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  1. An Olympics have never been shifted to September-October since Sydney 2000. NBC or whomever is broadcasting will never want this to happen. Brisbane 2032 is held in July-August 2032 which is our winter monhts in Australia
  2. Sapporo will be good to make up of Tokyo in which no spectators were allowed at most events. Only the marathon and track cycling events had fans in the stands.
  3. Chong Lim did the "Nature" segment in Sydney
  4. Qatar uses David Atkins Enterprises in the past which did the Sydney and Vancouver Ceremonies
  5. SLC is the most likely scenario now. Great memories for the Australian broadcaster whomever gets the rights given it's 2 years away from the Brisbane Games
  6. A normal cauldron lighting as we've seen many times
  7. https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1128152/san-siro-demoltion#:~:text=The famed San Siro stadium,built on an adjacent site. The Opening Ceremony on 6 Feburary 2026 will be the swansong for San Siro. Due to demolition works, the Closing Ceremony will be in Verona at the historic Verona Arena.
  8. Gil McLachlan (outgoing AFL CEO and frontrunner for BOCOG president) will be watching closely. Would've preferred a hybrid ceremony on the Siene and at the Stade De France
  9. A dud on the Yarra yesterday How are they going to do the Parade of athletes. Have a hybrid ceremony. Artistic elements on the Siene then the main, formal ceremony at the Stade De France
  10. The AFL Grand Final river parade in Melbourne (host of the was a dud. Organisers want to transport athletes by boat on the Siene in under 2 years time
  11. Expect Jetpacks in the Closing Ceremony after the Brisbane 2032 segment
  12. The cauldron stalled for 4 mins in front of more than 3 billion viewers worldwide and 6 million watching on Channel 7 in Australia. A flawless and spectacular Opening Ceremony coming close to disaster. Vancouver a decade later had the fourth arm supposed to be lit be Le May Doan fail to rise in another cauldron mishap.
  13. No chance Qatar will host it. It'll be too hot in July/August
  14. Beijing 2022 (W) had the dream rings again as a throwback to 2008 in it's closing ceremony. LA28 should have a jetpack or UFO
  15. UFO's in the closing ceremony is likely as a nod to 1984.
  16. Hamilton/Toronto is likely if Vancouver misses out onm the 2030 OWG
  17. Felt like a normal event after the last two Olympics. Good ceremonies and of course Australia was on top. They hosted events in Birmingham/West Midlands/London which was the blueprint for Victoria 2026. The West Midlands region has a chance to bid on the 2036 Olympic and Paralympics Games.
  18. Jam TV (run by Victorian Eddie McGuire) could produce the Ceremonies. They have experience producing events for a global audience. GC 2018 went with Jack Morton Worldwide
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