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  1. They can put a retractable roof over Suncorp Stadium and modernise it turning it into a stadium with a retractable roof. First SOG Opening Ceremony to be held indoors. Vancouver and Sochi were the two OC's to be held indoors and they were spectacular
  2. Santiago should go for the 2042 Winter Olympics or that year's YOG the first Southern Hemisphere city to host the former event. New infrastructure would have to be built
  3. I am excited. The last World Cup saw Australia on the Matildas bandwagon with the national team finishing 4th which is the best finish for a host nation outside the USWNT. Brazil 2027 WWC will be a redux of the 2014 Men's World Cup with the same teams (32), same host nation (Brazil) and same amount of matches (64) plus most of the venues will be reused. Brazil is a football powerhouse of South America hosting the 1950 and 2014 Men's World Cup and the first time the Women's World Cup will be in South America.
  4. London had David Beckham, Rio had Pele and Tokyo had the late Shinzo Abe dressed up as Super Mario to welcome the world to these games in the last 16 years. Looking forward to what LA will do for its handover ceremony.
  5. London did the Rings on the Tower Bridge in 2012
  6. Dami Im covering Celine Dion's "Power Of The Dream" at the 2016 Melbourne Cup.
  7. Memories of Sydney doing their Olympic Rings on the Sydney Harbour Bridge for the Sydney Olympics but it was only lit up the day before the Opening Ceremony and "exploded" in pyrotechnics at the end of the Closing Ceremony and only lit up in gold not in the 5 colours or changed colour each night. The sails of the Opera House wasn't used for lighting up then.
  8. NINE to screen most comprehensive coverage of PARALYMPICS ever seen in Australia “It provides a powerful platform to showcase our elite athletes competing on a global stage and to share their journeys with all of Australia.” “Nine and Wide World of Sports are proud to be the exclusive home of this incredible event and look forward to providing the most comprehensive Paralympic Games coverage ever seen in this country.” A total of 22 para-sports are scheduled, with a total of 4400 athletes competing across 549 medal events. Viewers will not miss any event featuring an Australian, with 9Now providing 24/7 coverage. On the path to Paris 2024, the Beyond The Dream documentary series continues in the lead up to the Paralympic Games, going beyond the headlines with unprecedented access to discover the untold stories of some of the world’s greatest Para-athletes. Australian Paralympian and three-time gold medallist Curtis McGrath opens his door to cameras to share his personal story in the lead up to the Paralympic Games. We also have full access to the inspirational Australian wheelchair rugby team, the Steelers, as we take a look into the back stories that make this team and Paralympic sport so compelling to watch. Director of Programming and 9Now, Hamish Turner, said: “With our Beyond The Dream documentary series giving viewers a front row seat into the stories of some of the world’s greatest Paralympians in the lead up to the Opening Ceremony, the 9Network’s Paris 2024 Paralympic Games coverage will set the bar for future Paralympics.” “We cannot wait to cheer on the Australian Paralympic Team as they make our nation proud.” The Paris 2024 Paralympic Games will screen on the 9Network and 9Now live and free, and on Stan Sport, from August 28 – September 8. Nine has announced its coverage plans for the 2024 Paralympics
  9. Sochi 2014 and Rio 2016 were the only OC to be held on a rectangular field and it turned out to be well presented. If Lang Park is to be used for the OC, it'll be the first stadium since the Maracana to be a rectangular-shaped stadium to be used for an OC
  10. 11 years is plenty of time. Sydney had 7 years to prepare and had to build a stadium from sratch
  11. Marie-Jose is my choice. Great ceremony to welcome in the torch to French soil to begin her journey across France and her territories
  12. Dion did the Atlanta 1996 Opening Ceremony with "The Power of Dream" after the flame was lit
  13. Rhine-Ruhr is like the failed Victoria 2026 CG experiment and Germany always says no to an Olympics. Hamburg 2024 was shot down in a referendum and Munich 2018 WOG lost out to PyeongChang.
  14. London took a week to dismantle the stage for the track and field events in 2012. Rio's OC was at the Maracana. Swapping swimming to W2 and track and field to W1 for 2028 will be unprecedented
  15. Was the Doha World Athletics Championships a success? Before the 2022 World Cup, Qatar hosted the 2019 World Athletics Championships to small crowds.
  16. Ceremonies could take place at the Memorial Coliseum and Figueroa Street.
  17. Australian reports say swimming will be at SoFi Stadium instead of a temporary structure at Dedeaux Field
  18. Opening Ceremony will most likely begin at 6pm PDT to cater for East Coast viewing and sunset during the parade of athletes with the cauldron lighting at around 10PM PDT to enable primetime viewing and maximum ratings for NBC and a twilight atmosphere. Sunset will be at 8:05PM PDT in mid-July.
  19. IOC President Bach buoyed by "high level of interest" in hosting Olympic Games Here we go. Another country has thrown their hat in the ring for the 2036 Games despite it being 12 years away. Brisbane 2032 was chosen just before the delayed Tokyo 2020 Olympics in July 2021. In a normal timeframe. Brisbane would've have had to wait until 2025 which is after that year's State election and with the stadium fiasco, it wouldn't had been selected.
  20. This region has hosted the WOG in 1924, 1968 and 1992 and French Alps 2030 will be the name of the host city. Annecy 2018 would've been since with a Singapore 2010 YOG-style OC by Lake Annecy
  21. Opera featured at the end of the 2006 OC with the late Pavarotti singing Nessun Dorma which turned out to be his last public performance. HIs performance was pre-recorded due to health conditions.
  22. Channel 7 in the past did theirs from Sydney in 2004 and 2016 due to security fears. Tokyo 2020 was done in Australia due to obvious reasons of course
  23. Nine's press release last September said they'll be presenting outdoors in France instead of a traditional broadcast from the IBC
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