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  1. From everything i see it seems like choosing sweden might bring them a Denver situation in a few years (what does leasing the venues even mean?? isn't that what usually happens?) The smart move and i believe the move that will happen will be Milan 2026
  2. Also they are flying to Tokyo to start international resistance together with the people from paris and boston (why are boston people still involved??)
  3. there is always a risk, but i dont think there is nearly as much risk here because of the lack of new construction, i believe cost overruns tied directly into venue construction
  4. The worse part is that those people are screaming that the city should be using the money for something else, because thats what they are told by nolympicsla, however what they are not told, nor believe in, is that it's not the city's money, it's ticket sales, sponsorships, private donations. And when they are challenged, immediately the screaming turn to cost overruns that will be from the state taxes, however there is 0 proof of cost overruns and using past examples is so wrong.
  5. I am still confused if the new NFL stadium in inglewood is going to host any games, it will be the best stadium in the country at that point, and will host LA2028 football games, however i dont see it on the list (i agree that MetLife should host the finals since LA hosted in 94)
  6. London can easily contribute 5 stadiums Wembley Stadium Tottenham Stadium Olympic Stadium Emirates Stamford Bridge Then Hampden Park Millenium Stadium Aviva Stadium Windsor Park Old Trafford Etihad Anfield St James' Park Villa Park
  7. I'm pretty sure if you ask a fan base of other teams of the major sports in america, our teams would be the most hated ones, Dodgers, Lakers, Rams, Chargers that's how we live here, with hatred from the rest of the country
  8. So you chose the 3 venues that Paris have over l.a? What about staples center ? Hollywood park stadium? Santa Monica beach? Long Beach? Honda Center? Sure if you take the 3 venues you mentioned Paris Wins. But if you compare venue to venue by sport L.A will have more superior venues
  9. With Italy giving the guarantees and Sweden not yet (well Latvia did). It's pretty much a done deal, unless a miracle happens in the next week
  10. thats what i believe, people here can probably provide more information on if cities can get out of it, Denver did get out of 1976 winter games hosting
  11. no idea, but i know that they ran a poll and 62% were in favor of cancelling
  12. I guess a mayoral candidate in Paris is pushing for a referendum. What are the odds if that? https://twitter.com/Simonnet2/status/1111244277944909824?s=19
  13. Well to no ones surprise USOC elects Salt Lake City for 2030!
  14. The LA movement (maybe the paris one as well i dont know, i dont want to translate every tweet) gets it's power from boston, however it's so laughable, and yet they dont understand that! Boston needed a lot of new build so it was easy to torpedo the bid, however even if it would've gotten to a vote Boston stood no chance against Paris (didnt Budapest bow out because they knew they didnt stand a chance against LA/Paris? ). And yet those people pump their chests as if they did something huge, no, you torpedoed a bid that had no chance to win
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