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  1. Saw bits of the Nanjing 2014 OC. China always know how to put on a show.
  2. Will be a big event in Australia with Brisbane 2032 being 4 years after. The Opening Ceremony will take place on 22 July 2028 due to time difference between Sydney and LA
  3. I'm happy we are allowed to see spectators at the Games even if it's just from Mainland China only. Tokyo 2020 was different with no spectators except for the marathons and the track cycling events. Torch lighting ceremony in Olympia will be held behind closed doors again.
  4. And to celebrate World Expo 2020, here is Shanghai World Expo 2010 Opening Ceremony with a spectacular fireworks display with the outdoor portion created by the same people behind the Sydney and Vancouver Ceremonies.
  5. 2032 is not South East Queensland 2032 but it's simply Brisbane 2032 despite events held in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast
  6. The winners of the Marathons today don't get presented their medals at the Closing Ceremony
  7. Here is to Beijing 2022, Paris 2024, Milano-Cortina 2026, LA 2028 and Brisbane 2032
  8. The end of Tokyo 2020! What a 6 weeks of sport to remember. Cannot believe it's all over this Sunday with the Paralympic Games Closing Ceremony.
  9. Very sad news. Fixed up the corruption after the SLC 2002 bribery scandal and presided over the successful Beijing and London Summer Games.
  10. A sound and light show took place at the Yarra River with a pyrotechnic display. Some inspirations from Melbourne 2006 can be used for Paris 2024.
  11. Organisers will hold it at the Stade De France with some elements of the artistic segment outside. Melbourne 2006 had parts of the Opening Ceremony on the Yarra River.
  12. The last two Ceremonies had resignations from staff. Luckily PyeongChang 2018 was a good ceremony
  13. Was a good ceremony. Sydney's OC was raining during the Paralympics but dry during the Olympics.
  14. Loved both the London and Rio Olympic and Paralympic Opening Ceremonies
  15. Some rehearsal pictures from Australian broadcaster 7.
  16. Brisbane will be in July/August and like Rio 2016, it'll be held in the winter months
  17. Athens was a step further than Sydney with the usage of a pool in the middle of the Olympic Stadium
  18. They could move the Games to Salt Lake City with SLC having all the infrastructure left from 2002
  19. Here was Torino 2006's handover ceremony which starts at 1:06:59.
  20. 2036 will likely to go Jakarta, Manila, Doha, India or even Singapore/Malaysia. Singapore/Malaysia will be interesting as it'll be the first Olympics co-hosted by two different countries.
  21. https://www.canstarblue.com.au/streaming/watch-tokyo-2020-paralympics/ Seven in Australia has blanket coverage of the Paralympics on 7, 7mate and online on 7plus.
  22. I was generally happy here in Australia with my home nation winning 17 gold, an equal record shared with Athens 2004. 46 medals in total is tied with Beijing. Happy with Channel 7’s broadcast of the Games here with 2 OTA channels and every event streamed. Managed to see each sport at least once as well as the new sports. Ratings in Australia were up on previous games with up to 3.1 million Australians watching all or part of the Tokyo Olympics at home.
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