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  1. I found a reference to the pictograms on another thread in this site. Message #467 mentions the pictograms with brush strokes. Unfortunately the NHK video seems to be down. The pictograms had the retracted logo, so the pictograms are gone. They were beautiful pictograms. http://www.gamesbids.com/forums/topic/24984-tokyo-2020-official-logo/page-47
  2. I believe I saw a video shot of the pictograms hanging in a airport hangar. If they were not official to 2020, then would they still have been done by Sano?
  3. There was a news story on the pictograms for the 2020 games on NHK channel. I definitely remember seeing the pictograms. Perhaps the pictograms were for the paraolympics? There was quite a lot of pomp at the unveiling ceremony for the pictograms.
  4. Can anyone post a link to the individual sport pictograms for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics? I saw a news report on NHK World (an English language Japanese channel) about the pictograms but haven't been able to find any graphics of the pictograms online. I believe the 2020 pictograms were all black brush strokes.
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