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  1. Haven't kept up with the women's, but based on how World League has been looking... I think all of the men's teams have a lot of work to do before they can remotely contain the Brazilian team.
  2. Got ours via FedEx yesterday without any issues too.
  3. Ton of tickets on CoSport USA again. Opening Ceremony in all categories.
  4. Just a heads up, looks like CoSport ticket purchases after May 19th are "pick up in Rio" only.
  5. Cosport USA just released a bunch of tickets, including Closing Ceremony.
  6. Wanted to grab some basketball tickets, but not sure what time slot? Want to see USA on the 14th. Any suggestions?
  7. CoSport USA has some Closing Ceremony tix for those that are still looking.
  8. If only they were GA014... haha you're very lucky!
  9. Do you have any previous experience with Dertour? I'm just worried that my friend in the UK won't be able to ship them to me in time.
  10. Is it better to just grab tickets from other ATRs? Or risk waiting? Not sure if I trust shipping to get to me in time.
  11. It was pure luck from checking the website loads of times during the day. If only it would happen with some GA tickets.
  12. CoSport USA had a very small quantity back in mid November. Saw them when I randomly checked the website.
  13. Looks like the packages stay available until July, so I guess after then?
  14. No luck here. Everything I wanted was gone before I got it.
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