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  1. Hello everyone,

    Just found this site. This is going to be my first Olympics. I'm so excited to be going. I've already got my flights booked and still working on hotels. But, I booked my event tickets over the past two days.

    The events I have booked are. 2x for each

    August 5 - Opening Ceremony ZO001B

    August 8 - Equestrian Eventing EC003

    August 8 - Table Tennis M/F Singles Round of 4 TT009A

    August 9 - Gymnastic Artistic Women's team final GA009B

    August 12 - Equestrian Dressage ED003B

    August 14 - Athletics 100m dash AT005B

    August 16 - Gymnastics - Artistic Men and Women Apparatus Final GA014B

    August 17 - Diving - Women's 10m Platform prelims - DV011C

    August 17 - Women's Beach Volleyball final BV033B

    August 21 - Men's Basketball Bronze BK063A

    August 21 - Men's Basketball Gold BK064A

    Also I have an extra pair of GA009D let me know if you are interested.

    Can't wait for August see you all there.

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