. Also swimming and beach volleyball. I will do the same. Thanks!