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  1. Another article that praises Sapporo on how they manage the Olympic Venues legacy which that they still use them post-Olympic Games and were used during the recent Asian Winter Games. http://aroundtherings.com/site/A__59234/Title__Sapporo-Setting-the-Standard/292/Articles
  2. The Sapporo 2017 Asian Winter Games is officially closed today and the OCA flag handed over back to OCA as the next edition Asian Winter Games will be decided at OCA General Assembly in Ashgabat later this year.
  3. For Asia, I think Busan, South Korea, also has chance.. I read somewhere they want to have it there. For America, Guadalarjara maybe have chance if 2028 is not awarded to any American cities.
  4. ONOC seems keen to participate in all OCA's events. Will in the end these two continental associations merge together? Interesting to keep following the update on this matter. http://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1047370/updates/26954
  5. Local Organization Committee needs to pay travel grants at least to NOCs and NPCs. http://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1045092/rio-2016-finally-pay-travel-grants-to-international-paralympic-committee-three-weeks-after-deadline
  6. what do you think if paralympics merge with Special Olympics and Deaflympics... seems these two events can still survive without tapping to Olympic. And perhaps if these 3 organizations could join force together to have single mega big events.. they will have better exposure.
  7. if in the end there are no strong WOG 2026 bid from Europe and North America, perhaps Asia will host three consecutively the Winter Olympic Games.
  8. that's also possible.. but the travel grants to Olympic family and Paralympic family including IFs, then NOCs and NPCs are quite huge also. If they can split into two different bid mean different host city, and the same situation like Rio can be avoided which they move the Paralympic budget to Olympic. or different time frame so they can split the budget into two financial years.
  9. Perhaps it's time to separate Olympics and Paralympics bid. Since these two games governed by different organization and maybe can reduce the cost of host city to host two games in the same year. Or perhaps another idea is staging these two games in different year but in the same bid.
  10. Sir Rols, OCA may consider to invites Oceania countries to participate in Asian Games as well. http://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1047291/door-open-for-oceania-athletes-to-compete-at-2022-asian-games
  11. OCA will decide the host for the 2021 Asian Winter Games in Ashgabat. http://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1047290/updates/26848
  12. with all your conditions then no country could host Olympic Games.. all countries must have the same opportunities regardless their political view, they should win the host right based on their merit. and regarding environmental issue, IOC should encourage the improvement as this one directly affected to the athletes and public health.
  13. western press are a bit bias when the Games is not happened in Western Europe or North America.
  14. the remaining candidate cities, Paris and LA, both are strong, however I don't think this year IOC session should choose both 2024 and 2028 host city. As there are still many cities/countries interested to host 2028 edition. Same as any-kind of competitions, there will have winner and loser. And the loser side rather than becomes wound-up loser, they should strengthen their bid instead to compete again in future edition. I thought this that they deem to see from all the athletes.
  15. Beside Asian Winter Games, OCA has also invited Pacific countries to join Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in Ashgabat later this year. I think OCA could extend their invitation to Pacific countries to join OCA's Asian Beach Games. As for summer version, I think it will be a burden to host city/country if they include all ONOC members and anyway ONOC has their own version as well, Pacific Games which the next edition will be held in 2019 in Tonga; although Australia and NZ are still reviewed by the Pacific Games Council to be included. In the meantime, perhaps Australia and NZ can consider to join Asian Games and it will give better exposure for both sides, Asian countries and Australia/NZ.
  16. what do you guys think about the idea to rename Asian Winter Games to Asian/Pacific Winter Games? http://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1047256/updates/26749 I prefer the name still Asian Winter Games and it's still governed by OCA however Pacific nations could take part as full-pledge participants which mean they could win the medal and could apply to be host country as well in the future edition.
  17. Why do you think PyeongChang 2018 and Beijing 2020 is a fail? since those Games are still in the future event..
  18. hope you can find alternative way to Sapporo. ganbatte.
  19. Ashgabat 2017 unveiled their medals design.
  20. what is the significant the support from these over 50 mayors to the Paris' bid? will it influence the IOC members decision?
  21. Ashgabat 2017 open volunteers recruitment drive from 9 February to 10 March 2017. However I could not find the link to submit the application form from their website http://www.ashgabat2017.gov.tm/volunteers.
  22. PyeongChang 2018 unveiled of the Olympic Torch at the One-Year-to-Go Countdown Ceremony in Gangneung. https://www.pyeongchang2018.com/en/bbs/press/image/view?bbsId=28&cnId=45616&pageNo=1&sortSeCd=3
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