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  1. I'm looking for 2 tickets to swimming heats on August 10th ( SW009) if anyone is looking to sell or trade them.
  2. Does anybody know how to change delivery method on the Rio 2016 site for tickets that were already ordered. I'd like to change tickets that I bought through a Brazilian friend from SEDEX home delivery to E-Ticket....the customer service replied in email that this is possible, but I don't see where to do it. thanks!
  3. Looks like for basketball the marquee games are mostly being scheduled in the 14:30 slot...Do you think these are still subject to change? Why would they have Brazil and USA playing most of their games midday instead of in the evenings or late games?
  4. Anyone know how the sections are numbered in this stadium? Curious to know where my tickets in section 503 are going to be (center, corner, end)
  5. For those in the US who purchased tickets through the Brazilian site, how are you planning to get your tickets from friends/contacts in Brazil once they arrive? Are you just picking it up when you arrive or having them mailed ahead of time? If so, what mail service are you planning to use? I'm trying to figure out what the safest method will be for me. Also, has anyone noticed the recent addition of "e-tickets" under the FAQ on the ingressos.rio website? I don't think they will allow us to change from home delivery now, but I wonder if anyone has tried? e-tickets would obviously be the easiest for this situation if they allowed it. Thanks!
  6. Anybody know when the tickets will begin shipping through the brazilian delivery system? the main site said May/June and now says June. Any specifics yet?
  7. Cool news for basketball fans: Manu Ginobili will play in Rio Olympics for Argentina. http://espn.go.com/olympics/story/_/id/15086666/manu-ginobili-return-olympics-argentina-passing-torch
  8. Damn. I went ahead and bought that 11 am game on cosport right when I saw the schedule and then immediately starting thinking they would probably change that time.
  9. As it stands now, USA would be slated in the first quarterfinal game at 11 am (as long as they win group A)... Seems kinda odd not to have them in one of the evening sessions, not just for the live crowds in rio, but to better suit TV audiences around the world...Think they would change the schedule around to achieve this?
  10. Wow, surprising that Japan doesn't make it. They've been really strong the past few tournaments
  11. Hi everyone, I'm going with my dad to Rio for his 70th birthday! I feel very fortunate as I was able to connect with an old Brazilian friend who let me use her information to get some great tickets during the Brazilian live sale earlier this week...I have two questions for those with a bit more experience. In the mad dash to secure as many tickets as possible (apparently 120,000 were sold in the first hour), I accidentally clicked "senior tickets" for one of the Athletics events. Do you think we will be able to use these tickets to enter the stadium? It says we need valid proof and a) they won't be our names on the tickets (or any of my tickets for that matter) and even though father is technically a senior, we are not Brazil residents. My second question is regarding ticket delivery. Does anyone have any experience with shipping from Brazil? the tickets will be sent to my Brazilian contacts address and we planned to transfer them via Fedex with a decent amount of insurance. I was hoping to get some advice on the best way to do this. If that package somehow gets lost, I'll obviously be quite devastated. I'll probably be a bit nervous about this until I have the tickets in my hands next summer. Thanks everyone!
  12. Also, it seems like there are a lot of events available on Dertour. Including some tickets for the Athletics finals? Are these legit? Based on what I've been reading shouldn't most of the events on Dertour be unavailable? (swimming, gymnastics, etc)
  13. Does anyone know where I can find the definition of "resident" for the EU purchases. I have a friend that just moved to Germany and will be there for at least the next six months. What type of documentation do they need to purchase from Dertour? Is an address sufficient? Thanks
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