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  1. Best Cauldron Design - London 2012 Best Placard and Costume Combo for a Parade of Nations - Beijing 2008 Best Cauldron Lighting - Barcelona 1992 Best Execution of a Parade of Nations - Athens 2004 Best Performance of a National Anthem - Sydney 2000 Outstanding Solo Performance by a Young Artist - Nikki Webster
  2. Opening Ceremony of Stadium Australia in 1999. First ever event at the home of the 2000 Olympics was the Socceroos vs FIFA All Stars.
  3. Looks promising according to the screen grabs from Seven this morning
  4. "Ode to Joy" was played post-Cold War in 90s Olympics Ceremony ending with that live choral performance at Nagano in 1998 and again at Salt Lake City in 2002 after the September 11 attacks.
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Beijing_(November_2016)_-_668.jpg
  6. The cauldron which was used at the 2008 Summer Olympics is permanently on display outside the Bird's Nest Stadium since 2010 when it was removed 2.5 years after the Summer Games. Will Beijing re-light the 2008 Cauldron or use two cauldrons with a ceremonial one inside the stadium and the 2008 cauldron permanetly burning during the Olympics & Paralympics?
  7. Best: Sydney, Athens, London, Barcelona, SLC Worst: Torino (just a domino of fireworks), Vancouver (fourth arm missing)
  8. Mikiko's plan heavily used videos and projections which is the new normal for Ceremonies in its original concept.
  9. Sydney's Closing Ceremony went for just under 3.5 hours (If include the lawnmower man scene and fireworks display at the end) which was the same length as London's.
  10. Beijing 2008's Closing Ceremony ended at 9:57PM CST and lasted just under 2hrs.
  11. Bocelli did the Closing Ceremony in 2006 when Italy last hosted an Olympics.
  12. The Industrial Revolution section of the London Opening Ceremony took place just after twilight in London
  13. For the parade order, Australia would be marching behind the US and France before the host nation Japan with Brisbane 2032 to be announced in the days before the Opening Ceremony.
  14. Vancouver, London, Rio and PyeongChang all used projections in their ceremonies.
  15. Can't wait for Milan-Cortina. Andrea Bocelli will no doubt perform at the San Siro
  16. Since London, smaller cauldrons is the new normal at Summer Olympic Games for environmental reasons. Vancouver and Rio had an outdoor public viewing cauldron
  17. Vancouver was the first ceremony to use projections on the stage and also the first Indoor Olympic Games Ceremony. Projections will likely be used in Tokyo. The Mikiko proposal outlines the use of projections in its Ceremony plans.
  18. The cauldron is covered like in Beijing 2008. During the parade of Atheltes, it was secretly put into its location which wasn't revealed until the moment Li Ning lit the wick after he completed the lap around the rim of the Bird's Nest.
  19. Smaller cauldrons like Rio's and London's is the new norm for Summer Olympic Games ceremonies.
  20. Looks like the proposal from the leaked plans from the Original Opening Ceremony. We will find out more 5 weeks from now!
  21. Nothing is mentioned in the protocol guide for the Closing Ceremony about raising the flags for future hosts Olympics. The US and Australian flags and their respective anthems should also be played on the night of the Closing Ceremony as Los Angeles, CA, USA and Brisbane, QLD, Australia are to become hosts for the 2028 and 2032 games.
  22. SLC 2030 would see back-to-back games in the USA. Sapporo 2030 would mean 4 Olympics in 12 years to be hosted within Asia.
  23. The Opening Ceremony rehearsals should take place in a few weeks time
  24. Marie Jose Perec has to be the hot favourite. 2 Gold Medals, Atlanta 1996 in the 200m and 400m.
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