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  1. Excited for the contest, here are my official submission! The Nairobi logo is inspired by the plaid patterns often displayed on the traditional Maasai Shuka - a known and reognizeable symbol of the Maasai people. The logo represent 4 people coming together, representing both the community-centered Maasai culture and the Olympic values. The red color was chosen as it's the most common Shuka color, and it represents courage, bravery, strength and unity. The X formation is meant to assiciated the logo with the crossed spears and sheild from the Kenyan flag. The look of the games is using 4 different plaid textures that were created especially for the games. The Reykjavik logo is inspired by the Icelandic magical and unique nature - it's an abstract representation of a volcanic eruption in front of the cold nordic sky. The look of the games is continuing this theme, with the branding showcasing the Icelandic landscape in the logo's colors. The pictograms are inspired by old norse runes, to represent Iceland's history and its mystical culture. Good luck to everyone!
  2. Well I always dreamed to design a logo for the olympics, guess the european games are a nice start :p
  3. Istanbul 2036 For me, the core characteristic of Istanbul is the fact it's a merging point between west and east and all that comes from it. I connected the blue (representing the west, Istnabul's terittory in Europe, the olympic values and the future) and red (representing east, Istnabul's terittory in Asia, Turkey itself, and traditions) olympic rings rings, to create a visual representation of all this elements coming together in one single point. The overall shape also resemels a heart and represent the passion of the Turkish people, while giving a general sense of the Tulip flower which represent Turkey as well. Glasgow 2034 A ceasg is a mermaid-like creature from Scottish mythology, which has the power to grant three wishes to anyone who captures her. The logo tries to merge between the ceasg and the olympic flame, to create a symbol that whoever manage to get to it can grant themselves up to three wishes - participate in the games, do their best while taking part and even win a medal.
  4. I feel kind of out of place not helping, so I'll share that in case the directly posting of the link on the comment doesn't work, on the bottom-right corner there's a "Other Media" tab, choose "insert image from URL" and paste the link of the image there and it should work. Milan-Cortina 2026 On the left side, the M in pink and green represent Milan's half in the bid, as well the Italian culture, art and people (which Milan is known for). Pink and Green were chosen as a wintery forms of the Italian's flag colors, and together they represent youth, playfulness, creativity and productivity. On the right sides, a mountain range in blue and green that represent Cortina d'Ampezzo's half in the bid (representation of the Alps), as well as the beauty of the Italian nature. The green and blue represent together freshness, progress, growth, confidence and freedom. The logo is also can be seen as made up of 4 arrows pointing upwards, symbolizing the wishing of each athlete to get to the top. Brisbane 2032 The logo is a representation of the Brisbane river made up by 3 stripes. The stripes are moving towards the viewer and end pause while they're in the way up, representing the athlete's journey: starting from their past and moving towards the olympic games, which in their hopes will bring them the highest achievements of their careers (to date, at least). The stripes are conveying movement in general, but can be seen as a representation of different sports: whether they're the tracks in athletics, the ribbons in rhythmic gymnastics or even the waves in surfing. The yellow-gold stripe represent the outdoor sports, as well as hope, happiness, energy and achievement. The pink stripe represent the indoor sports, as well as playfulness, friendship, passion and kindness. The blue stripe represent the water-associated sports, as well as freedom, peace, inspiration, importance and confidence. Good luck to everyone
  5. Excited that the contest is back! I hope I'll be able to come up with something in time
  6. It's a shame that there're basically no entries this year. Here are the 3 logo I managed to come up with (the links are for the logos on white background) http://www.up2me.co.il/imgs/72996411.png http://www.up2me.co.il/imgs/592757.png http://www.up2me.co.il/imgs/83887732.png
  7. I have 3 ideas and should have the time to finalize them on the weekend, probably will post them around Sunday Hopefully more people will show their interest
  8. Glad that the contest is back! I'm having an idea for Bucharest and New Orleans, hoping I'll find something for the other two as well
  9. I was waiting for the contest to come back! What interesting cities as well. I have an idea for Almaty, hope I will be able to finish all my logos in time.
  10. Soon as I started my work on the logo, I realized that I do not have to find a way to showcase LA, it has good and recognizable branding, so I wanted the logo to showcase the olympic games themselves. Instead of going with more obvious symbols of the games (medals / the olympic flame / the olympic rings and such) I went to the atmosphere of the games- celebration. Celebration of sport, of culture, of people, of hard-working, of successes... Fireworks are one of the most iconic symbols of celebration, and for that I chose them as the main idea of the logo. The fireworks in the logo are in four colors, each of them represent values and ideas of both LA and the olympics- Orange represent optimism, enthusiasm, cheerful, self-confident, independent, adventurous, creativity, talent and friendship. Yellow / gold represent optimism, joy, enthusiasm, fun, originality, creativity, challenges, happiness, success, charisma, winning and positivity. Pink represent warmth, hope, sweetness, love, compassion, caring and success. Turquoise represent clarity of thought, balance and harmony, creativity, self-reliance and inspiration. To create more connection to the city, I chose to create the fireworks in a shape that inspired by the shape of the city itself. The slogan of the games is #celebrate, and it will be used in many versions across the games.
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