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  1. i have to agree with you about NBC's experience in Seoul. yes, doing a split screen isn't such a good idea. NBC was wrong to do that with the story they had(Louganis, going for his first gold medal and also having hit his head in the earlier round). for NBC to use a split screen to cover a early round basketball game wasn't a good idea. you would think that NBC would have stayed with diving and at least provide inserts of the basketball game when needed. Also, some of the major stars like Janet Evans, Matt Biondi and Carl Lewis were having their events in late night rather than prime time and that didn't help(but the time zone was a major factor too in having those events in late night.) NBC's strategy has worked for the most part since Seoul, but when you have a live Olympics(like this one is going to be and Salt Lake and Vancouver and Beijing were) that can be thrown out the window sometimes.
  2. i just can't imagine NBC having to use a split screen if the Dream Team is in a close game(and let's say tied or trailing by one or two points late) while of the major swimming stars like Franklin or Ledecky is going for a gold medal. remember what i mentioned earlier..during the 88 games in Seoul NBC tried to show the U.S Canada basketball game in 88 and Greg Louganis going for a gold medal after he hit his head in the diving finals at the same time and they used a double box to show both. That didn't go over well with viewers. So with NBCSN and USA(and all the other channels) they have a lot more flexibility than they did in Seoul.
  3. Remember, ABC didn't have a cable partner back then. So Roone Aldridge had to make some tough calls sometimes. NBC had the problem of the US Soviet basketball semifinal at the same time as track and field and also the story of Greg Louganis going for a gold medal at the same time as the U.S.-Canada basketball game during Seoul in 88. so having a cable partner sometimes can be a good thing sometimes. imagine if the US is playing a close game with a possibility of being eliminated on the line at the same as lets say Missy Franklin or Katie Ledecky going for a gold medal in swimming and NBC didn't have a cable partner? this is where having NBCSN or USA Network is a good thing for NBC as well as the viewers. NBC can show the swimming while NBCSN or USA can show the basketball game in its entirety I wonder if the the experience in Seoul(and Atlanta too) caused NBC to think about having multiple cable outlets during the Olympics? it helps that they have NBCSN these days(and USA and all the other cable outlets).
  4. yeah i remember that Frank Gifford and Al Michaels went to Calgary as soon as the Super Bowl was over so Costas could do the same..
  5. i was thinking about this the other day why is there bias in commentary at the Olympics on television in 84 on ABC in particular Russ Hellickson(wrestling), Cathy Rigby(gymnastics) and Howard Cosell(boxing) were opening cheering for the Americans during their events i can remember in 92 how NBC's commentators were doing the same thing and even in 96! glad NBC tries to be balanced nowadays...
  6. i was thinking while there was bias in 84 the worst offenders were Cathy Rigby-McCoy and maybe Russ Hellickson--but i i don't think Donna De Varona was like that during swimming in fact there are a few clips i have one where the referee in wrestling called a fall against the Non-American when clearly it was not and Russ Hellickson jumped in over Curt Gowdy's call-the other one was where the Romanian gymnast stumbled i think and Rigby got excited because it was a big break for Mary Lou Retton but those were two examples
  7. to add a few 1984-dead heat in swimming-Jim Lampley, ABC 1988-some of the weird incidents in boxing such as the referee attacked and Roy Jones losing-Marv Albert, NBC 1992-Water Polo 6 overtime game-Charlie Jones. NBC 2010 men hockey gold medal game-Mike Emrick, NBC
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