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  1. Looking forward to this...a real Games for the first time since GC 2018. No Fencing 1976 plus tickets are selling fast. Channel 7 is doing their coverage from a studio rather than in Brum itself. 10 did Glasgow in the IBC in Glasgow back in 2014.
  2. A Collingwood fan was spotted at Fed Square yesterday
  3. Brisbane could also opt to do their ceremonies on the Brisbane River with the Gabba seating 50,000 for the Games
  4. Liked the Vancouver 2010 Opening Ceremony done by the same folks who did the Sydney Ceremonies. A pity about the cauldron though
  5. The British anthem should be played to honour the birthplace of the Paralympic movement at Stoke-Mandeville as with the Greek in the Olympic CC
  6. The Summer Paralympics in Tokyo took place during the withdrawal of US troops and the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan
  7. The closing will be at Verona due to San Siro being demolished
  8. Let’s get the ball rolling. For the first time since Sarajevo 1984 the Ceremonies for Milan-Cortina 2026 will be held in different venues. The Opening Ceremony will be held at San Siro which will be the old 60,000 seat stadium while the Closing Ceremony will be held at the historic Verona Arena in Verona.
  9. Africa have never hosted an Olympics although Senegal will host the delayed YOG in 2026.
  10. Can't believe Russia will be competing at the Paralympics next week. The IPC should ban them
  11. The latern mascot replaces the panda now and popped up in the Bird's Nest at the end of the video
  12. A parade down the Siene for the athletes. As for Australia, it’ll be a long wait for us as we will March just before the United States and France at the tail end
  13. Blue running track....Brings me back memories from Rio 2016 with Usain Bolt running his last events at an Olympics on a blue track instead of the normal red track.
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