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  1. Newbie question here. How long does it take to be 100% from a grade 1 tear?
  2. Gotta love all these haters in here.
  3. You are my hero!!! Do you mind sharing details of your schedule? Enjoy The Games!!
  4. Does anyone know if Ilya Ilyin will compete in 94kg (WL018) class or 105kg (WL021) class? Could you guys recommend me the best class to go? It will be my first time watching weightlifting and have not decide yet what class to buy it.
  5. I was in Rio for The World Cup and I had blast. It was very safe and didn't see any type of problems there. I never felt threatened at any point of the trip. The police was out in full force as well and I am pretty sure it will be at least 10x safer for The Summer Games. You just have to use good judgment at night time(take a cab) especially if you are leaving the bar at 2:30am.
  6. Does anyone in US want Athletics AT005(100m and 400m Finals) at Brazilian COST(US $400 each, price we paid back in Jun/2015). Plus 3% or 4% PayPal fees + US $10 shipping? Up to 4 tickets in price category "A". They go for U$561.70($510.64+U$51.06 handling charge) at Cosport US. We were able to get Men's Tennis Final on the same day. And we are selling it because, we might not make in time, unless Usain Bolt can give us a ride.
  7. Per my account it says: Forma de entrega SEDEX: R$ 12,00 Quem escolher a opção de entrega via SEDEX receberá a versão comemorativa dos ingressos para os Jogos Rio 2016. O primeiro lote de ingressos foi enviado para impressão e entrega. Ingressos comprados após 25 de fevereiro de 2016 serão entregues em uma nova remessa, mediante cobrança de R$12. Delivery method SEDEX: R$ 12.00 Special, limited edition souvenir tickets will be delivered to your address via secure courier.The first batch of tickets have already been sent for printing and fulfillment. Tickets purchased after 25 February of 2016 will be delivered in a new shipment and a R$12 fee will be charged.
  8. I was going to guess the last game of the day BK056 only because it is at 9:15 pm ET. But, Then I checked there is the women's beach volleyball Final at 9:00 pm ET. Pretty sure NBC will air the Final. By the way, Do you still have the extra bedroom available in Barra?
  9. Does anyone have the Seating Chart for all the venues in Rio. I could only find for the Maracana Stadium on the internet.
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