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  1. I am so glad I finally had the chance to see the 1982 Asian Games ceremonies. India put on first-rate ceremonies. The influence of the Moscow Olympic ceremonies was obvious - from the very similar sign boards and the national dances after the protocol, to the farewell to the mascot at the closing ceremony. And of course the musical ride and the martial bands hearken back to the influence of British culture in India as well. Interesting as well to see a pre-OCA ceremony and compare it to the later OCA sanctioned ceremonies. I have to say, also, that the Indian public broadcaster, Dardooshan, whose feed these are from, did an excellent job of televising them as well. Considering these were among their very first color telecasts, there were hardly any technical glitches, the sound was loud and clear, and the pictures were beautiful.
  2. Closing Ceremony of the IXth Asian Games New Delhi 1982 (Part 2)
  3. Closing Ceremony of the IXth Asian Games New Delhi 1982 (Part 1)
  4. Opening Ceremony of the IXth Asian Games New Delhi 1982 (Part 3)
  5. Opening Ceremony of the IXth Asian Games - New Dehli 1982 (Part 2)
  6. Opening Ceremony of the IXth Asian Games - New Delhi 1982 (Part 1)
  7. Opening Ceremony of the IIIrd Junior South American Games
  8. Beijing 2022 Paralympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies
  9. Beijing 2022 Opening and Closing Ceremonies
  10. Closing Ceremony of the Ist Junior Pan American Games - held last night in Cali. Enjoy!
  11. Hope this means the IOC will be posting the Sarajevo Opening and Closing Ceremonies on it's youtube channel at some point! Glad to see the IOC is diligently trying to track down the world feed tapes for the older games.
  12. Opening Ceremony of the Ist Junior Pan American Games held last night at Pascual Guerrero Stadium in Cali, Colombia. (Spanish Commentary)
  13. I just made an interesting find. The records of PAX-I, the organizing committee for the 1987 Pan American Games in Indianapolis, are held in the archives of Indiana University/Purdue University of Indiana (IUPUI). Apparently, IUPUI has digitalized all of the PAX-I records, including all audiovisual materials included therein. These materials include the master tapes of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Apparently, they are available to view online, but you need to be able to login to the IUPUI computer system to do so. Here is a link if anyone wishes to try their luck with it. Boy how I would love to see those. The Tenth Pan American Games- Indianapolis- Opening Ceremonies- Master 1, 1987-08-07 | ArchivesSpace Public Interface (iupui.edu)
  14. The 1999 ceremonies are among my favorite pan ams. I just wish the whole ceremonies would surface. They were vvery nice, if somewhat low budget, with great music by Victor Davies. The interesting thing about the Clausura Winnipeg 1999 video is that it appears to be from a raw feed - without TV announcers or commercials. I wonder if the person who posted it has the whole ceremony or if what he put up was all he has? Canadian broadcasts of ceremonies (Edmonton 1983, Victoria 1994, Winnipeg 1999, i.e.) never seem to show up on youtube. Do canadians not record from TV at home to the extent that others do? There are plenty of CFL broadcasts that show up, but not much else.
  15. Rosalie Drysdale sings the theme song for the 1999 Pan Am Games, Reach Out - Go For Gold, live to a worldwide audience of 400 million viewers, from the Winnipeg Stadium during the grand finale of the opening ceremony. Song was composed by Victor Davies. Posted on her official youtube channel.
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