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  1. Hi,

    Are the tickets you were wanting to sell/trade still with you. I was planning to have a whatsapp group where it becomes easier for trade to happen easily.


     Do let me know if you'd be interested to join. Cheers!

  2. Still have two category B tickets to women's gymnastics team finals GA009 available. Can arrange to ship it, or even pick up in Rio. Let me know if you are interested.
  3. Hi All, If anyone needs tickets to the following events, please let me know. I have extras that I am looking to sell. GA009 Category D X 2 - Women's Team Gymnastics Finals GA009 Category B X 2 - Women's Team Gymnastics Finals Opening Ceremony Category D X 2 Thanks,
  4. Brazil released 500k tickets on Thursday, which included some Opening ceremony tickets. My friend a Brazilian helped me buy some. Separately I had relatives in Taiwan that confirmed this morning that they can get opening tickets but I released them. I can ask if they can still get them though.
  5. Hello everyone, Just found this site. This is going to be my first Olympics. I'm so excited to be going. I've already got my flights booked and still working on hotels. But, I booked my event tickets over the past two days. The events I have booked are. 2x for each August 5 - Opening Ceremony ZO001B August 8 - Equestrian Eventing EC003 August 8 - Table Tennis M/F Singles Round of 4 TT009A August 9 - Gymnastic Artistic Women's team final GA009B August 12 - Equestrian Dressage ED003B August 14 - Athletics 100m dash AT005B August 16 - Gymnastics - Artistic Men and Women Apparatus Final
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