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  1. I also have some information on the U.S. coverage of the 1979 Spartakiade in Moscow. The Spartakiade was the Soviet National Games. In 1979 the Soviets invited foreign athletes to compete in the Spartakiade as a test for the 1980 Olympics. In the U.S. a company called Synducast produced television coverage of the games for a syndicated network of local stations. The man responsible for organizing the telecasts was former CBS Sports President Robert Wussler, who in 1986 helped Ted Turner create and broadcast the Goodwill Games in Moscow. The listings below were compiled from TV Guide and variou
  2. I have been compiling information on U.S. coverage of the World University Games over the years and this is what I have uncovered: The first coverage in the U.S. of the World University Games occurred in 1973. Eddie Einhorn (later President of CBS Sports and part-owner of the Chicago White Sox) was founder and owner of TVS. TVS was a syndicated sports network. In the late 1960s and through the 1970s Einhorn would sign up various local television stations to carry sports broadcasts produced by TVS, forming a temporary national "network" for the TVS broadcasts. TVS broadcast many college ba
  3. The Complete Opening Ceremony of the 2004 Paralympic Games in Athens. No Commentators. Not the best quality, but Enjoy!
  4. Ladies and Gentlemen, Here is a spectacular find: The complete Nashville Network (TNN) live telecast of the Opening Ceremony of the 1989 United States Olympic Festival in Oklahoma City! Your hosts are Jim Kelly, Lorianne Crook and Charlie Chase. ENJOY!
  5. Two clips of the Montreal 1976 closing ceremonies: First the native american cultural display and entrance of the athletes. Second clip Maynard Ferguson plays trumpet as Olympic Flame is extinguished.
  6. Just found this new post on youtube: Joined in Progress unfortuneately, but the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Opening Ceremony. NOT the ABC broadcast but the ESPN re-air. I always thought when ESPN reran the Los Angeles broadcasts the following year that they simply used the ABC telecasts. However, as this video of the re-air shows they used the raw feed with commentary by ESPN announcers Bob Ley and Roger Twibell. Video starts in middle of parade of nations but is much cleaner audio wise than the original live ABC telecast. Ley and Twibell talk far less than Jim McKay and Peter Jennings did. Also,
  7. Here is a journal article I have had in my collection for years that gives some interesting behind the scenes of the 1990 Goodwill Games Welcoming Ceremony in Seattle, including comments from the producer - Barnett Lipton. I have reposted the links to the ceremony on youtube for anyone who wishes to re-watch the ceremony after reading the article. I think this article should be of particular interest to baron-pierreIV. Enjoy! PUBLIC RELATIONS JOURNAL - MARCH 1991 TRAVEL & TOURISM Goodwill Games Welcoming Ceremony Put Glasnost Into Action by Paul Maccabee Literall
  8. I would love to see the U.S. host the Pan Am Games as it has only hosted twice - Chicago 1959 and Indianapolis 1987 - and both were last-minute scrambles to organize. Since the Pan Am Games take place the year before the Olympics, I would think it would be advantageous to pair up the host city when the Olympics are awarded to the U.S. - i.e. Los Angeles host both the 2027 Pan Ams and 2028 Olympics as it would reduce the costs by using the same facilities for both games. It would also increase the marketabiltiy of the Pan Ams in the U.S. I just don't understand why the USOC doesn't see the adv
  9. Unfortunately, yes. No annoying TV announcers though!
  10. WOW! Opening Ceremony of the 1991 World University Games in Sheffield, GBR. From Sheffield City Council TV! Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UdFFdD-2VU
  11. Interesting new post on youtube: 10 Hours of Chilean TV coverage of the 1991 Pan Am Games in Havana in 2 parts including coverage of the opening ceremony.
  12. The good news is the Seoul 1988 Opening Ceremony has been uploaded to the Olympic youtube channel. The bad news is when you go to the page, you get an error message that it is a private video and to sign in if you have permission to access the video. What the he-- is up with that? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeWSC7iCnpM
  13. Full Salt Lake City 2002 Opening Ceremony
  14. The Olympic Channel on youtube has finally uploaded the Nagano 1998 Opening Ceremony:
  15. Just to continue the my previous posts on TV at the Pan Am Games, here is some information on Canadian TV coverage of the games that I have been able to glean (mainly from the pages of the Montreal Gazette and other Canadian newspapers - which are archived through the early 1980s at google newspaper archive. The 1967 coverage is detailed In part in the official report of the organizing committee which is available in pdf format on the Pan Am Sports official website.) Vth PAN AMERICAN GAMES Winnipeg 1967 CBC Coordinator for CBC Radio and TV: John McCabe Executive Producer
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