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  1. I can think of at least one ABC commentator who would not hesitate to vent anger at a judges decision: Dick Button. He always spoke out forcefully whenever he thought someone was scored too low or treated unfairly. That's one thing I always liked about him. He was figure skating's biggest booster, but was never afraid to be harshly critical of it, too. Now he did go overboard a few times. His distraught commentary of Babilonia and Gardner's withdrawl at Lake Placid, was over the top jingoism, for sure, but he was way more fair to non-americans than most American announcers usually are.
  2. Here is something different: The full live 4 hour ABC radio broadcast of the Opening Ceremony of the 2018 Commonwealth Games, Gold Coast, Australia. 2018 Commonwealth games Opening Ceremony ABC radio - YouTube
  3. Actually, the problem was money. The Buffalo organizing committee never received the amount of sponsorship expected, and the New York State government basically gave them the middle finger when asked for help. The USOC was pre-occupied with it's Olympic Festival in San Antonio and private money failed to materialize due to the economic recession at the time. You know you're in trouble when your biggest sponsor is the local telephone company! It was so bad that the organizing committee had to buy national TV time as no network was willing to buy rights to the games. Even that was a mess as the
  4. Another great youtube find! The closing credits to Eurovision's coverage of the Buffalo 1993 World University Games, featuring video highlights of the games set to the complete version of the official song of the games "One World Together" as sung by Clint Holmes during the opening ceremony. I love this song and have been looking for a complete recording of it for a long time. It's a shame this song has been forgotten it was really great! Enjoy! The lyrics to the song's chorus: One world together Not worlds apart One world forever Hand in hand - from the heart One world to
  5. Here is home movie footage shot in Chicago in 1959. This includes rare color footage of the IIIrd Pan American Games in Chicago. The Pan Am footage starts at 13:45 and runs through 22:53 and includes footage of the Opening Ceremonies (Parade of Nations, Team USA entry, athletes lined up on the infield, Eagle Scout Ronald Rodriguez lighting the flame, flagbearers gathered around the podium for the oath) track and field, swimming and diving, and the equestrian prix de nations. Enjoy!
  6. Double WOW! The first two-thirds of the Cablevision live telecast of the Opening Ceremony of the 1984 Paralympics on Long Island, New York. The games were still known as the International Games for the Disabled at the time. The second video is more footage of the ceremony with President Reagan's opening address. Also, a highlight video of the 1984 Winter Paralympics in Innsbruck that has some footage of the opening ceremonies and includes highlights of the 1988 Summer Paralympics in Seoul. Enjoy!
  7. WOW! The Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Seoul 1988 Paralympic Games! Unfortunately, the Opening Ceremony is joined in progress at the conclusion of the parade of nations, but nevertheless - ENJOY!
  8. Highlight Films of the 1987 (Zagreb) and 1989 (Duisburg) World University Games. Nice footage of the opening and closing ceremonies in each. Zagreb film is in Serbo-Croatian and the Duisburg film is in German. Duisburg film appears to also include some footage rehearsals for the opening ceremony. (Sorry if the Zagreb film is a repost, I don't remember if I posted it before. Enjoy!
  9. Uploaded to youtube today is a new version of the CBS telecast of the 1987 Pan American Games Opening Ceremony. This version retains the original commercials.
  10. Beijing 2008 Paralympics Opening Ceremony - HD - CCTV - No Commentary Vancouver 2010 Paralympics Opening Ceremony - Spanish Commentary Vancouver 2010 Paralympics Closing Ceremony - Spanish Commentary
  11. I also have some information on the U.S. coverage of the 1979 Spartakiade in Moscow. The Spartakiade was the Soviet National Games. In 1979 the Soviets invited foreign athletes to compete in the Spartakiade as a test for the 1980 Olympics. In the U.S. a company called Synducast produced television coverage of the games for a syndicated network of local stations. The man responsible for organizing the telecasts was former CBS Sports President Robert Wussler, who in 1986 helped Ted Turner create and broadcast the Goodwill Games in Moscow. The listings below were compiled from TV Guide and variou
  12. I have been compiling information on U.S. coverage of the World University Games over the years and this is what I have uncovered: The first coverage in the U.S. of the World University Games occurred in 1973. Eddie Einhorn (later President of CBS Sports and part-owner of the Chicago White Sox) was founder and owner of TVS. TVS was a syndicated sports network. In the late 1960s and through the 1970s Einhorn would sign up various local television stations to carry sports broadcasts produced by TVS, forming a temporary national "network" for the TVS broadcasts. TVS broadcast many college ba
  13. The Complete Opening Ceremony of the 2004 Paralympic Games in Athens. No Commentators. Not the best quality, but Enjoy!
  14. Ladies and Gentlemen, Here is a spectacular find: The complete Nashville Network (TNN) live telecast of the Opening Ceremony of the 1989 United States Olympic Festival in Oklahoma City! Your hosts are Jim Kelly, Lorianne Crook and Charlie Chase. ENJOY!
  15. Two clips of the Montreal 1976 closing ceremonies: First the native american cultural display and entrance of the athletes. Second clip Maynard Ferguson plays trumpet as Olympic Flame is extinguished.
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