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  1. I remember reading not too long ago a Reno-Vegas proposal with Vegas hosting the ceremonies in the new Raiders Stadium, and figure skating, speed skating etc at their big arenas (tmobile, mgm grand, thomas & mack, orleans) is it actually a thing or no chance of them bidding?
  2. Few thoughts I have about 2026 It's good to see usa host it after the Qatar screwjob. I think the following stadiums will get it Seattle Levis stadium Inglewood Rose bowl Phoenix Dallas AT&T Houston Minneapolis Indianapolis Atlanta Philadelphia New York Miami Boston However this world cup will truly showcase Today's greed. Making it 48 teams? Then 3 team groups. It's totally fixing what wasn't broken. The world cup doesn't need to be bigger. Especially that it's really to take more Asian African and North American teams to be target practice for the Brazil Germany and Spain of the world. 32 is too big as it is. So first you are moving the world cup to November December and fucking up the European leagues. Champions leagues etc. Then you are making it 48 teams? Ridiculous
  3. Thank You, good to see the venue placement in the valley, basically slalom course next to Lake Balboa, equestrian on the adjacent golf course, basically all on victory (i take victory on the way to and from work, totally will try to visualize it today) I do hope new Clippers Arena will get gymanstics and Volleyball move to the forum (love the honda center but it's little far to drive for a game and make it back for track or something) Also City of Champions Stadium should get something more then ceremonies, whether it's soccer final (i think it might host the soccer final in the fifa world cup 2 years prior), or perhaps something else that they would want to add before the games. I do hope to see MLB players in 2028, seeing as it will be played at Dodger Stadium and Angel Stadium it will be fitting, though probably not. Why did they decide not to have tennis at indian wells? too far, or the heat in the summer of palm springs? it's a far superior tennis venue then anything else in the l.a area and does have a major tournament there
  4. Guys I have few questions regarding the venues 1. Is it final? Clippers trying to build an arena next to the NFL stadium. If it's built before it will be a better place for gymnastics or possibly handball/volleyball 2. Is there a map of where the venues in the Sepulveda basin will go? As a resident of the valley i pass the area a lot and always wonder where the 3 temp venues will go 3. The NFL stadium will host soccer final? I think I saw it on wiki but not in the video they played during the presentation
  5. I wonder if the dodgers and angels agreed to use their stadiums. Sure it will be incredible and certinely venues that Paris wont have. But also it would be during the MLB season so both teams will need to have a pretty lengthy road trip Hopefully though an l.a olympics will convince MLB to do a 2 weeks break and let the best players play
  6. on Wiki they put down the city of champions stadium for some soccer matches, along with the banc of california stadium, i didnt see it on the bid when did this happened? those changes are great for the bid. Honda center is a great venue for volleyball, long beach arena is a great venue for handball, i'm not very happy about the new location for Rowing and Canoeing in Lake Perris , was hoping it will be close to home in Castaic. Anyway i understand that politically Paris probably are the leader, however looking at the quality of venues, LA have a clear advantage. Sure the Stade de France is a great stadium for athletics, obviously Roland Garros is better then any tennis venues that LA will present, even if it will move to Indian Wells. Also the velodrome is a much better venue then the velo park in carson (although it will host a world cup in february) However Paris Doesn't have the Staples Center, the Historic Forum, Honda Center, Pauley Pavillion, Santa Monica beach, City of Champions stadium (not to mention a renovated convention center, galen center, microsoft theater, all built pretty recently). Sure you can say that it's been 100 years since Paris hosted, and would be a whole 8 years since europe hosted the summer games, and the whole Donald Trump cloud over our head as well, and overall it might amount to Paris winning. But L.A still have amazing venues, Best among the candidate cities.
  7. i would feel sorry for you, but you are Canadian so life already spat in your face
  8. LA knows how to put up successful events, with the power of the people who live here, with the power of Hollywood, we can't have a sub-par event. There is a reason why NFL was dying to come back here for 30 years and now the time is right, just like the time is right for the IOC to come back. Most important is that they have the full support of our residents (is there numbers for approval percentage of residents from the 4 candidates?)
  9. Ok let's put the who's better talk on the side for now, still have year and a half to bash each other lol Anyway after careful look at the venues i do think that they should make one change, Handball shouldn't be at convention center, but either at Galen center and move Badminton/Taekwondo back to the convention center. Either that or move to the Long Beach Pyramid or Long Beach Arena. In regard to the City of Champions Rams project i hope that somehow they can make retractable seats to accommodate for running track but i kinda doubt Stan Kroenke will be interested in that, but i do hope that we can perhaps use it for Ceremonies, maybe Basketball finals (Final Four's always played in big football stadiums), or maybe Gymnastics (it was in Georgia Dome in 96). The rest of the proposal seems logical, was hoping for rowing to be in Castaic because i'm from Santa Clarita however i think it's too small
  10. Not only Proud american, but PROUD citizen of the great city of LOS ANGELES, it's not by chance that we are called the city of champions, that the nfl was dying to come here, that we are the home of the Lakers, Dodgers, Kings and hopefully Rams. This is where Major Sport Events belong, and after hosting the Superbowl maybe at 2020, 2024 should be the year the olympics come back to where they belong
  11. among those bids who have the least budget? LA's was low and now it's even lower with the move to UCLA and USC dorms. Staples Center is an Arena like no other, better then any other arena that hosted Basketball, if Baseball would be played then it will be probably in the iconic Dodger Stadium (though dodgers will be in season then.... ). While sure St Denis and Olimpico better stadiums then the Colliseum (Pre Rnovations), nothing will come close to the Rams stadium (like i said it will be added to the bid, maybe for ceremonies and track will stay in colliseum like this year? ) Paris have advantage with tennis just like london had and probably track cycling, but LA have more advantage with Beach Volleyball, Sailing, Rowing, Canoeing , Road Events. Everyone have existing venues (well at least Paris and Rome), many more then rio and even london, but not as many as Los Angeles.
  12. Sure, just without the risk of a global epidemic or stabbing
  13. simply put, this is THE BEST bid out there, the smart and logical decision would be to award it to LA, however it was also logical to give usa the 2022 world cup and "somehow" it ended up in qatar, so i totally see this kind of scenario. This proposal fits with their agenda 2020 like no other, no new venues, only temporary or renovations, even the olympic villages are all existing facilities!!! who else can say that they dont need to build brand new facilities??? The venues are better then others, no one else have one of the best Basketball Arenas in the world, Brand new State of the art NFL Facility (it will definitely be integrated into the bid, they already said that).Or as amazing weather as we have. Please tell me better Beach Volleyball setting then Santa Monica. The olympics are meant for southern california and thats where they end have to end up. Hopefully they will
  14. great..... my friend in canada could've gotten those tix for me, ugh
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