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  1. I am looking for the coverage of the 1999 Pan AMerican Games.  We only had a short amount of coverage in the US, but I have been trying to find that video coverage for over 20 years now.  DO you know anyone that has it?  The opening and closing is easy to find but the actual events coverage I cannot find. 

    1. panamfan


      Do you know where I can find the opening and closing ceremonies? I have been trying to locate them for years.  I do have the complete ESPN telecast of the 1999 Pan American Games - it was a two hour telecast of highlights that aired the evening after the closing ceremony. In addition here are two sources of other non-ESPN footage:

      The first is the official CBC highlight video of the 1999 Pan Am Games:

      And here is a link to a youtube channel with extensive footage (mostly track and field) from Brazilian TV:

      Nilsondm - YouTube

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