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  1. The last two Ceremonies had resignations from staff. Luckily PyeongChang 2018 was a good ceremony
  2. Was a good ceremony. Sydney's OC was raining during the Paralympics but dry during the Olympics.
  3. Loved both the London and Rio Olympic and Paralympic Opening Ceremonies
  4. Some rehearsal pictures from Australian broadcaster 7.
  5. Brisbane will be in July/August and like Rio 2016, it'll be held in the winter months
  6. Athens was a step further than Sydney with the usage of a pool in the middle of the Olympic Stadium
  7. They could move the Games to Salt Lake City with SLC having all the infrastructure left from 2002
  8. Here was Torino 2006's handover ceremony which starts at 1:06:59.
  9. 2036 will likely to go Jakarta, Manila, Doha, India or even Singapore/Malaysia. Singapore/Malaysia will be interesting as it'll be the first Olympics co-hosted by two different countries.
  10. https://www.canstarblue.com.au/streaming/watch-tokyo-2020-paralympics/ Seven in Australia has blanket coverage of the Paralympics on 7, 7mate and online on 7plus.
  11. I was generally happy here in Australia with my home nation winning 17 gold, an equal record shared with Athens 2004. 46 medals in total is tied with Beijing. Happy with Channel 7’s broadcast of the Games here with 2 OTA channels and every event streamed. Managed to see each sport at least once as well as the new sports. Ratings in Australia were up on previous games with up to 3.1 million Australians watching all or part of the Tokyo Olympics at home.
  12. I like the one logo for the Olympics and Paralympics too.
  13. Ceremonies were scaled-back due to COVID. Vancouver hired David Atkins Enterprises who are an Australian company to do their ceremonies instead of local Canadian talent. London went with Danny Boyle
  14. Instead organisers decided to have the protocol section first then throw a party once the flame was extinguised. The fireworks still went ahead as planned.
  15. Buenos Aires YOG 2018 had their Ceremony on the streets with 200,000 people attending. I liked that concept in which Brisbane could try in 2032 rather than 50,000 at The Gabba.
  16. Would like to see past Ceremonies from Google Drive. Suffering from the usual post-Olympic withdrawals. Aussies did well at Tokyo. We are aiming for 20 gold in '24 

  17. Contest will open shortly after the Paris 2024 Closing Ceremony with design revealed in 2025. Mascots will be revealed too at the same time. Sydney 2000's logo was revealed in 1997 with the bid logo shown on the jumbotron during the handover ceremony
  18. If Saporro do get the rights to the 2030 Olympics, I'd like to see the original concept for the Tokyo Opening Ceremony included at the Sapporo Dome.
  19. Lots of coverage from swimming, basketball, track cycling and track and field
  20. If they were cancelled., they would've hosted 2032, bumping Brisbane to 2036
  21. The same will happen in Brisbane. A permanent cauldron at Southbank rather than at The Gabba
  22. Current NBA player for the Utah Jazz and French national tema and footballer for PSG and France. Logical choices for me.
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