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  1. I'm debating if reveal my origin to my final entries (even on of them you already know) and the branding now, or when the vote will start. And I love the Havana logo
  2. My entry for the Summer Games: Be'er Sheva is one of the important cities in Israel, not an usual city for this contest (I think at least) and not the first choice in Israel for hosting the Olympic Games, but I think it has the potential. The logo big idea based on butterfly, as a symbol for development, change and the growth of the city. The wings of the butterfly have shape of drop to represent the water elements in the city and also to represent flow and movement. the empty part in the wings make shape of ring to represent the olympic ring. The fractures are making stained-glass windows that can found in the city-Hall. The green and the brown parts represent the Tamarix Tree, one of the most famous symbols of Be'er Sheva. The yellow parts represent the desert and the Negev (south area in Israel, big part of the desert in the country and the area Be'er Sheva is found). The blue part represent the the water elements in the city (ya, again this idea, they have a lot of fountains and artificial waterfalls). The slogan "Fly to Your Dreams" comes from the slogan of Be'er Sheva- Capital of opportunities of Israel. The "opportunities" became to "dreams" because we need opportunities to make our dreams to come true. The "fly" comes from the butterfly (well, it is flying...). Branding: posters sport olympic icons (examples) Again the drops, to represent the water elements in the city and also to represent flow and movement (obviously). -------- I think I will add more to the branding part but it is the mean idea. So, what you think?
  3. So it is my entry for the winter games, the summer games logo will be revealed soon. The logo based on snowflake (of course..), the symbol of Stockholm and victory's pose of people. The three golden people in the top of the logo represent the crown in the Stockholm's symbol, the other people are in the color of the Olympic's rings in kind of blue version of them to represent the winter feeling and make them more connected to the other colors in the logo. The slogan "Unique Together" come from the unique of snowflakes and it says that every one is unique and special, and together we are also special, maybe more than other groups. Hope you like it!
  4. I think I will go on Stockholm for the winter games and maybe city from my country for the summer games (good to dream I guess)
  5. I'm new here so I need to understand. I just need to send a logo for any city I want except the cities that in the list?
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