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    Soon as I started my work on the logo, I realized that I do not have to find a way to showcase LA, it has good and recognizable branding, so I wanted the logo to showcase the olympic games themselves. Instead of going with more obvious symbols of the games (medals / the olympic flame / the olympic rings and such) I went to the atmosphere of the games- celebration. Celebration of sport, of culture, of people, of hard-working, of successes...

    Fireworks are one of the most iconic symbols of celebration, and for that I chose them as the main idea of the logo. The fireworks in the logo are in four colors, each of them represent values and ideas of both LA and the olympics-
    Orange represent optimism, enthusiasm, cheerful, self-confident, independent, adventurous, creativity, talent and friendship.
    Yellow / gold represent optimism, joy, enthusiasm, fun, originality, creativity, challenges, happiness, success, charisma, winning and positivity.
    Pink represent warmth, hope, sweetness, love, compassion, caring and success.
    Turquoise represent clarity of thought, balance and harmony, creativity, self-reliance and inspiration.
    To create more connection to the city, I chose to create the fireworks in a shape  that inspired by the shape of the city itself.

    The slogan of the games is #celebrate, and it will be used in many versions across the games.

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    My starting point was of course the city itself. St. Petersburg is cultural capital and has rich cultural heritage, which includes palaces, cathedrals, churches, gardens, sculptures and monuments. From all this information I realized that I want logo who reflects the authenticity and the classic vibe of the city.

    I found out about the khokhloma- Russian wood painting style and national ornament, which is known for its vivid flower patterns, and the effect it has when applied to wooden tableware or furniture, making it look heavier and metal-like. I want the athletes who will come to the olympics to feel the same thing on them- to be tougher and stronger like metal.

    To create more connection to the olympics, I chose to use the olympic flame, which represent the inner fire of any athlete, their passion and energy.

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  3. My logo for Havana is based on the happy and joyful people of Cuba, together with the Cuban star that represent the shine of every athlete in the Olympics and the tropical color that represent Cuba and Havana themselves.

    My logo for Hamburg is actually reflect the idea of what the logo should represent- the Olympics in Hamburg. The blue color represent the city as port city and full of water and the other colors are actually the olympic rings reflected on the water and literally shows the Olympics in Hamburg. The connected letters are symbol of the "togetherness" of the Olympics' spirit.  


    Good Luck for everyone!

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