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  1. Someone needs to be the first, I guess it's gonna be me full view- http://www.interload.co.il/upload/9868446.png full view- http://www.interload.co.il/upload/5089993.png
  2. Personally, I've been waiting for this comp for an entire year (since the last declaration of winners), and I hope this edition won't be the last one. Anyway, I've an idea for a logo to Kathmandu2030 and I'll probably go on Havana2032.
  3. Congratulations! Thank you all for an amazing competition, I can't wait to the big one in December!
  4. I will stay with my all entries in the compotision
  5. For bigger photo- http://www.interload.co.il/upload/994878.png
  6. I took part in comp with Be'er Sheva and Stockholm few months ago..
  7. My first entry for New Zealand Hope you like it
  8. Oh I didn't knew about this! What a coincidence
  9. I can't choose which one is the best, so I will be happy for some help with this
  10. Really nice idea, it's gonna be interesting! My first logo will be for New Zealand, I already have an idea
  11. In the first time I saw the logo, I knew it will be winner. Congrats Paul.
  12. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=acJU885vCiQhttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MEXGwLvNw5s https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_lQHg7NjZSI 3 videos about the city, the municiplity creat them (the videos in Hebrew so if you want to know something, tell me each video it is and the second in the video), you can see how the city develpted in 3 years (the first one made in 2013 the last one in 2015). http://www.danya-cebus.co.il/en/commercial-and-industrial/Grand-Canyon-Shopping-Mall--Beersheba/ The grand mall, one of the biggest mall in the Middle East. So, I don't think Be'er Sheva is just retarded.
  13. I'm debating if reveal my origin to my final entries (even on of them you already know) and the branding now, or when the vote will start. And I love the Havana logo
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