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  1. Handover will be fun to watch. Also kicks off a decade of sports in Australia
  2. Their own mascots in 1999 also took part in promotion for the Sydney Olympics. Great memories as a kid.
  3. Still got a tumbler from London 2012 I bought in Australia. McDonald’s here also sold the Fuwa mascots as a Happy Meal toy during the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics here.
  4. After the muted Tokyo 2020(1) Opening Ceremony, Beijing 2022 felt like a normal Opening Ceremony once again with Zhang Yimou directing it. Loved the use of LED projection techonology. As for the flame, this is the new normal for future Olympic Games Ceremonies. I'd give it a 6.4/10
  5. Another choice for cauldron lighter is Dylan Alcott who won 4 golds in Wheelchair tennis from 2008-21.
  6. The 2028 Olympics will be interesting after the 2024 elections
  7. The next few Olympics are good after Russia/Brazil/China in the last 8 years save for South Korea and Japan.
  8. Double Olympics in the Americas followed by Oceania. I think it'll be Vancouver 2030 and SLC 2034
  9. NBC aired the Opening Ceremony live in all time zones at 6:30AM ET Friday and it was streamed live on Peacock
  10. I can watch a replay for free on 7+ in Australia
  11. Will be simple and compact similar to the recent ones at Rio, Tokyo and Beijing (W). Don't expect big cauldrons anymore.
  12. Nice execution of the parade of nations. Australia comes towards the back as this will be the case for the next 2 summer games in Paris and Los Angeles.
  13. Salt Lake was my first WOG I got into. Steven Bradbury’s gold medal
  14. Sochi and Vancouver were 3 hours long as both Ceremonies were done inside a domed stadium environment. Pyeongchang was 2 hours long.
  15. Performers in 2002 skated throughout the entire Opening Ceremonies with the football turf at Rice-Eccles Stadium ripped off and replaced with ice
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