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  1. HELP - I have a question for our Brazilian members...

    I checked the travel times from my accommodation to e.g. MaracanĂ£

    One result is to use the two Metro lines or one Metro line - both routes take 60 minutes...


    Another result is to take busses - with 40 minutes


    Would you recommend foreigners, who don't speak Portuguese to take the metro during the Games or can "we" use city buses also? What are the predictions that the street traffic breaks down and that the travel times during the Games would be much longer?

    You'll be better off on a metro service than a bus. A lot of announcements on the train are in English. Buses, other than BRT and subway buses, are a bit of a lottery.

  2. any recommendations for the best app or website for public transport updates? What do the locals use to keep updated on public transport timetables and delays?

    Moovit is supposed to be pretty comprehensive for public transport.

    I have been trying to spend a half hour a day learning some Portuguese. But I was thinking.... I'll probably spend more time in Rio drinking Cerveja than I will speaking Portuguese. So today, I'm practicing that instead. All who will be in Brazil, or watching on TV, please join me.

    PS - Any recommendations to try when I get to Rio?

    You'll likely see Skol or Brahma at most places. If you don't speak much Portuguese, just say the beer name and indicate the number with your fingers. Just don't use the last three fingers to indicate three beers.

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